Snowmen and Gingerbread Men from "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style"

Snowmen made using pattern and instructions from "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style"

Just finished making my snowmen!!

As many of you know, I make a new snowman to add to my collection every year. However, this year, I decided that instead of designing my own, I would use the patterns and instructions for these adorable snowmen found in "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style" by Tone Merrete Stenklov and Miriam Nilsen Morken.

I am sooooooo in love!!

What I love most is that they are cute as can be, super easy to make and they will stand upright anywhere you put them!

The book calls for a little nose whittled from a wood dowel; however, my snowmen have needle felted noses! But other than that, I followed the instructions!
Soft sculpture gingerbread men from Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style

While thumbing through the book during a recent visit, Diane fell for the soft sculpture gingerbread men.

I have to admit - they are pretty darn cute! I actually made her two, but in my excitement to give it to her, I failed to think of photographing gingerbread number one!!

Mr. Gingerbread Man #2 pictured above almost didn't make it out of the studio alive! While stitching, I managed to make a wonky dip in the stitch line around the head so that when he was turned and stuffed, he looked like he had a very weird shaped head - kinda alien like.

I set him aside, reluctantly preparing myself to toss him out. And then - thanks to a little gingerbread cookie ornament I spotted in a gift shop, I stitched a great bit bite out of his head! 


By the way - notice that sweet little gingerbread cookie ribbon around his neck!  A treasured gift from Susan Beal - who blogs as "West Coast Crafty" and is the author of "Bead Simple".

This ribbon is reserved for very special projects!

Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style

I can't begin to tell you how much I have been enjoying Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style. But you will get some idea reading my original review here, and reading about the Christmas Mice I made last month.

And that is why, this year to celebrate my forth year (November 1st) as a blogger, I am giving away a copy. And just so you know, the publisher, Stackpole Books, is not giving me copies to give away. I am buying the book for the giveaway. Certainly they have offered, but I want to share it as a personal gift from me to you!!

Mark November 1st. on your calendars!!!

I just found your blog and

I just found your blog and subscribed! ! I hope to make the snow man and your fabulous food color and Mod Lodge leaves

love the gingerbread man- how

love the gingerbread man- how cute! He came out perfect. :)

The snowmen are cute and the

The snowmen are cute and the gingerbread man is so inventive and fabulous. I remember when you reviewed this book, I ran over to get it, but I was told I could not buy another book! And I reluctantly agreed. But one day! One Day!

I LOVE the gingerbread man!

I LOVE the gingerbread man! How cute!!! I wish I could sew.

I like the needle felted

I like the needle felted noses. I can see how much you are enjoying the book!

I love how these came out-

I love how these came out- The snowmen are adorable with their felted noses. The blue had is gorgeous! Brilliant save on your gingerbread man! Leave it to you to turn a mistake into a cute feature.
: )

You are so generous, Pam! I

You are so generous, Pam!
I really like the big bite in the head of your gingerbread man :)

Squeal! Lovely creations -

Squeal! Lovely creations - that gingerbread man with the little bite is absolutely adorable!

Thank you KJ!!  Diane loves

Thank you KJ!!  Diane loves him too! I guess sometimes a mistake can lead to something better!

One thing i appreciate about the book is that most projects really are within the capabilities of beginners and yet they look more complicated.

I am completely impressed with the authors' skills

Too cute I hope to get a few

Too cute I hope to get a few of those snowmen done myself.Thank you as always.

I am so glad you bought the

I am so glad you bought the book!  You are going to love making - well - everything!  

But the snowmen and the mice are so far my favorites. They go together so easily and yet look fairly complicated!  Tone and Miriam know and share some of the best tricks!

I guess you don't make piles and piles of hand made items for craft fairs without learning some pretty great tricks for simplification!