Recycle Christmas and Greeting Cards with My Friend TeriC

Holiday Cards

Today I am celebrating "90 Days Until Christmas"! And I am celebrating in two ways - testing out three different recipes for Speculaas cookies and sharing with all of you a most excellent idea for reusing all those "way too pretty to toss out" holiday (and birthday) cards.

Every one of you has a stash of them - right? Well - here is a really great way to turn them into sketch books, journals, notebooks or even mini scrap books - a brainstorm that recently visited my friend Teri over at Teri's Painted Daisies. Greeting card becomes sketch book!

Teri used a greeting card in her tutorial, but I immediately thought of all those beautiful holiday cards I can not bear to part with.

Reminded me of a little book Diane made for each family member one year designed to hang on the tree as a place to write down special Christmas memories.

(I still have it and would be showing you a picture if I could remember which box I packed it in last year!) But these would be great for this purpose. Make one for everyone in the family.

Teri's post got me to thinking - little booklets made from cards would also be so handy for storing gift lists, shopping lists, gifts to make and supplies needed, garment sizes, Christmas card listsÂ…Â…Â… You get the picture!

Pop over to Teri's tutorial, pull out those cards that rarely see the light of day and make booklets - to give as sketch books, note books, mini journals! You only have 90 more days to prepare!

wooow dearest Pam what have

wooow dearest Pam what have you talented friends around you;-D
Love this idea, like most crafters i have saved alot of my xmas cards as well.LOL
but what to do with them.
Great ides, and... such great recycling project!
LOL 90 ty days to go.LOL I love your warning/notion.LOL
i'm busy with your personal questions. i will send you soon my homework.
take good care and yummie cake XO's

Oh, my heaventy sakes. I

Oh, my heaventy sakes. I LOVE this! I'm going over there. I haven't been to Teri's blog (or many others) in a very long time. Don't tell her. She has fantastic style and ideas. I have SO many cards that will make this a great journal.
Thanks for the head's up!

Knew you were going to love

Knew you were going to love it, Chris!  

I like that idea!  I've been

I like that idea!  I've been reusing Christmas cards:  there are several different ways to make small gift boxes.

Are you going to share your

Are you going to share your Speculaas recipes too? I love those cookies.

I love speculaas too, Joann.

I love speculaas too, Joann.  I tried three new recipes yesterday and the reviews are mixed.  Some too hard.  some too spicy.  some not spicy enough!  I am hoping to find the ultimate recipe by St. Nicholas Day!!!

There jus has to be a recipe out there that is flavorful, holds the shape of the cookie moulds well during baking and remains tender and crunchy - not so hard it becomes a coffee dunker!

I promise a post - probably about Thanksgiving! 
Thanks for asking.

That's a really lovely idea!

That's a really lovely idea! And I have a huge wad of all sorts of cards to put to use. I could do this, couldn't I?...

As my son would say - "Yup"!

As my son would say - "Yup"! You could do this!

And you will no doubt take it to a brand new level! 


Glad that you like Teri's idea.  I sure do.