"Rosie & Bear Around the Year Quilt Book" - Review

Rosie & Bear Around the Year Quilt Book by helen Dickson

Rosie & Bear Around the Year Quilt Book was inspired by memories of a little girl growing up in the English countryside with her ever-present companion Bear. Her mother loved the little girl very, very much; and now that the little girl is all grown up and has left home for college, her mother, Helen Dickson, has created an heirloom quilt intending to preserve and cherish the memories she holds dear.

And in her newly self-published book, Helen is sharing all her original embroidery patterns and everything else anyone could possibly need to know to make one just like it!

When Diane was about 6, I decided to re-create 16 of her drawings in embroidery and make a quilt. I embroidered one block and gave up. I will always regret that decision. So I am especially happy to see that Helen followed through and completed her tribute to her daughter's childhood.

Even if you are inspired to use your own embroidery designs, the book provides instruction for a quilt that will beautifully showcase your work and your memories.

Rosie & Bear Around the Year Quilt Book by helen Dickson

A quick peak at the Table of Contents! Helen covers everything - from how much fabric you need to purchase to how to make a label!

I have already marked up my own copy with blue highlighter - so many little tricks I did not know: wrapping an embroidery hoop, selecting the proper hand quilting needle, "fluffing" your thread to give it more body and coverage.

(All this time - I thought the thicker the quilt the bigger the needle needed! It is no wonder I always had to hand quilt using a sledge hammer!)


Rosie & Bear Around the Year Quilt Book by helen Dickson

Helen provides a great tutorial for testing seam allowances! Brilliant.

And believe me, my seam allowances ALWAYS need testing! Wish I had this book in my hands BEFORE I pieced together the Solstice block!

(But at least I have it before I begin the hand quilting - I won't need the sledge hammer!)

And notice the diagram on the right for assembling the quilt top - Helen provides diagrams and illustrations wherever they are needed to clarify a step or technique.

Rosie & Bear Around the Year Quilt Book by helen Dickson

All twelve blocks are given individual sections that include an image of the finished block, color numbers of embroidery threads used, notes and tips.

(You will find some very good tips indeed in the "Tips of the Month" section with each block - that is where I learned to "fluff" my thread!)

Also included in each block section - the pattern at full size in both the original and reverse version to accommodate various methods of pattern transfer, and a stitch and floss guide in full color.

Rosie & Bear Around the Year Quilt Book by helen Dickson

Rosie & Bear with the Christmas Tree is my favorite - big surprise!! I love the shape of the tree and the brightly burning candles. The sweet little Rosie hugging her Bear.

Actually, I purchased the pattern from Helen's Bustle and Sew shop last year before she incorporated it into the book.

I've made this much progress! I hope to complete it this year - but with all the other projects I have going on at the moment, that is in doubt. But certainly during the Twelve Days of Christmas! Which is when I try to finish any Christmas project leftovers!

I will be framing mine in a hoop. For those of us who prefer to make individual blocks, Helen has provided the material requirements for single blocks at the beginning of each section.

Rosie & Bear Around the Year Quilt book is available here and if you are in the UK - here. You can read more about it and peak inside on Helen's Bustle and Sew site here.

And don't forget to stop by Helen's shop where she offers patterns for her sweet embroideries and charming soft toys, quilted projects, bags, buntings and Bustle and Sew E-magazine.

She just announced the opening of her CHRISTMAS SHOP  at Bustle and Sew!  Check out the advent calendars!!!  It's time to get started making!

Hello dearest Pam, wooow this

Hello dearest Pam, wooow this is so adorable and pretty. You know i have learned to quilt as well, but i have do it differently of the most people.LOL
But i apriciate this as well, really beautiful and lovely.
I lke the embroideries in between, but as well the colours. It's a special piece.Thank you for sharing this.
Today i'm sooo happy, the snow is again melting away by the rain. but the winter isn't over really.
I was stucked for a week at my house.-S
Don't like that normally but when it is the snow that caused me it. i can't appriciate it much.
Then i'm looking like a old crumpy one.LOL
It felt like the world must go less fast-S I have made some progress in my house.
I have in front of the wc a large window it's laying beside the galary. Smart huh.LOL
So the window is made a little bit shaded, but... for when i will have there light i must have a curtain, i have made finished an other version of my fruitwrapping curtains. My sis will be glad.LOL
She can now finely use some light without be watched by the neighbours.LOL
And she has helped me with disconstructed for the third time here my desk and the curtains so i'm almost a happy girl with my bedroom.
I have found as well with some help a replacer for Gerard. I think that 's super it will help me some bite quicker to becoming a normal household like others.
Hey i hope you are doing well and with your family as well.
all my love and many dutch hugs of me;-D

I love the vintage

I love the vintage embroidery...makes for such a sweet quilt.

This was lovely to see, and

This was lovely to see, and inspiring too! I've not done much quilting in a while, but have it in mind for autumn days ahead with two project ideas floating... Great to catch up with you, Pam ! I've been offline a few days having some fun, just now surfacing! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))