Fall and Halloween Craft Round-up

Fall Crafts

Today I finally gave in to Fall! Decorated my seasonal tree with fall ornaments. Put up my Halloween Tree. Set out Halloween and Harvest decorations. And it seems like a good time to change over my blog too! A little round-up of Fall and Halloween tutorials seems appropriate!

Above! Ghosts made from fresh corn husks: Raffia Star: And A brand new technique for coloring Mod Podge and creating beautiful translucent leaves.

Fall Crafts

Emergency decorations!

A little Red Chile Ristra ornament that will take you all the way through Christmas: Faux carve-able pumpkin becomes a quick vase for fall flowers; Straw wreaths and a bit of fabric = 5 minute door decoration to welcome fall visitors.

Fall Crafts

Three of my most popular posts bring warmth and color into your home.

Saving colorful fall leaves with Mod Podge: Making Fall candles using Mason Jars and pressed fall leaves and Mod Podge: Colorful leaf, wheat and oat wreath.

Fall Crafts

Produce grown on a local farm has often inspired fall crafts!

Harvest wheat brooms are a breeze to make and are hung as house blessings to bring good fortune and prosperity: gourds can be decorated with colorful leaves or Zentangle inspired art: squash and pumpkin seeds can be tinted with food coloring and strung into a pretty necklace: and those mini pumpkins can be baked and eaten - they are super sweet and delicious!

Fall Crafts

Ghosts! Of course!

Make gauze ghosts and decorate with masks and hats to create trick-or-treat table toppers: some gourds make a great base for creating fall themed pinatas.

Secret project!

Happy fall everyone! And come back soon - there is a new someone I am eager for you to meet!