Making a Christmas Elf Forest - The Beginning

Christmas gnomes and fiber trees

A sneak peak at my Christmas Elf forest! As many of you know, my collection of Scandinavian Christmas elves has been growing each year. But it is way too easy for them to disappear among the other ornaments and branches of my holiday tree, so I have decided that what is needed is a forest of their very own - a forest of "fiber trees" and mushrooms!

Thanks to several brilliant and talented designers, I have spent "TV time" these past several weeks crocheting and knitting trees and knitting and felting two adorable, brand new gnomes to add to my collection!

(And right in the middle of the picture - my new little Sami! Her how-to tutorial will appear during the holidays!)

Pop over to visit these amazing and creative designers in their shops! Guaranteed you will find lots of holiday goodness to tempt you!

From left to right:

Bobble stitch amigurumi Christmas trees by Planet June. You will find the pattern in Holiday and Seasonal Crochet Patterns in the Planet June Shop on Ravelry. (I must have flattened a few bobbles when I was placing the dark green tree for the photo - sorry.) But the pale green and white trees show off just how pretty June's trees really are! And crocheting bobbles is a blast! June's instructions are perfect!

Do you not love "Santa Gnome" from the Woolly Something Etsy Shop. Santa is actually an alternate version of the adorable gnome smoking his little pipe just to the right of Sami. ( Miltida Witch is another version!) All from the same pattern! Right now I have them next to my bed where I see them first thing in the morning - who could look at them and not begin their day with a smile?

The sweet "Fuzzy Fir Tree" standing behind Sami was made using a free knit/felt pattern from Duo Fiberworks.  So quick and easy to knit. I was actually disappointed to be done! When it was time to felt the pieces - I used Katie's excellent wet felting video tutorial which you can find here. Check out Katie's and Laura's brand new e-book "Handwork for the Holidays"  and visit the Duo Fiberworks shop for more crafty holiday goodness.!

The two crocheted trees right beside the pipe smoking' gnome - created by Daniela Herbertz and both patterns - "Crocheted Christmas Tree" and "Little Candy Trees" - are available in her Ravelry shop. New stitches to learn making these two trees - but Daniela is very thorough in writing her patterns and even this total beginner had no problems figuring out how to crochet them.

I can't begin to tell you how much fun I have been having, but to give you some idea, my evenings have been filled with lots of giggles and smiles and my mornings with e-mailed pictures to Diane. There are definitely more trees in my future. But first - mushrooms - lots and lots of mushrooms!

I just love your little

I just love your little collection - so stinking cute! :) I am especially impressed with your Sami, nice work!

Hello Pam i was smilling and

Hello Pam i was smilling and gashping the whole time at this project of yours.
And what a lovely briliant idea to make a forest for them. sooo adorable and magical.
I have found today just the oposite in our librairy.LOL I found a book about making scupltures for outside of paper mache. loved it.
But i don't think i will make it. i'm still knitting and making my doors room tags.
but.... wouldn't it not adorable to knit a tree for in site in the livingroom.
hummm i thinking too big.
I saw of a dutch desinger a real knitted friend of real size. I thought that's awesome to knit as well. but.... there must be done more in my home.LOL
Much fun with your new project and keep if you have a spare moment us all posted.
And thanks for the great links again you want to share.
really awesome. xo's

SWEET!! My goal for the

SWEET!! My goal for the upcoming year is to learn how to crochet and/or knit!!!

I love it that you're putting

I love it that you're putting your Christmas elves in their own little world! It's like when we have too many photos we love but we can't find one and we decide: make a new folder! Just for Elf photos!

I would love to play with these little things. I'll have to come over.

Your gnome and tree scene is

Your gnome and tree scene is adorable Pam. I would imagine making trees is the perfect TV activity too!

Thanks for all the info. I will store it in my memory bank for future use.

Just to kick off the season

Just to kick off the season :) I wonder if you ever ever perused Hanna's blog:

which is not so very crafty in a sewing/ knitting kind of way but is exactly what it's title means: "Charming Christmas".

Hanna uses thrift shop finds and flowers, cones and twigs to decorate for Christmas in a blog she only writes in during the 3 months leading up to Christmas.

I thought you might enjoy perusing through her past posts.

And on the gnome forest, I have been itching to get on with some fabric trees for a couple of Christmasses now... perhaps this will be the year! (Although I rather fell for some conical candles in different sizes and shades of green made by our local workshop for less abled people. They collect in candle stubs all year and then melt them down to make hand dipped candles for sale.) Hmmn...perhaps a mixed forest!

Your gnomes are adorable!!

Your gnomes are adorable!! And the trees are great, thanks for all the links!!

Hi Pam, These all are just

Hi Pam,

These all are just precious--and you did a wonderful job! My favorite tree is the layered one in the front right next to the smoking gnome. I bet they do provide much joy to wake up to. ;)

Pam - I have to tell you how

Pam - I have to tell you how much it delights me to think of you waking up and seeing those little gnomes!! HUgs, Bridget