Progress Update: Canal House Embroidery, Solstice Quilt Block, and Santas!

Dutch Canal House Embroidery

Dutch Canal house embroidered table runner - making progress!

Dutch Canal House Embroidery

I was very happy to score this large hoop at the thrift last month because I really prefer seeing all four houses at once. A bit big and cumbersome sometimes while stitching - but still better for me.

Thanks to my friend Jet, and to Sara - Creative Jewish Mom, and to Avital - This and That, I have decided to add somewhere in the windows - snowflakes and orchids and a Menorah.

Snowflakes because Jet makes beautiful window magic with them!

Orchids because Sara shared with me that while visiting the Netherlands recently she noticed many ground floor windows were filled with orchids.

Menorah because Sara has honored me by featuring the Canal House embroidery as a Chanukah project (all blue and white) and because Avital was able to figure out how I could embroider a Menorah in those small windows!

Some progress has been made since August!  I am hoping to be done with at least one end of the table runner by St. Nicholas Eve!


Since I last shared this picture of St. Nicholas and Scandiclaus in their "under garments", I have added armsÂ…

Santa dolls progress

and robes!

Screen shot 2012-10-19 at 12.29.57 PM

Here they are during a little "fitting session". Can you believe it - I found patterns here at Runo Doll Maker that almost fit perfectly! I only needed to adjust the length.

Screen shot 2012-10-19 at 12.27.06 PM

Fur trim has been stitched on and the heads finally glued in place.

I had intended all along to embroider designs on Scandiclaus's robe, but I just can not seem to get inspired. (Muse is on vacation!) So, rather than become frustrated, I have decided that, at least for this year, the robe will be plain!

Still have mittens and toys to complete! But almost done! Yaaay!

Winter Solstice Quilt Block

The Winter Solstice Quilt block is stitched together!

Winter Solstice Quilt Block

And the sandwich has been made!! I used Maryline's idea for creating a frame and backing all in one.

Not sharing how I did it because I don't really know what I am doing and I don't want to be the cause of freaking out my lovely quilters - right before the holidays!

Winter Solstice Quilt Block

Suffice it to say - I had to kinda figure it out for myself - and so far it is working!

Winter Solstice Quilt Block

And now I am ready to hand baste and then hand quilt and embroider details. I am very pleased to be this far along and very eager to begin stitching!

However, with all I have planned for Gingerbread Snowflakes in the next couple months, I may not complete this by Winter Solstice - butÂ… I am MUCH closer than I have been in years!!!

I will most likely hang it however it is when Winter Solstice arrives!  I am sure I will at least have those ugly pins removed by then!!!

Thank you one and all for your support and good wishes and most of all for reading and thereby keeping me on track! I am so glad I thought to include you!

Hi! I just love your

I just love your embroidered Dutch houses. I'm from the Netherlands myself and I'd love to craft something really Dutch to decorate my room with. You've given me a great idea for a hanging ornament for on my wall! :)

Wow. that quilt block....

Wow. that quilt block....

You seriously amaze me, all

You seriously amaze me, all the time!

I LOVE the idea to

I LOVE the idea to personalize the windows in your embroidery!!! Such a cute idea.

You know, since you mentioned Scandiclaus's robe may remain plain this year, why not do just a little embroidery and then each year add some more? Instead of making new figurines each year, you could just add embellishments to the robe, even dating them to tell a story.

I don't know how you're managing to do the quilt, too -- but you're right, the carpets can wait!

Love to see your progress on projects each week, am living vicariously through your productivity.

Wow, you are having so much

Wow, you are having so much fun over there! During the busiest month of the year, too. I'm so impressed! Everything is looking beautiful!

Love the solstice!!

Love the solstice!!

wooow your embroidering is

wooow your embroidering is going to beautiful. very lovely.
thank you for naming me in the article and the others as well. Love that of you.
but... orchids.LOL no no these are geraniums.LOL
they are very strong and we have a dutch joke about them. Often they are standing during the winter before the windows and not in plantthourghs outside, and when people can't go outside by sickness or elderlies they are told you can sit behind your geraniums.
In my new home we have had outside plantthoughts hanging with of course geraniums. But at the beginning our electric doors didn't worked so people where stucked inside , and where crumpy about those geraniums.
I had to laught i have seen it as a present. I'm making lots of those jokes myself;-D
At t he moment i'm making crocheted geraniums for outside as well.
Less water to give.LOL
wooow i love the robe of your santa. beautiful and the quilt is beautiful as well.
I know those rounds shapes are nasty, but i know you're skills so i think you will make it neatly.
thank you for this new update, i love it.XO's

So impressed by it all. I

So impressed by it all. I beginning to think you have more hours in your day then we have on the east coast. At least it makes me feel bettert think that.Thank you for the heads-up on the wood glue. Currently fixing a few chairs and I'm using Titebond III it is referred to as the ultimate Wood Glue and Waterproof. So I think I'll give it a try for my window curtain project.

No more hours than the east

No more hours than the east coast!!!  And it is beginning to take it's toll, believe me.  Just went through the calendar and got rid of a bunch of stuff - tutorials, carpet cleaning, tamales.  Am at a point where I must listed to the "inner voice" and prioritize!!  

Making Christmas always takes precedence over cleaning carpets - right?