Review: The (Awesome) Christmas Pocket Bible

The Christmas Pocket Bible

The Christmas Pocket Bible by Guy and Steve Hobbs and published by Crimson Publishing, UK as part of the Crimson Publishing Pocket Bible Series.

As I have shared with my readers previously, I grew up, as most children in this country do, thinking that all those lovely, sparkly, shiny bright, Christmas traditions were 100% American and had been a part of our Christmas forever - that is what made them traditions after all!

And then one day, I stumbled upon a little volume on a library shelf (can't remember the title) that told a completely different story! A story of how so many of my cherished traditions came from other countries of the world and how others were down right invented for the purpose of making money!

I wasn't too thrilled to learn the last, but finding out that so many traditions such as Christmas trees, holly wreaths, Christmas stockings to name a few, came to us from England, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Holland Â… all those far away magical worlds I knew very little about - well - let's just say this little girl was filled with wonder and curiosity!

And that wonder and curiosity has had a lot to do with my starting Gingerbread Snowflakes in the first place! And, that is why you will find me celebrating St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucy Day, and incorporating many cultural traditions not normally celebrated in this country into my winter holiday celebrations!

So, when Crimson Publishing wrote me asking if I would like to receive a review copy of The Christmas Pocket Bible, I immediately answered YES! Pleeeeeeese!!

Vintage Family Ornaments

What a fun read!

I finally know why those enticingly beautiful gold and red Christmas crackers are filled with tissue paper crowns I dislike wearing very much, plastic pigs which I dislike even more, and silly jokes!!! I am not telling of course! You have to get your own copy!!

And, my favorite Christmas Carol Â… sigh ... listen carefully to the words of The Wassiling Song (or better known as "We Wish You a Merry Christmas") and you might have an inkling why Wassailing was banned for nearly 300 years! (Better still - read all about it on page 5!)

I was surprised to learn that that celebrating the birth of Jesus was considered sinful until well into to 4th century! And when a date to celebrate was selected - it was the most important date of the Roman calendar year - December 25th!! Did you know that? 

Vintage Christmas Globe

The Christmas Pocket Bible is packed with tid bits of little known information - like the fact that Christmas was actually banned in England for 18 years. (Bet you don't know why!)

And it introduces the reader to unlikely but important Christmas characters such as Krampus and Black Peter and spiders and robins!

And then there are lesser well known cultural traditions such as shoe throwing, filling the house with hay, Christmas Panto, and carving nativities from giant radishes.

Blackberry Cordial

Although the book is written primarily about UK traditions, it reveals a great deal about Christmas all around the world - past and present. The pocket format makes it possible to include a wealth of information in an easy to read little book that can be carried in a purse or kept at the bedside.

Every time it is picked up - the reader is likely to learn something new!

Or find recipes for everything from Apple Sausage Stuffing and Christmas Pudding to Rum Punch for a party! ( And this is cool - a little history of the dish comes with almost every recipe!)

Or learn how to plan for stress free holidays, how to save money on gifts, food and spirits, how to entertain without robbing the children's piggy bank, how to reduce your Christmas carbon footprint!

St. Lucy Day Candle Wreath

Want to try your hand at making a real, live holly wreath, or make your own Christmas crackers (maybe even stuffing them with something actually cool) or make your very own authentic, old fashioned Advent calendar! The Christmas Pocket Bible provides instructions for all of these and more.

Christmas trivia is sprinkled liberally throughout!

Haven't you always wanted to know how many reindeer it would really take to pull Santa's fully loaded sleigh?

Or how many mince pies Santa must sample while making his rounds on Christmas Eve (not to mention all the cookies waiting for him on the other side of the pond!!)

I can't imagine anyone interested in learning more about where Christmas traditions originated or looking for advice for making their holiday more sane and meaningful not finding this little pocket bible a useful and delightful resource.

Your very own copy can be ordered here, here and here!

And let me be the first to wish you "Happy Holidays"!

Sounds like something that I

Sounds like something that I need to add to my library!

That sounds like a great

That sounds like a great book! I will have to check it out, based on that wonderful and clever review!



Thanks for letting us know

Thanks for letting us know about this Christmas book.
I have just ordered one. I love Christmas as you do & also
like learning new facts and customs of this joyful holiday season, thanks!