Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween wishes to everyone who celebrates!

Well known in my family for never creating anything other than happy faces on Halloween pumpkins, this year I decided, for my very special daughter-in-law who adores all things spooky at Halloween, I would break with tradition and attempt something a little more scary! How'd I do?

Happy Halloween

I will be back on November 1st!! My FOURTH BLOGIVERSARY!

A promised giveaway for "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style" (and a couple other surprise giveaways) AND kicking off the 5th Christmas Season on Gingerbread Snowflakes!

Can you believe it??

Happy Blogversary!!!!!!!! So

Happy Blogversary!!!!!!!!

So glad you're still blogging!


PAM!!!! OooooooooooOOOOOOO!

I love this! I know I love everything you make, but seriously, I SUPER DOOPER Love this!! What cool patterns and designs you have in the features, and a GREAT expression. I love this.

I'm so late doing any Halloween that I didn't post about it until after noon, and when I did, there was nothing handmade to show! You amaze me!

I'll be back tomorrow for your blogversary!!


Thank you my friends for your

Thank you my friends for your early blogiversary wishes!!!  I am pretty amazed to be celebrating 4 years and 5 Christmas holiday seasons!  And I am sure my sweet daughter, who basically coerced me into blogging in the first place, is feeling quite smug!!!

What a handsome guy!!!

What a handsome guy!!!

Congratulations on your blog-a-versy....I'm so grateful that you are here!

Love it! Great job venturing

Love it! Great job venturing into the spooky side of things!
: )

I adore the spider/web eyes.

Happy Happy blogiversary my friend- can't wait to see what your 5th winter holiday celebrations bring.

I LOVE that scary pumpkin at

I LOVE that scary pumpkin at top! I used to carve pumpkins, haven't done it lately. You're giving me some good ideas with the Sharpie, but I think Hurricane Sandy has other ideas for any Halloween events - 2nd year in a row, Halloween will be postponed, it's just not the same on another day!

he is lovely creepy, the

he is lovely creepy, the other things as well.
love it, and huraay for you!!!! Congreatulations of your almost fourth year.
It's still an awesome website you're writing, full with traditional diys and traditional facts.
well done. !!!!!
Love you for all your effords and sharing;-D XO's

Spooky-Cutey & Zentangle®

Spooky-Cutey & Zentangle® inspired detail is fantastic!
Reminds me of the Grinch with the curly smile.

Looking forward to your 5th Christmas Season Celebration!

Pam he turned out very cool

Pam he turned out very cool and spooky I'll stick with the happy face pumkins. Wow four years of blog goodness heres to many many more!!!!!!!!!!

The spookiest of Halloweens

The spookiest of Halloweens to you Pam! Congratulations on reaching your fourth year as a blogger. You should be proud of what you've created here in this space. It's a real honour to know you and to peruse these treasure-filled pages when I visit. A massive cyber hug to you!