Nisse Love, Happy 4th Blogiversary to Gingerbread Snowflakes, and a Giveaway!

Nisse Love

Arriving just in time to help celebrate my 4th blogiversary - my very own (straight from the hands of a Norwegian craft artist) Nisse couple!

My friend Gill found this totally adorable (and obviously still in love) pair at a craft fair in Norway and decided they needed to travel across the sea to live with me!! I love them to pieces! They sit next to my bed nestled next to a big pile of yarn that is being crocheted and knitted into Christmas gifts!

At night, when I am feeling a bit tired, they remind me I that there is no rest for me until those gifts are done! And first thing in the morning, their sweet little faces always bring a smile!

I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to celebrate the beginning of winter holidays on Gingerbread Snowflakes than to share my beautiful Nisse with you! 

And to celebrate Gingerbread Snowflakes' fourth blogiversary!

Yes! Can you believe it - four years? And today, I am beginning my 5th winter holiday season!

I've got lots planned! Starting with a week of Advent Calendars next week followed by lots of ornaments and even a couple easy holiday card ideas - all before Thanksgiving!

I like to get my tutorials mostly done in November because once December arrives - well there isn't much time left to be making stuff!

In December - my friend Jet, (remember the snowflake window coverings) is sharing the real story of Sinterklaus to celebrate St. Nicholas Day, the EtsyItalia Team will help me celebrate Christmas in Italy, and we will visit Christmas celebrations in Austria, Finland and Switzerland!

And - I am sharing my secret recipe for the most yummy quiche, an easy peasy how-to for a paper "punched tin" angel ornament and again joining Kathryn at The Pickled Herring for Scandinavian Christmas!!

Christmas Mouse

Christmas Mouse and fall leaf candle by Leslie Juliet

But before we begin the celebration, I want to take a minute to appreciate all the lovely people who read my blog.

As you may have noticed lately, the blog-scape is changing (read more about that here on Craftypod) - blog readers are getting their "info fix" in different ways and as people try to keep up with the massive information overload, they are choosing to comment less. Most bloggers are noticing a dip in public comments these days.

I am no exception!! However, I just have to send out a huge hug into the blogisphere to all those kind, and lovely readers (more often than not readers who are not bloggers themselves) who have taken their time during this past year to send me lovely, warm and personal notes of appreciation.

And readers like Leslie Juliet, who ordered a copy of "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style", used a pattern in the book to make Christmas Mice for her sisters, and took the time to share the picture above of her first Christmas Mouse. I especially love that he is fashioned from a felted tartan kilt that belonged to Leslie's late mother.

And all my blogger friends who have been faithful from day one - like Chris who has already left "happy blogiversary" wishes today before this post even went live!

I can not begin to tell you how much it means to me to know that all the hours and thought I put into Gingerbread Snowflakes is found to be useful and appreciated and enriching by so many.

I deeply appreciate and thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for both your personal notes and public comments.

Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style

And now - as promised! A Fourth Blogiversary Giveaway!

Leave a comment below to be entered to win a copy of "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style".

Scandinavia & Stitches

After my sweetie draws the first name out of the hat (winner of the book), he will then draw three more names from the hat and each of these three "second place" winners will receive a copy of the brand new beautiful issue of "Scandinavian & Stitches".

I ordered my own copy the very minute it was available and I absolutely love it.

(If you enter and are not one of the winners, do yourself a favor and order your very own copies of "Christmas Craft Scandinavian Style" and "Scandinavian & Stitches".) You will be glad you did!!

The giveaway is open to all - including international readers. Entries must be posted by midnight PST on November 7th.

Good luck everyone and again, thank you for being a part of Gingerbread Snowflakes these past four years!

Wow. I had another chance to

Wow. I had another chance to win this and I didn't enter!! WHAT is my problem?!
So nice of you to be so generous! xox

Happy fourth year thanks for

Happy fourth year thanks for sharing your crafty goodness with me and so many others!!!!!!! I always lookforward to catching up on what craft or reciepe you have blogged. Keep on blogging!!!!!!!

Happy Anniversary. I don't

Happy Anniversary. I don't know how I missed your blog but love your crafts. I hope to win the book.

Thanks for all the great

Thanks for all the great ideas! I volunteer with both children and adults leading crafts. I have used several ideas from your website and they have been hits every time.
I look forward to many more happy hours of crafting!

Hi Pam. Catching up on your

Hi Pam. Catching up on your blog after a few days away. The giveaway looks awesome, and I am loving Advent week already. Thanks for giving me some inspiration to get my calendars ready.

Happy 4th Blogiversary, Pam!

Happy 4th Blogiversary, Pam! Time sure does fly! Looking forward to another wonderful Christmas season at Gingerbread Snowflakes! Thanks for all the time, effort, and creative fun you've put into this site over the years!
Big hugs,

Hi Pam! While I have

Hi Pam! While I have unsubscribed from a lot of blogs recently, and am probably more of a lurker than ever, I have been subscribed to Gingerbread Snowflakes in Google Reader from the beginning! I remember sitting in my dorm room my freshman year of college, feeling sad that I would miss out on the holidays . . . well here I am, still not graduated and still not with the proper time to do holidays right but still reading your blog for psychic inspiration if not actual inspiration! Keep doing what you are doing!

Happy Blogiversary to one of

Happy Blogiversary to one of my favorite bloggers in the blogiverse!

Happy anniversary! You have a

Happy anniversary! You have a wonderful blog.

happy 4th blogiversary Pam.

happy 4th blogiversary Pam. wooow that's allready all long time.
And i love your blog very much still;-D
It's always given me a smile , so thank you of all the effords and thoughts you share with the rest of us.
Aaaaaw such a sweet lovely gift the couple from Norway and the other sweet eye candy in this article.
and such a beautiful scandinavian stiching. I always smile about how carefull you pick your winners of your giveaways.
You know i think we allways receive anyhow beautiful gifts of your blog allready;-D
Have a great nice fun weekend;-D XO's

(about the movey of Sinterklaas i told you, i have found that the boy found the book of sinterklaas and wrote his name in it.
still think wooow i wished it was me.LOL)

I just love love love your

I just love love love your Gingerbread Snowflakes. I just happened to stumble upon your site while on Pinterest. You have such wonderful crafts to do. I keep coming back to your blog daily and really enjoy it. Thanks for creating such a wonderfull blog and Happy Anniversary!



Happy Anniversary!!! I'm new

Happy Anniversary!!! I'm new to your blog, and am not yet bloggy enough to understand how all this works. Please know you are greatly admired, not just for sharing your thoughts with us, but the positive creative energy you bring to each day! The books look wonderful! Thanks so very much!

Happy 4th! I've only just

Happy 4th! I've only just found your blog a few weeks ago. It is one that I will keep coming back to!
My husband and I met in Norway (where he had been living for 7 years). I fell in love with the country and all things Scandinavian. These books look like lots of great crafting fun!

I love your blog! Looking

I love your blog! Looking forward to the advent calendar posts.

FOURTH blogversary?! What is

FOURTH blogversary?! What is happening?!
It's just amazing, isn't it?

I love that mousie.

Looking forward to another Christmas with you, Pam! And judging by these comments, there are a LOT of us who are!

Congratulations you should be

Congratulations you should be proud. You have a fantastic blog and count me in for the giveaway.

Happy Blogaversary, Pam! I

Happy Blogaversary, Pam! I love your little Nisse couple - they are so sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing the crafts you are making for Christmas. Being half Swedish myself, I always enjoy glimpses of Scandinavian crafts and traditions.

Happy Blogiversary! I'm

Happy Blogiversary! I'm ashamed of myself. So many times I have come to your site and looked, oohed and aahed, enjoyed what I've seen and never comment on how much I've enjoyed my visit here. Sorry. All your hard work and so few comments. (sigh) You deserve to hear about how wonderful your work is and how many people enjoy it and are thankful that you allow us to see it. You share all your time and energy with us all so freely and I hope you start to get more feedback. I would love to win one of the books your've shown us, and I can dream that maybe - if I would actually win - I could make things that might look like you did them yourself. Now THAT would be something to see!! (I can hope, can't I?) Thanks for all you do and I want you to know that this old crafter LOVES what you do and that you share it with all of us. Thanks a million!!

Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your 4-year blogiversary! :) I don't always take time to comment each time I check in with Gingerbread Snowflakes, but I do enjoy each project, tutorial, and update you post! I am of Norwegian heritage and your crafts - especially at Christmas time - warm my heart.
If I'm not lucky enough to win your giveaway, I think I will pick up a copy of the featured book! That mouse is just too cute!
Congrats again on your four years - I hope you'll be at it for many more!

Happy Blogiversary! :) I

Happy Blogiversary! :) I enjoy your posts very much even when I don't comment. I wouldn't have time to add another craft, stitching, except occassionally, so please don't enter me in this giveaway, but I'm sure you will make some people very happy!

Happy Anniversary and many

Happy Anniversary and many thanks for sharing such great stuff in your blog. I'm a fairly new reader to your blog, but subscribe by email so I don't miss anything and look forward to it arriving! Just yesterday I received my copy of Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style after finding your review and am plotting what to start on first. Wishing you lots o'luck in your future blogging endeavors and look forward to reading all of them!

Fingers are crossed! I have 2

Fingers are crossed! I have 2 dear grandchildren living in Sweden, and I would love to be "in the loop" in terms of holiday traditions!

Happy Anniversary! I've been

Happy Anniversary! I've been very happy to read for the last few years :D

I'm totally in love with that Scandinavian Stitches book!!!

Would love to win....looks

Would love to win....looks like there would be great Christmas gifts to create

I am a fairly new reader to

I am a fairly new reader to Gingerbread Snowflakes but have immensely enjoyed your blog so far. I've subscribed by email that way I don;t miss anything since it comes right to my email box. I am so looking forward to your Christmas ideas. I can use all the help I can get. LOL! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration and all the magic you share!

Happy Blogiversary! I just

Happy Blogiversary! I just love all the wonderful ideas you post. Read them all. That Nisse couple is ADORABLE!!! What a wonderful way to end and start your days by gazing upon them. I would be pleased beyond belief to win the Scandinavia & Stitches book or Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style. Thank you for your generous give away offers! Pauline

Happy Blogiversary! I love

Happy Blogiversary! I love visiting your blog and seeing all the Scandinavian crafts I love so much!

Happy Blogiversary! Love

Happy Blogiversary! Love reading your blog.

Hi Pam! I usually don't post

Hi Pam! I usually don't post many comments, but I love your blog- your blog was the first blog I put on my Favorites list! I love seeing the Nisse and Dala horses. Thank you!

Happy fourth anniversary.

Happy fourth anniversary. Actually have one the stitches book on my amazon wish list.

Happy Blogiversary Pam. I

Happy Blogiversary Pam.

I dont comment often on blogs, usually only when I have something useful to say.

The blogs on my reader can all be characterised by the warmth and enthousiasm of the blogger. I really enjoy your blog and hope you will find joy in it for many more years.

All the best
Dawn in NL

Happy Anniversary Pam! That

Happy Anniversary Pam! That pair look very satisfied with their new abode :) (Did you notice the lovely Canterbury Cathedral advent calendar at the St Nicholas site?) Looking forwards to a new Christmas season, Gill.

Since this is a giveaway, I am not adding replies.  But I just HAD to link readers to the calendar Gill described:

Canterbury Cathedral Advent Calendar.

Happy Blogiversary, Pam! The

Happy Blogiversary, Pam! The cover on that Stitches book is gorgeous!!

Wow - 4 years!

Wow - 4 years! Congratulations! I started reading your blog 3 years ago when my son was a 4 month old baby with an aversion to sleeping at night. I used to sit and read in the early hours of the morning with him snuggled up in one arm, the other just about free to use the mouse. You are the ultimate comfort reading at 3am. These days, he's coming up to 3 and a half and sleeps well (generally), but I catch up on your blog when I have insomnia, like tonight (3.45am here in the UK!)

Happy Happy Blogiversary Pam!

Happy Happy Blogiversary Pam! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful information, knowledge, and creativity. Congratulations on everything Gingerbread Snowflakes has become! I can't wait to see and share in this next holiday season (and beyond).

And thank you so much for a chance to win either of these wonderful prizes. They look fabulous- and full of wonderful holiday/winter projects and inspiration.

P.S. Love that adorable Nisse couple and the colors in that yarn basket!
: )

Happy 4th! Your blog is one

Happy 4th! Your blog is one of my must-read faves. You've given me so many ideas that I've tried to put to use these past few years. Thanks for the giveaway!

Happy anniversary Pam!! It

Happy anniversary Pam!! It was such a wonderful day when we met. You are the craftiest creative person I know!! Your generous spirit is a model for all to learn from.

Congratulations Pam, stronger

Congratulations Pam, stronger than ever I can see and a wonderful achievement. Gingerbread Snowflakes just gets better every time I visit. I actually did purchase the 'Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style' after visiting your blog but have not done any sewing project from it yet, but I'm inspired now. I've been very distracted with home renovations and retirement preparations.

The Nisse couple are just adorable, happy, friendly and they look to be so well made. BTW, I've signed in as Christine so as not to be confused with your dear friend Chris who sent early congratulations to you and I'm sure she would not want to be confused with me. I'm looking forward to the next month and the things you have in store for us. Take Care.

Oh, I love the shades of

Oh, I love the shades of blues and greens in this stitched piece. If the rest of the book is anything like this, I'm hooked.

Snoopy :D
Snoopy's Homemade Fun