Needle Felted Danish Woven Hearts. I Need Help Please!

Proto-type/ Felting Danish Woven hearts

Great idea right? A needle felted version of Danish Woven Hearts. But so far - I haven't been able to make it work. I refuse to give up! There HAS GOT TO BE a way to do this!

Please help me figure it out!

Of course it is entirely possible that some brilliant needle felting wizard has already figured it out and posted a tutorial - in which case, if you know of it, please send the link.

Otherwise, any suggestions offered will be gratefully welcomed! I just love how they "almost" look - don't you?  There has just got to be a way to make this work. 

Felted Woven Hearts

This is the problem - all those pesky little white fibers intermingling with the red fibers and the red fibers intermingling with the white. The shape worked out and from a distance they look pretty cool! But the fiber mingling. ARGH!

So far, I have only come up with two ways to make a felted woven heart. I am sharing both in the hope that some of my wonderful readers will take pity on me and tell me where I am making my mistakes.

Or maybe it just isn't possible to avoid intermingling of fibers. Maybe I will just have to enjoy my felted woven hearts from across the room!! Or - perish the thought - stop expecting perfection! (Double ARGH!)

Prototype Felting Method #1

Felted Woven hearts prototypes

I started with about two to three grams each of red and white roving and a 3" heart shaped cookie cutter.

Using a cookie cutter for shaping needle felting - the best idea ever! And thanks to the inventor - Meg over at Megacrafty, I have been happily needle felting shapes ever since she posted the technique last Christmas season! Check out her awesome tutorial here if you haven't already found it!

Felted Woven Hearts

To begin, I felted two hearts - one red and one white! So far so good!

Next step - I cut each one just as if I were making a woven paper heart!

Felted Woven Hearts

And with a bit of patience, I wove them together! So far so good!

Felted Woven hearts prototypes

Stuffing into a cookie cutter takes a bit of tweaking here and there because the overall size of the little heart grows a bit during weaving, but it is very doable.

Felted Woven Hearts

There is some need for attention to keeping the colors in line while needle felting, but I found that turning the piece frequently helped.

Felted Woven Hearts

At first things seemed to be going along fine - most of the fibers staying where they belonged.

Felted Woven Hearts

But once felting was completed - well - I don't know about you, but I am not crazy about how this looks. The red wool is marginally acceptable, but the white is just full of red fibers that have been punched through during felting.

Felted Woven Hearts

The other side. Not exactly what I had envisioned!

Felted Woven Hearts

And the edge . I didn't expect the edge to be perfect. I am OK with it but wanted you to see.

So - any ideas of how I can prevent the red fibers from muddying up my pristine white fibers?

Prototype "Technique" #2

Not a perfect solution, but at least the surface looks much neater.

Felted Woven hearts prototypes

Using half as much roving as before, I felted two fairly thin hearts.

Felted Woven Hearts

Instead of weaving them together, I cut the red heart into pieces and placed them on the white heart to resemble a woven heart pattern.

Felted Woven Hearts

I found it best to place the white heart in the cookie cutter and then add the red pieces of roving. Once felting was completed - a mostly OK alternative. It is nearly impossible however to felt in all those cut ends but still - not too bad. No red in my white - on this side!

But I am put off by the fact that the red roving sits above the white.  I would prefer the surface to be more even.

Felted Woven hearts prototypes

The back side - pretty ugly! And that is why this one is glued to a felt heart backing!

So - this is where I am right now! But not where I want to be.

Where do I WANT to be? Needle felting a woven Danish heart with no (or very little) fiber mingling!

I hope somebody has the solution! Please help!!!

YOU are truly amazing. I

YOU are truly amazing. I hope you've been able to work this out so that you aren't frustrated any more, but seriously, I love your first image! I think it's abstract and has movement! But I understand completely wanting to make it 'perfect'.

Jet, Kellianne - thank you so

Jet, Kellianne - thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here!  

I am thinking there is some real potyential for using both suggestions.  Jet, I am thinking your idea of sewing the woven heart in between layers of old sheet and wet felting would work quite well!  The pouch would hold the shape and if I am very gentle and don't wring and twish but rather just squeeze the water out repeatedly, it just may work.

And Kellianne, I am definitely going to try out your idea on the hearts I have completed!!  I am sure it will help hide the unwanted fibers.

Again, thank you so much!  I am excited to try both suggestions!  But before I get to play, I must write about Advent Calendars and bake Diane a birthday Pumpkin Pie!!!

such a nice idea, yeaah this

such a nice idea, yeaah this is always happening when you needle felting things together.
I think you must felt by needle felting the shapes and then cut them and before you will weave them together, you must bruch the rooving a tiny bit more on the site they will join together.
then you must felt the shapes , after weaving them together.
You can do this in your washing machine. but the he must be very full.
you must throw it in between and too hot.
but... first. lay down on a old piece of sheet your shape, and sandwich it in the sheet, pin it all together. That's perhaps chocking you.LOL but it will work out perfectly.
Then ( you always can do it with sewing stiches outside on the both throught the felting, if you don't trusth this methode.) you must do the shape with the pins in a closed bag where the pins will be safed for you washing machine.
I have done this experimentale methode quit a long time, and it works very well!!!
Perhaps you must wash the pieces twice in the laundry but i'm sure this is working!!!!
Hope you have your answer.
but i love your sweet and kind idea. Hey succes with the felted danish woven hearts of yours;-D X)'s

I'd be frustrated, too! What

I'd be frustrated, too! What if you tore small pieces of fresh white fiber and carefully poked it over the red 'stained' areas? Be very gentle and keep adding fresh white until it looks clean. I might just try this tonight. I love the idea!

If I can think of something I

If I can think of something I surely will message you here about it - I'm so curious if there's a felting solution out there that would work - make 2 & put them back to back? maybe. Needle-felt a braided border around the edges to hide the mixing - lots of sideways stabbing could be dangerous. I'm not so sure.

Thank you Kathryn and Meg.

Thank you Kathryn and Meg.  Both of you have given me new ways to think of doing this.  Mingling fibers is the whole point of needle felting after all - I know that but ...... got to minimize it or get around it!


I am thinking of trying both - together.  Never thought of wet felting.  If I can tack them gently into place first....hummmm.

Again, thank you!!!xox

I'm both happy and sad that

I'm both happy and sad that you're still working on this conundrum. Happy because I SO want this to work- it's such a good idea! But sad that it still hasn't worked for you- arg!

Are you attached to only needle felting these?

If not here's my unconventional suggestion. Try needle felting the white and red hearts first. Once you have a stable enough shape cut them apart like you did in version one. Burt instead of needle felting the two pieces together try wet felting them into place.

I'm afraid that whole way needle felting works (mixing and tangling the fibers with all those tiny needle bards) might mean you'll get color mingling no matter what you do. And maybe the gentler method of wet felting would be a good way to glue them together after you've got the needle felted shape.

I did the contrasting colors on my mittens with needle felting but I remember I had to be very gentle and not felt too much or the colors would start to blend.

Keep trying I just know you'll get it one way or another!

And P.S. Thanks for the link! : )

I forgot I had sent you a

I forgot I had sent you a picture when i first began this - very excited about the idea. And of course if it hadn't been for you i would have never thought of it in the first place.  Should probably have written you months ago and i would be much closer to the answer by now!!! 

Very excited now to give your idea and Kathryn's a try.

Wow Pam! This is quite a

Wow Pam! This is quite a task! I love the idea of a needle felted Danish woven heart, brilliant!

I think the intermingling of the fibers is almost inevitable if you are doing more needle felting after you weave the layers together. My only suggestion would be using your first technique, needle felt both heart pieces thoroughly, then iron them dwon so the fibers are flat against the heart (no wispies of roving). Then, instead of needle felting the two pieces together once you weave them, I would just needle felt the sides down so it stays together. However, you will probably get some intermixing of fibers on the end too. (I hope this makes sense, it's hard to type directions for needle felting out! haha) It's a very tricky project! :/ But keep at it, I know you will figure something out!! :)

Best of luck! Let us know what you try. :)