Making Advent Calendars All Week - Beginning with an Updated Icelandic Advent Tree.

Advent Calendar Tree

It is time to be thinking about Advent Calendars!!! Only 26 days till it is time to begin marking the days till Christmas! Not a lot of time really for planning, designing, cutting, sewing, pasting and making your very own calendar!

So - I am devoting this whole week to Advent Calendars!

And I am beginning today with a little reinvention of my Iceland Tree Advent Calendar and some links to a few favorites from the crafty blogiverse, and a few of my own from previous years.

As many of you are into woven paper hearts and Scandinavian themed ornaments - but not into making a wooden tree - during the week, I will be sharing two very simple trees that can be made in minutes!

And at the end of the week - a very simple, completely edible Advent Calendar from Norway - and it is NOT chocolate! 

Advent Calendar Tree

The tree at the top of the post, began last year as my Iceland Advent Tree.

Icelandic Wooden Advent Tree

I made 24 Danish woven paper hearts, filled them with chocolates and a little secret activity or hiding place for a surprise for the day.

However, as the season progressed and I found myself making more and more little paper Scandinavian ornaments, I had an idea!

When the chocolate treat tucked in each heart has been enjoyed, why not replace the little heart with a little ornament?

The idea especially appealed to me because I really do not like empty Advent Calendars either at the beginning or the end of the season!!! And I liked the fact that the tree would be changing throughout the season!

At the beginning of the season, your tree will be covered with little candy filled hearts and by Christmas - covered with a charming collection of your favorite Scandinavian ornaments - handmade or purchased!

Scandinavian Flags

To add to my own ornament collection this year I made this set of Scandinavian flags.

Center flag (made of cloth) is the flag of Sweden. Starting at the top left and working around clockwise: Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, and the Sami Flag.

They are very easy to make using any paper you might have on hand. I happened to use gloss paper sent to me from Denmark. Use this site for the designs and this tutorial by Rachel ( Nest Full of Eggs) featured during Scandinavian Christmas on the Pickled Herring.

Instead of boxes, I "wrapped" bits of cardboard measuring 2" x 1 1/4".

Danish Heart Baskets

Make your hearts from wrapping paper or any paper you have on hand! Recycling bits of paper or magazine ads works for a very colorful assortment! Here is how to make Danish woven paper hearts.  The template for my little hearts measures 2" long and 1 1/2" wide.

And in this post, you will find links to many "print and cut" Danish baskets and ornaments or if you prefer - templates for making several basket shapes using your own paper.

If you are up for making the wooden tree, you will find the instructions here!

And if not, return Tuesday and Wednesday for very simple tree alternatives!

Advent Calendars

And now links to some of my own previous Advent Calendar posts!

Fridge magnet Advent Calendar created with Fanie!

Real Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

Giant "40" Holiday Card and Paper Advent Calendar

Mini Advent Pinatas 

Advent Calendar from Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style

Advent Calendar from "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style"

Here are links to a few other favorites!

I absolutely love the Advent Calendar featured in Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style!  If I didn't already have 8 calendars to open every morning in December, or I had little kids (besides me) in the house, I would so be making this one.

If you have not entered the giveaway to receive a copy of the book of your very own, be sure to enter soon!  Deadline for entries is November 7th!

This post from last year is full of links to some of my most favorite Advent Calendars.  And they still are favorites and remain year after year in my bookmarks.

Tsoniki has a wonderful collection she has put together on Pinterest!

Polwig isn't blogging much these days but last year she gave us this adorable activity calendar idea!  You could even use it with either of the two easy peazy trees I am sharing in the next couple days.

And last but not least - my friend Gill shared this link to an absolutely gorgeous Advent Calendar from the St. Nicholas Center.  (You will find lots to celebrate St. Nicholas Day in their shop as well - and trust me - it is not too early to think about celebrating St. Nicholas Day!

See you tomorrow for a completely recyclable tree! In fact I don't call it recycled or reused - I call it "redirected use"!

wooow such a great eye candy

wooow such a great eye candy you send us!!!!
Beautiful and pretty, lovely to make. It's making me longing to start;-D
thank you for the links and the sharing.

Love the ideas, and the

Love the ideas, and the suggestion to get started now. :) I always wait too late... It's snowing here this morning, so I am in the mood!

I was so happy to see the Sami flag! And I'd never thought of making woven hearts with anything but the traditional glossy paper. (Well, not entirely true: I made them with cheap-o squares of felt...very floppy.)What a charming idea to use wrapping paper!

Thanks for the great ideas and helpful links!

Take care,

Very nice kickoff to your

Very nice kickoff to your advent week. I especially love the idea of putting an ornament on for every heart you remove. That way you end up with a fully decorated tree just in time for Christmas- brilliant!