Easy Alternative To The Scandinavian Wooden Advent Calendar Tree

Advent Calendar

Another easy, simple tree for hanging your Advent Calendar chocolate filled hearts and mini ornaments!!

I designed this Advent Calendar Tree as an easy to make alternate option to the 3-D wooden Scandinavian Tree; and to make use of those totally cool Pinhooks I told you about in the previous post!

Although this same tree design would be very pretty if cut from wood, many crafters do not have the tools available. Almost everyone has a craft knife and can get their hands on spray adhesive, foam-core and poster board!

So - here is how to make a quick and simple Advent Calendar Tree!

Advent Calendar

1. Glue two 20" x 30" x 3/16" pieces of foam-core together using spray adhesive.

Note: Spray adhesive leaves no room for error so once you have sprayed both surfaces with adhesive, line them up perfectly (adhesive sides facing each other) by placing one 30" side of each board on a hard surface (table or floor), shift the two pieces until the 20" sides are lined up and bring them together. Practicing a couple times before spraying is very helpful.

2. Once the board has dried for half an hour, spray one side (front side) with adhesive and use the same technique to attach a 20"x30" sheet of poster board to the surface of the foam-core sandwich. (Or purchase one of the sheets of foam-core with a colorful surface already attached!)

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not try to save time by purchasing a 1/2" thick sheet of foam-core. We will be using Pinhooks to hold the ornaments and heart baskets; and I can tell you from experience, Pinhooks will not hold well in one thick sheet of foam core. But they WILL hold beautifully in two pieces of 3/16" foam-core sandwiched together with adhesive. This is the key! The sandwich!

3. While making the tissue paper pattern for this tree, I discovered a great way to overcome the fact that I have a terrible time designing a decent looking tree outline!!!

Look closely at the image at the top of the post - the two sides are NOT the same!!! Using an overall triangular outline as a guide, I drew in the "branches" in a kind of wonky short / long series making sure that they did not match from side to side! (Two shorts across form a long.)

The tree pattern takes up almost all of the 30" dimension.

4. Once you are satisfied with your pattern, trace it onto the foam-core.

Advent Calendar

5. Use your craft knife and following the traced pattern, cut out the tree! (Use a nice shape blade in that craft knife! Learned the hard way!)

And BTW - since the tree is somewhat wonky to begin with, a few wonky lines won't hurt a bit!!!

Advent Calendar

6. The craft knife actually cuts a nice clean edge. It can be left as is or covered with ribbon if you like. I left one side "naked" and covered the other with ribbon so you could see how they look.

I did not glue the ribbon in place - I secured it to the edges using straight pins, but if you choose to cover the edge with ribbon, I suggest you glue it.

Advent Calendar

The ribbon does make a nice finished edge.

Advent Calendar Tree

7. And now all that is left to do is place 24 Pinhooks in the tree! Pinhooks are perfect for this tree. Installation only take seconds! And the project is ready to be decorated with little numbered woven hearts and their candy contents!

Order your Pinhooks here and they will be in your hands well before December 1st.  Ordering a bag of 40 is the best value and you will have plenty left over for garlands and lights and strings of greeting cards!

You already know that I am not too crazy about empty Advent Calendars!!! So - I suggest having a set of small ornaments on hand to place on the little Pinhooks as each piece of candy is consumed. Your tree remains pretty and you still have a very clear visual of how many days are left till Santa is due to arrive!

Advent Calendar

8. Danish woven hearts will not hang properly on the Pinhooks without a bit of help. I came up with two possible solutions to that problem: a raffia loop orÂ…

Advent Calendar

Â… a cute little yarn bow!

Or, if you wish, make a set of hang tags, decorate with stamps or felt pen or paint, add a number from 1 to 24 and hang one on each pin hook. Or wrap gold coins or little Hersey's kisses or Dove mini-bars in produce mesh as shown in the previous post. No loops or bows necessary!!

Told you it was easy!!!

In case you need them - links to tutorials for making Danish Woven Basket hearts and Woven hearts made from Recycled paper!

That is so festively pretty

That is so festively pretty Pam! You've thought of every little detail too which I appreciate. The ribbon finishes that edge quite perfectly doesn't it? And those pinhooks are genius, I must say. Beautiful!

wooow you're a busy crafting

wooow you're a busy crafting girl!!! this is as well a lovely great idea!!!
Love it, and such a great tute you've made for us.
I understand now much better how hard you must work to get things in time finsihed!!! but sooo well done!!!
thank you for the sharing, an other sweet gift for us all;-D

I just love this!!! I'm

I just love this!!! I'm thinking of doing something similar but put all my Christmas cards on it. At least the prettiest one. Adding the extra ornaments, etc. is a great idea to fill in the blanks. I have tons of tiny Swedish ornaments too!