Make Simple Danish Paper Trees

Danish paper Trees

Adding to my collection of Danish cut paper trees!

Since most of the designs I am using are the published work of Gunvor Ask and Harriet Ask, and I want to entice you into making 3-D paper trees, I have created a very easy pattern that anyone can make in just a few minutes!

A whole forest of these simple trees in several sizes would be a very pretty background for a winter village scene or nativity.


If you can find a copy of Med Saks og Papir, grab it up right away! It is written in Danish, but it is so well illustrated and full of patterns.

Danish paper trees

Or make a forest of these!!

Danish paper trees

1. Begin by laying out your pattern with ruler and pencil. You will need to draw and cut at least four.

For the tree pictured, I have folded in half a piece of 9 1/2" x 11" standard printer paper. However, you can make your trees 8" tall or 3" tall! Simply adapt the lines to fit your paper.

Line #1 should begin at the top edge of the paper about 3/8" (5mm) from the fold and end about 5/8" (1 cm) above the bottom edge.

Draw a "tree base" as shown (#3).

Draw a faint guide line (#2).

Danish paper trees

2. Cut out your tree shape following lines #1 and #3.

3. Cut very thin strips from the edge (#1) to the guideline (#2), beginning at the very tip of the bottom edge of the paper and working your way to the top. Although your strips can be any width you like up to about 1/4", mine average 3/16" (2mm).

Danish paper trees

4. Once all four "trees" have been cut, carefully place them one on top of the other making certain that the center creases of all four trees line up.

5. Knot your thread and, beginning at the bottom of the fold, stitch right along the crease line using a running stitch. I like to back stitch every once and a while but it is not necessary. Finish off with three or four tack stitches to secure the thread. (I usually "retrace" my stitches back toward the bottom about 6 stitches and then secure with the tack. There is very little paper at the top!

Danish paper trees

6. Open your tree and admire your work!

I like to turn the tree upside down and run my hand lightly through the branches to "fluff" the branches.

Danish paper trees

7. To add a bit of snowy sparkle, take your tree outside for a minute and lightly spray it with spray adhesive - just a little dusting! Bring it inside and stand it on a bit of wax paper and sprinkle liberally with fine glitter.

Look closely - you can see bits of it here and there. My trees sparkle like everything and the sparkles change as I move through the room, but sadly - I am not good at capturing sparkles with my camera. So - trust me on this! Very pretty!


If you are feeling adventurous, make designs of your own! I made this one last year and even as simple and "un-Danish" as it might be, it actually makes a pretty little tree!!

Danish paper cutting

And Â…. if you are not into villages or nativities, make some as ornaments for your tree! Or create a garland! Or a table centerpiece!

Being Danish I have just

Being Danish I have just ordered this book at my local library. I know Christmas is far way but I looks wonderful:-)

Do you have Danish roots?

it is very nice and thanks

it is very nice and thanks for sharing!

Thanks! I have been looking

Thanks! I have been looking for some additional Danish style Christmas ideas for an ethnic exchange at school and these are wonderful.

Pam, these tress are just the

Pam, these tress are just the BEST!
I had my "paper-crazed" daughter take a look at your post today and she loved it! She left me a 2" one on my
side table. With the holidays fast approaching, let me say how very much I look forward to your posts - they
truly do get me in the spirit of the season! nancy

Wow. OK, so I'm supposed to

Wow. OK, so I'm supposed to be working on an article later today, but guess what I'm gong to be doing instead ;-)

(and yes, it's 3am-up-with-a-coughing-child-time in the UK again...)


These are SO cute. I love

These are SO cute. I love projects that require only the supplies I have on-hand; I also really love simple design.
They're just perfect, hope we get to make a whole forest of them ( or at least three or four ;)


gosh those are pretty Pam!

gosh those are pretty Pam! And that first photo is a joy to behold. Wow!

Lovely! And so easy to

And so easy to make!!! :)

Hey Pam, Love these trees.

Hey Pam,
Love these trees. Will have to try them with the kids at school. That book looks like a winner. I'll have to scout out the 2nd hand book stores :)
Lots of great advent calendars too! Thanks for all the inspiration.

I wanted to share my Santa

I wanted to share my Santa Lucia post with you:

Please come and look at it. Thanks, Katharine

I would call your new design

I would call your new design "Snowflake Trees". I love this tutorial. They are really fun trees. Your crafts have really inspired me. :)