Holiday Card Tricks Usher in a Little Disappearing Act!

Card tricks

Add sparkles to photos andÂ…

Card tricks

Danish paper heart ornaments that can be removed easily.

Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us - filled as it almost always is with family visits, football games and shopping.

I don't do the football or shopping parts however! I put up my tree! And then begin in earnest to prepare for the coming holiday season - which includes making holiday greeting cards!

This year, I am beginning my time off for Thanksgiving a little bit early. Believe it or not - NOW - right at the beginning of the holiday season, I am afflicted with my first case of blogging burnout! ARGH.

After a very long talk with my daughter however, I have come to accept it's presence and listen to my body; and so, I am giving myself a little break to recharge my batteries as well as removing a few less important posts from the holiday schedule.

I will be back November 27th with Diane and our yearly podcast which we will host on Gingerbread Snowflakes again this year.

In the meantime, I am leaving you with a couple of my favorite "card tricks"! In case you want to keep your hands busy while watching games!

Card Tricks

Moisture and photo paper used to be bitter enemies! But apparently no longer. After discovering that rain would NOT damage or alter my photographs - Painting in the Rain remember - I decided to try out Mod Podge!

Card tricks

I painted on a bit of Mod Podge here and there on a few practice photos.

Card tricks

And then I sprinkled liberally with a very fine glitter called Crystal Snow White from Stampendous.

I love this particular glitter for this application because it is pure white - no bits of pink or green so it works extremely well. I had a hard time finding it in craft stores this past summer so here is a link to order it.

I let the glitter sit in the wet Mod Podge for a few minutes and then shake off the extra bits.  Once completely dry, the Mod Podge becomes invisible and  the glitter lends a pretty twinkle.

I love it on snowy tree branches especially, but have also used it to edge fall leaves with frost, suggest frost on pumpkins lying in a field, and add a bit of sparkle to water falls. 

Needless to say, I have been experimenting and playing and ... finding that some images work and others don't. But when it "works" it really works! Everyone who has seen them, loves them!

Card tricks

I am no genius card maker. We ALL know that! But as simple as these are, I love to send them because the little Danish woven heart basket (which I AM becoming genius at making) can easily be removed and hung on the tree! Or used on another card! Or a gift!

Standard card stock weight paper, a craft knife, a bit of clear cellophane tape, and a paper heart basket - that is all you need!

Card tricks

On the front of the card, use the craft knife to make a small slit in the card about 1" (2.5cm) down from the top edge. It should be just a teeny bit longer than the width of your basket handle.

Slip the top of the basket handle into the slit as shown.

Card tricks

Cut a small strip of card stock about 2 1/2" (6.5 cm) long and about 1/4" (8mm) wide.

Open the card to expose the back side of the "front" and slip the strip through the handle loop.

Card tricks

Gently pull the basket toward the bottom of the card until the handle and strip rest right against the slit. Tape in place at each end.

If you wish, you can write the words "clip here" with an arrow on either side of the handle just so it is understood the basket is meant to be removed!

Card tricks

Some of you will no doubt find this card a bit too simple but keep in mind that colored paper, stickers, Sharpies and all the other bits of embellishment goodness can be added!!!

Happy Thanksgiving holiday to everyone! See you in about 10 days!

I adore your Danish heart

I adore your Danish heart card idea! And I totally get the blogging burnout and you're so smart to listen to yourself and take a break. Blogging should be fun! :) Looking forward to when you get back! :)

I love these cards! I

I love these cards! I haven't made or sent cards in a few years because I keep waiting to get the "perfect" family photo - but I think one of these would be great! Thanks for the ideas.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family & get to enjoy the time off from blogging.


Hi Pam, this is a great fun

Hi Pam, this is a great fun idea of yours. I'm still behind with reading my incoming mails, so suddenly i saw this.
I like them both, but i think i will try the disapperaring act really soon, after my i have brought my xmas cards to the mail office.
it's a smart and clever idea for collages as well;-D
thank you for the sharing.
many dutch hugs.;-D

Way to go Pam! I agree with

Way to go Pam! I agree with Diane. Listen to your body. It knows what it's talking about. You'll be back like new in no time with your usual fare of beautiful bloggery. Take care, okay?

Enjoy your short blogging

Enjoy your short blogging break. You have left us enough tutorials to fill several years of holiday crafts so no worries. Thanks for all you have done and thanks for taking a break so that you can continue to share your talents.

Happy Happy Thanksgiving, my

Happy Happy Thanksgiving, my good friend! I applaud you for giving yourself a break. Blog burnout is very common, and especially for people who, like yourself, give so much when they blog. Your photos and explanations and your loving links to other artists, are all challenging and time consuming, and you deserve a guilt-free break from your hard work so you can do your...harder work! of making lovely cards and gifts. This technique is so pretty! and I am only using glitter paint from Martha Stewart right now, and it's still getting all over everything! It's not as much with glitter paint as it is with glitter. But sometimes it's GREAT to have glitter on everything! Even the dog!

Thanks for all your crafty

Thanks for all your crafty inspiration.
Glad you are taking care of yourself.
Will check back when you are back.

Happy Thanksgiving!

You have been delighting us

You have been delighting us for so long with your yummy recipes, Danish traditions, and wonderful creativity! Now is the perfect time to take a break and focus on the Holidays. May you get the most possible out of this blessed time of year, and reemerge refreshed and ready to blog as only you can. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :o)

I hope your break from

I hope your break from blogging is restorative and really charges your batteries in time to thoroughly enjoy the holidays! Bon chance!

I've been wanting to give

I've been wanting to give ModPodge a try and haven't had the nerve to try it on photos. I think my fears have been alleviated!

Enjoy your well-deserved break, and have a happy Thanksgiving!


I'm really proud of you, Mom!

I'm really proud of you, Mom! I think many bloggers hit burnout moments (I know I sure do), and no matter how inconveniently-timed, we just have to listen to what our minds and bodies need. There are spectacular creative adventures waiting for you on the other side of this time, but the only way to them is... through. :-)

These card tricks are awesome! How like to you leave everyone with a couple more doses of creativity heading into a break!