Giving Away a Perfect Book to Add to Your Advent Reading Collection: "Make Magic! Do Good!"

Make Magic! Do Good!

My very own copy of the newest book by Dallas Clayton -"Make Magic! Do Good!"- just arrived from the publisher, Candlewick Press. And from the moment I flipped open the title page, I have been enchanted.

So enchanted, in fact, that although when I accepted the offer of a review copy, my intention was to hold a giveaway as part of the review; now that I have the book in my hands, that plan has changed! Oh I am giving away a copy to the lucky winner to add to their family collection of advent books - BUT - the winner can not have my copy!!! I will purchase another copy. I simply can not let this one go!!

Dallas Clayton may be considered a children's book writer, but I truly believe he speaks to every single one of us no matter what age or what stage of life we might currently be inhabiting.

And if you don't believe me - I am sharing two of my most favorite poems included in "Make Magic! Do Good!" so you will clearly see what I mean!!!

Make Magic! Do Good!

In my opinion, Dallas Clayton is nothing short of brilliant! And a man with a heart bigger than the whole wide world.

If his intention is truly to only speak to the hearts and minds of children, I would be very surprised because this collection of poems speaks to all humanity. I hope it is translated into every language.

Make Magic! Do Good!

"Make Magic! Do Good!" has arrived at just the right time - the beginning of the season to be thankful and to reach out to our friends, neighbors and people new to us with an open and loving heart.

Order a copy! And when it arrives, find a quiet corner and read it all by yourself. And then share it!

Make Magic! Do Good!

If you would like to enter the giveaway for a copy of "Make Magic! Do Good!", leave a comment on this post. I would love it if you would share one of your favorite ways to "Make Magic" or " Do Good".

The giveaway will close at midnight PST on November 30th and the winner will be announced on December 1st. Giveaway is open to readers living in the continental USA and Canada.

"Make Magic! Do Good!" can be ordered right here. And you can learn more about Dallas Clayton here on his own site.

And may I add before I sign off for today, I have missed you and I am very happy to be back!!!

What a wonderful giveaway! It

What a wonderful giveaway! It looks like an amazing book! I always share poems with my class - this looks like a perfect one to do that!

Dallas Clayton is amazing. I

Dallas Clayton is amazing. I would LOVE to win a copy of his new book for my daughter. One of our favorite ways to make good together is by volunteering at the local animal shelter weekly. Thank you for this opportunity!

This book looks delightful.

This book looks delightful. I'm trying to draw robots and spaceships. I love that stuff.



I like to do good by giving

I like to do good by giving away cookies and baked goods. I love that.

I love random acts of

I love random acts of kindness! Sometimes, when I'm at a highway toll, I'll pay for the person behind me and zoom away. A few days ago, I saw a young guy ahead of me in line counting quarters to buy a cup of coffee. I happen to be standing there with a full punch card entitling me to a free coffee - so I did the obvious thing - handed it over. It made his day! I did not do this, but I recently received a wonderful kindness. I was quite ill, and stuck at home, just miserable. My sister hopped on the phone and had egg drop soup and dumplings delivered to my house, then she emailed me the passwords to her Netflix and Hulu accounts so I could be entertained while I recovered. That soup lit up my WORLD.

Pam, This has been a very


This has been a very difficult year for me and my family and currently we are on the recieving end of "Doing Good". I suppose the thing I do is trying to be available to anyone that needs someone at the time. I hope you and all are well.


I bake cookies to take to

I bake cookies to take to work. Nobody bakes anymore and anytime I feel there is too much stress at work or I know people are having bad weeks I take cookies to work to share.
Thanks for the giveaway!

It might sound like a really

It might sound like a really small way to "do good", but still -

I try very very hard to smile as often as possible. When out, I smile at people, I reach out and chat with the sales staff, elderly people sitting on benches... I try really hard to make others smile. Being disabled, I have experienced having an awful day only for it to turn around just because someone took the time to smile at me or chat with me. I figure if I can turn around one person's day just by smiling, then I have done a lot of good!!

What can seem magical for 3

What can seem magical for 3 grandsons under age 7 is while babysitting or being mother's helper, I bring out sponges, potatoes, and leaves for printmaking, and we make wrapping paper for them to use during Advent/Christmas. Parents love the savings on paper goods, and the kids love the idea of making large art.

Welcome back! What a great

Welcome back!

What a great book to giveaway. Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy.
: )

One of my favourite ways to

One of my favourite ways to "Do Good" is to send notes inside a lovely card to folks especially when they are sad or have done something wonderful. I think receiving mail is a tiny gift and is quite memorable.