An Audio Christmas Card from Me and My Daughter

Screen shot 2012-11-14 at 5.31.49 PM

It's that time again! Diane and I recorded our annual podcast for Christmas. This time, we talked about decorating our Christmas trees, and our love of ornaments, and our favorite memories about ornaments. We giggled a lot, and I hope you will, too, when you listen!

styro-dog pc-jackolantern

The styrofoam dog (with bitten-off foot) and plastic canvas demonic Jack-o-Lantern.

Would you like to hear the podcasts we've done in past years? Here they are! And can you believe we've been doing these for five years?

2011: Christmas Cookies

2010:Holiday Planning

2009: Holiday Q&A

2008: Making a Season


Wawww so amazing... I will

Wawww so amazing...
I will forward this to my daughter, she will love it..



Oh, that was wonderful! I

Oh, that was wonderful! I look forward to these every year :)

Can't wait to get a few

Can't wait to get a few moments to myself to have a listen, it will be almost as good as sitting down with you myself!

I always love listening to

I always love listening to your Christmas Audio Card each year - and this year was no disappointment! It was so much fun to drink my mug of hot chocolate and giggle along with you two as you talked traditions and ornaments! What fun! Thanks for sharing smiles with us again this holiday season!
Big hugs,
P.S. We ordered our KFC Christmas Party Barrel and Christmas Party Pack yesterday! I can't wait to see what the "commemorative 2012 plate" looks like! Do you think if I go to a KFC Stateside next Christmas they'll be able to hook me up with the 2013 plate? :) And I must say, I'm anxious to see what exactly a "Christmas salad" that comes with the Party Barrel looks like. :) Thought happy thoughts of you as we placed our order.

aaaaw i'm glad that you're

aaaaw i'm glad that you're back as well.
I couldn't found the audio christmas card, but i like and love the idea of both of you.
perhaps it's something stupid of my own provider;-D
you know some links in holland don't work here?!
he have a good fun time, and i loved the idea of keeping the book for yourself.
I think it's really magical, my sis had showed me a sinterklaas book which i loved as well, but i couldn't made pict of it because of the copy rights.
Think of your book in bad times to pick it up again and got inspired and enchanted.
I think that's for every time the great books to read or view again.
many hugs of me xoxxooxoox

That was SO much fun to

That was SO much fun to listen to you guys! Do you have pictures of the pink dog and Diane's jack-in-the box? Oh COME ON now, you really have to share, eh?