Christmas is Coming! And St. Nicholas Day! And St. Lucy Day! And Novena! And Winter Solstice!

St. Lucy, Star Boy, Scandi-gnome and Tomte

December is here! Christmas is 24 days away! And for many of us the daily countdown has begun!

Happily there are lots of days to celebrate between now and the 24th. And one of them is St. Lucy Day on December 13th. To celebrate, I just completed these adorable Scandinavian figures made using cardboard cones from Yarnia.

St. Lucy herself! A Star Boy. A very tall Christmas gnome. And a very short fat Tomte!

The wreath leaves are all made of green tinted Mod Podge film.  They have been glued onto a styrofoam ring - some little packing thing my sweetie saves for me from his CD holders.

St. Nicholas and Scandiclaus

I am happy to say that my Scandi-clause and my St. Nicholas are pretty much done. St. Nicholas is missing a staff of some kind but for this year - I am way ahead of where these dolls have been for the last ten years - hanging heads in a closet.

Norwegian Pepperkaker Advent Calendar

My cookie Advent calendar has been hanging a month now and I have added a little update to the blog post just in case you were wondering if they would really hold out for a month!

They have done way better than expected. Still yummy!  Still on the wall! The recipe I used, "Christmas Pepperkaker" from The Great Scandinavian Baking Book is a real winner.

If you are not up for making a cookie calendar for the entire Advent season, why not make one for Scandinavian Christmas - December 13 to Christmas!

Nativity pieces from late 1940's

Nativity - a part of our family celebration since the late '40s. I have always loved the beautiful faces and the graceful folds in the robes.

I know how busy everyone gets as the "big day" draws near, but I hope you will take a little time on the 17th to visit me because I am hosting images of favorite and much loved nativities from many of the talented and lovely members of the Etsy Italia Team.

In the meantime, please visit the beautiful Etsy Italia Team charity shop filled with gifts hand crafted in Italy. If you order very soon, I have no doubt your gifts will arrive for the holiday. My experience with team members is that they ship right away and it only take about 10 days for those packages to travel over the sea to North America! Less time I am sure for European destinations.

St Nicholas / Sinterklaas

Image by Jim Forest "St. Nicholas/Sinterklaas"

And be sure to join me on the 4th because my friend Jet, (remember the amazing window coverings she made using recycled material) has prepared the most informative, delightful, and charming story of the real St. Nicholas - from the Dutch point of view of course!!

No one will want to miss her story. It is a perfect way to begin celebrating the Christmas holidays! (Of course in the Netherlands, the celebration of St. Nicholas has been going on now since his arrival by boat from Spain in mid-November.

Advent Countdown - Day 1

Happy 24 days till Christmas everyone!

St Lucie is a beauty as are

St Lucie is a beauty as are your Sandi-Clause and St. Nicholas. They've come so far since being heads in a closet. I'm sure they're much happier too. I know I am, hee hee!

Enjoy this lead up to the big day! The parties begin for us this week. I should get to some baking eh? The sweets won't make themselves!

Your Scandinavian Santas are

Your Scandinavian Santas are veritable works of art. Beautiful!!!

Love how your Scandi-clause

Love how your Scandi-clause and St. Nicholas are coming along! They look amazing! The little details you're including in their costumes and items they're holding have taken them from "pretty" to "outstanding!" Awesome job, Pam!
Big hugs,

This is your big month,

This is your big month, isn't it? So much fun.