Scrambled Pancakes from Austria! A Little Holiday Story!


 Kaiserschmarren image by Robert Lender

Kaiserschmarren! Scrambled Pancakes! A favorite treat in Austria anytime of the year but especially at Christmas.

Burt Wolf introduced me to Schmarren and the magic that is Christmas in Austria - Vienna actually. Burt Wolf Travels and Traditions Christmas in Vienna is full of Christmas Spirit and often airs on PBS stations this time of year. Or it can be purchased here if you like.

Watching the show was mesmerizing - I was immersed in a state of happy Christmas enchantment and then all of a sudden I heard "Schmarren - Scrambled Pancakes". My ears perked up and my attention was riveted on what Mr. Wolf had to say about Scrambled Pancakes!

You see, I have been teased unmercifully for years about the day I served my Girl Scout troop scrambled pancakes! And all of a sudden, thanks to Burt Wolf, I am finding out not only do they actually exist as a recipe but they are a much loved treat in Austria!

Having neglected to bring a pancake turner on a troop camp trip - there was nothing to do but stir the pancake batter until it was cooked! Had we only known about Schmarren then, I would have gone down in history as having introduced my troop mates to international cuisine instead of being the star of one of the family's favorite "remember when stories"!

I promise - Schmarren = delicious! I like to make them using this recipe - my very favorite pancake recipe ever. But, if you want to go gourmet - use this recipe from Spago or make it very easy on yourself and follow this suggestion!

Kaisermarren traditionally is made with rum soaked raisins but I have found Schmarren recipes online that include every kind of fruit compote - even venison and red wine sauce!  Mostly fruit compotes however!

Main Square Linz / Austria  - Hauptplatz Linz / Österreich

Main Square Linz, Austria - image by Christian Pichler

I make Schmarren to celebrate St. Nicholas Day! And why not? St. Nicholas is much loved in Austria and everyone eagerly awaits his arrival in Austria on December 6th.

Treat yourself. Make a cup of cocoa, grab a cookie and enjoy this short but informative little article about holiday celebrations in Austria which begin with a visit from St. Nicholas and end with Kristkind bringing a decorated Christmas tree and gifts to children.

And then, be sure to take a few more minutes to enjoy beautiful, inspiring images of Christmastime in Austria! And take a deep breath because this series of images will leave you breathless!

Christmas Market at Vienna City Hall 2011 - opening day

Christmas Market at Vienna City Hall - image by Otto Schlappack Wien Vienna

If you are interested, you can learn a little more about the history of Schmarren here

Schmarren is usually eaten for lunch - considered too rich for breakfast! But if you are perhaps interested in making a lovely Austrian dessert during the holiday - try one of these or one of the recipes here (scroll to bottom)!

Of course you all KNOW what I will be making! Weihnachstsbaeckerei (Christmas cookies!)

I have a similiar story

I have a similiar story except it was with french toast. We went on a Girl Scouting trip and forgot the flipper so we had scrambled french toast. I wonder if that's a recipe somewhere?

Oh Dawn!  You made my day!  I

Oh Dawn!  You made my day!  I am so glad to know I  am not alone!  

Actually, in doing a little research, I discovered that there are several ways to make Schmarren.  One way is to bake the "Pancake" in the oven and when it is done cut into strips or in some recipes shred.  So - scrambled french toast should qualify as a variation - especially if served with a lovely fruit compote!! :-)

Oh, my! Pancakes are my one

Oh, my! Pancakes are my one of my favorite meal! Yum!
Because of you, Pam, I now have evil plans of making some Kaiserschmarren!
I am sure that Olivier will love the fact that it contains Rhum! (And so will I, eheh!)

Okay, I am hungry, now. :-p

Oh Zara!  No stove!  A

Oh Zara!  No stove!  A campfire!!! - Well more accurately a perfect bed of cooking coals!

Loved your pancake story!  Thank you for sharing!

Hehehe I'm just imagining you

Hehehe I'm just imagining you at camp over your stove of scrambled pancakes! So cute!!

My partner has never lived down the time he volunteered (he says he was coerced) to make the whole family pancakes. They came out like little rubber discs! Later, when bogged on the beach (sorry, Aussie slang - the car was stuck in the sand), I got a thorough hussy-fit when I asked the family innocently if anyone had thought to bring along a pancake/tyre wedge :-p