Winter Sun Illuminating an Ice Sculpture Reveals Angels, Madonna and Child

Ice Sculpture madonna, Child and Angels

©Harris and Harris Photographics

A special post on my personal winter holiday, December 10th - Angel Day.

Look closely - can you see the Madonna and Child? Several Angels?

We didnÂ’t see them at all when we took the picture.

We were literally racing against the light as it swiftly moved across the face of a stunning frozen ice sculpture which had formed from a little water fall on Mt. Hood.

We shot until we ran out of film - beyond running out of film! This image is number “37” on a roll of 36 frames.

And the figures might never have been noticed after the film was developed except that this one image accidentally slipped out of the packet of prints and fell on the floor as I was preparing to file the set away in our personal files.

I picked up the print and suddenly - there they were! Clear as a bell! A dark blue Madonna and Child standing out from a choir of sparkling white angels.

Some viewers see two angels.  Some have pointed out  as many as 7!  How many do you see?

So beautiful! I can clearly

So beautiful! I can clearly see the Madonna and Child... not as sure about the angels.
I am not superstitious... but I do believe that God sometimes gives us special gifts. I am sure that this is one that He gave to you! Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a Blessed and Joyful Christmas!

That is a magic shot Pam

That is a magic shot Pam worth all the effort. I agree with nancy you should enter it in a competition.

wooow this is beautiful,

wooow this is beautiful, thank you pam for sharing the picture.
well done to made those picts. I know how difficult they are to make.
We have now in Amsterdam a fairy tale exhibition of ice statues.
But it's not cold enough.-S
Here it's colder, my mother told me just yet it's in Amsterdam above zero.
Here we have just ten kilometeraway a little bit snow again.
it feeling cold inside as well, i think it's the wind.;-D
I have seen a few years ago small statues of wax, sooo tiny like yours.
very lovely.
It made me smile , just like your picture. thank you!!! xo's

I think you should enter this

I think you should enter this into a photo contest!
I know our local tv station, WNEP in Wilkes Barre/Scranton, loves to get these kind of pictures!
I think there was an angel who purposely slipped that photo out of the packet!!!!