Join Me on "Scandinavian Christmas": Learn How Make a Sami Elf.

Sami Christmas Elf

Please join me here on "Scandinavian Christmas" to learn how to make this little Sami Elf!!

I love this series - Scandinavian Christmas! This is the third year Kathryn has hosted "Scandinavian Christmas" on her blog The Pickled Herring. Every day a different blogger shares a tutorial or a recipe or a tradition. It is very much like opening a door on an Advent Calendar! There is always something wonderful to discover!!!

Opening Advent Calendars

And speaking of Advent Calendars, every day I go through a little routine to start the day - pouring myself the first cup of coffee and then making the rounds of my Advent Calendars. It is a great way to sort of quietly focus on each day for a bit before plunging in to all the activities that make up the season!

I wanted to share with you a couple of other sites, in addition to Scandinavian Christmas, that I have been making it a point to visit every day this December - because they too are like opening windows of an Advent Calendar!!

"Charming Christmas" - a short but sweet post every day sharing ideas for a merry holiday! She only posts during Christmas so now is the time to "meet" her!

And one of my favorite bloggers - Debbie - Pretty and Simple - has returned after being absent for awhile. She is posting each day in December with sweet images and beautiful thoughts.

I hope you will make the time to enjoy the Christmas magic on all three sites!

Such cheerful links. I've

Such cheerful links. I've looked over "Charming Christmas" several times now and for the life of me, I cannot find a translation button. The images are lovely, but I'd love to be able to read the blog too. Any help you can give me?

Lynda, I have written Hanna

Lynda, I have written Hanna for assistance  as I have received the same request from others who read my blog by newletter.

In the meantime, If it will be of help to you, I use Google Reader to access the blogs i read frequently and I use Google Chrome as my browser.  Both offer a translation option that is very useful and simple to use. 

How beautiful!

How beautiful!

I love this! Thanks for

I love this! Thanks for sharing that.