Celebration Cake for Twelfth Night - Grape Cake!

Twelfth Night Cake

Happy Twelfth Night!

As has become my recent tradition - I am celebrating with a brand new (to me), unusual cake! Grape Cake!

Many countries around the world celebrate December 5th-6th with special cakes. Loving the idea - I have borrowed the tradition! (You can find links to special cakes enjoyed in previous years near the end of the post.) 

Twelfth Night Cake

Simple yellow cakes baked with a glaze of sliced fruit and brown sugar and butter - an absolute favorite summer treat around here! But winter offers few options - peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, blueberries - gone. This lovely simple cake fills the void nicely!

We were surprised to find the grapes actually retain some of their original texture and flavor - unlike most of the summer fruits which tend to soften and lose texture.

Twelfth night Cake

You can find the recipe here - "Grape Harvest Cake" from the Kitchen of One Perfect Bite.

Her image alone is worth the hop over! So pretty!

I used dark purple grapes instead of red grapes. As long as they are seedless - try your favorites! Might even be very cool looking with green, red and purple grapes!

Instead of using fresh buttermilk called for in the recipe, I used powdered. Using fresh buttermilk tends to create a firmer batter - powdered buttermilk may be responsible for the fruit floating to the bottom! Next time - fresh buttermilk.

Oh well - still delicious! Fresh fruit in a simple cake in the middle of winter!! We are loving it!

Previous Twelfth Night Celebration Cakes:

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Snow dusted firs

Wishing you a warm fire on frosty morningsÂ…..

Light to brighten long winter nights.

and sparkly lights to brighten long winter nights ahead.

Happy Epiphany Pam (yes,

Happy Epiphany Pam (yes, sorry to be late;) We saved our figgy pudding for Twelfth night instead of making a cake this year and we enjoyed it very much. My youngest son did ask if I couldn't have used "something else to set it on fire" instead of cognac however...not sure what he had in mind though! We took down our tree and swept up the needles, but everything else will hang on a little longer here.

Hi Pam i love the sparkly

Hi Pam i love the sparkly lights and the recipies, we allways eat oliebollen and appelflappen. I only liked the lastones but... now i don't eaten them any more
Every year the best bakery of the baking this treath will be choossen and then there is a big run on those ones.LOL
I saw alot of people standing in a long row in the street by a small tent.
it was a silly view.LOL
never has seen such a long row of people.LOL
i like the recipies you shared with us all, thank you, and thanks for the new blogging post.
a very happy new year and many dutch new year hugs of me;-D

Really love this idea Pam, I

Really love this idea Pam, I have always wondered when twelfth night is and what to do on it, thank you I must remember this for next year.

Happy Twelfth Night, Pam!

Happy Twelfth Night, Pam! Your grape cake looks delicious! Enjoy that gorgeous snow for us!
Big hugs,