Knit and Crochet Love - Past, Present, Future

Owls for Mom; pattern by ATERGcrodhet


I love these little owls to pieces! Don't you? They are one of a few holiday gifts I completed late 2012!

The pattern for the owls - one of many beautiful crochet patterns available in the ATERGcrodhet Shop! These colorful owls and the colorful Christmas balls were my inspiration to learn how to crochet in the first place.

FYI - if you love the owls and are not into crochet, Greta sells them already crocheted in the shop - check on page three!

The two owls were a gift to my Mother who collects owls and keeps the little collection I have made her in her meditation space. :-)

Blue and White Weaving for a Menorah

Her husband and my step-father is Jewish. I think my parents are so cool because they have made room in their lives and hearts for celebrations and observances unique to each other's faith.

My youngest brother once gifted them a Menorah that when viewed from one side is a Menorah and when viewed from the other is a Christmas tree. This small table topper woven in white and shades of blue in Saori style was my gift to my step-father this year - a table top weaving for his Menorah.

Birthday Yarnia Scarf

Yarnia Birthday Scarf! Diane gave me the yarn as part of my birthday last year and my friend Avital supplied the pattern!

Birthday Yarnia Scarf

This image does a better job of showing off the  garter rib stitch pattern and all the luscious bits of color in the Donnaconna yarn from the Yarnia Shop

Hint: if you love the yarn as much as I do and can't find it available in the shop - write Lindsey at Yarnia.  She will wind some up for you!


And just so you know - I have a couple very cool projects "on the needles" right now!

On the Needles! Tooterphant!

I am sooooo in love with Lucy Ravenscar's little Tooterphant! It is going to be especially difficult to say goodbye when I give him away to the sweet little boy I am making him for. I am about half-way done and expect to be able to wrap him up in a couple weeks.

You can find the pattern here and even if you aren't into crochet - go see how absolutely adorable these are when completed.  Stole my heart I tell you!

The yarn is King Cole Splash Apricot - unfortunately discontinued BUT my sweetie found it in an obscure corner of the web!!!  

Getting pretty gutsy with my newbie crochet skills - huh?  So far so good though.

On the needles:  Owl Ornaments

Little tiny owls on the knitting needles! These will be knitted and then felted and finally embellished. I just HAD to have the Holiday Bird Ornament pattern the minute it popped up in the Woolly Something Shop

I really love working with Marie's patterns.  FYI - she has had so many requests for PDF versions that she is making almost all her patterns available for download PDFs!  Thank goodness for me however,  the patterns are still available in booklet form as well.   


Once these two projects are completed - I am determined to make this a very yarny next couple months!

In addition to making several new hearts for my Valentine tree...

Knit/Felt patterns waiting in the wings!

I am planning to make a few Woolly Something snowmen and Matryoshka in January, and then move on to Easter with knitted felted eggs from Woolly Something, andÂ…

Atergcrochet Easter Eggs

Images made by ATERGcrochet

these beautiful crocheted eggs from the ATERGcrochet shop. I promise to keep you posted!

If you haven't visited either shop in awhile, you had better pop over and visit. Both designers have come up with some delicious and tempting new patterns in the past few months. For instance these adorable NEW Matryoshka from Woolly Something and these "make me smile" kitties from ATERGcrochet!

Anybody figured out cloning yet?

Oh my goodness...these are

Oh my goodness...these are the cutest owls I've seen made in an possible way!!! CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!!!

Hello Pam! Nice to see you

Hello Pam! Nice to see you writing again. So many wonderful little projects! They are all great, but I'm particularly in love with that weaving. I keep wanting to do more weaving and keep putting off because of time. But I should just probably set up a little project somewhere and then work on it in bits, otherwise it might wait forever!

Elizabeth!  Absolutely the

Elizabeth!  Absolutely the BEST way to do it - set it up and work on it in bits! Start by gathering all the pieces and parts and bits and then work on it as you find a minute or two or three!  I now have two Santas, A St. Nicholas Day Table Topper and Half a Quilt wall hanging to prove it!!!!!  All projects languishing in the dark recesses of "someday" one year ago today!!!

Someone's got the crochet and

Someone's got the crochet and knitting bug big-time I see! Your colourful owls are just adorable, and your tooterphant is coming along beautifully too. The people in your life must just love it when you come around, eh?

Happy New Year Pam!

Cloning.... HAA! Hey, those

Cloning.... HAA!
Hey, those owls are smile-guaranteed!
But the scarf makes me swoon. Craftswomanship epitomized.

By the way, my little golden girl has an honored place on our front shelves
I love seeing it as I leave and enter the house.


Oh my goodness that scarf is

Oh my goodness that scarf is GORGEOUS! I don't normally have knitter-envy (I can't knit to save myself, but any "needleart" is fine!), but boy I wish I could knit right now!! I've tried quite a few times and I end up in knots (the knitting) and vast amounts of frustration (me!)... If I were blessed with the ability to knit, I'd be buying some of that yarn and making myself socks for my constantly ice-cold feet (sensitive nervous system). Maybe I should buy some and then I can pay someone to do the knitting for me... Hmm!!!

Lovely lovely lovely! Truly

Lovely lovely lovely! Truly gorgeous!!!!

Love today's post & am going

Love today's post & am going to Woolly's place when I am done here. Since you like all things Swedish, have you heard of St. Knut's Day? My weekly newletter from the old
farmer's almanac tells the lore. It's when the tree is taken out of the house...........

Yes Nancy!  Also known as

Yes Nancy!  Also known as Plunder the Tree Day!  I wrote a little about St. Knut's Day some time ago - and Sasha shared Swedish Plundering The Tree last January.  I appreciate you reminding me that it is coming up soon!!!  



I thought that scarf looked

I thought that scarf looked familiar! It turned out beautifully. Gorgeous yarn.

Thanks to YOU it turned out

Thanks to YOU it turned out so pretty!  I LOVE the pattern you shared on your blog.  And one of my favorite things besides how pleasant it is to knit the stitches is that it really does have a beautiful drape - no curls anywhere and the finished scarf does NOT need blocking.  

As is always the case, you share excellence.

Thanks, Pam, for sharing all

Thanks, Pam, for sharing all your fun ideas with us. I so wish I lived closer we could be knitting buddies. Thanks for the support of me and my patterns. I am glad you are having fun creating. It is what makes the world go round, I think :)
Happy New Year!

I agree, Marie!  Creating is

I agree, Marie!  Creating is one of the really important and essential things we do to improve and enrich our world.

Hahahaha!  As much as I love the idea of being knitting buddies, it is probably a good thing there are miles between us - you tempt me to make more than I have time for as it is!!!!

I just saw notice in the Yarnia newsletter that it is almost time for the Portland Yarn Crawl again!  Which means almost a year since I first found you - your snowman ad  listed as one of the supporters.  A VERY GOOD DAY indeed!

Hello Pam, Thank you so much

Hello Pam,

Thank you so much for posting me,
that's sooooooo nice of you!!!!

I love the adorable woollies from
Woolly Something, have to take a look!

Big big crochet hug, Greta

You are welcome, Greta.

You are welcome, Greta.  Honestly, I feel so blessed to have found both you and Marie this year.  Between the two of you, you have kept my fingers busy on needles and hooks and my heart happy watching my projects transform from a bit of yarn into something beautiful!

I have six crocheted balls on my tree and I have to say they make the most striking ornaments I have ever seen. Seriously. I really am excited to get started on the eggs!  AND the adorable little heart you sent along as a gift with one of my orders. 

Your Christmas gifts turned

Your Christmas gifts turned out beautifully, Pam! And I love how perfect they are for each individual you made them for! Truly special! Thanks for keeping us in the loop (tiny crochet/knitting pun intended) of your WIPs! Can't wait to see how your snowmen turn out!
Big hugs,
P.S. No luck on the cloning front over here. Perhaps someone else has had better success and wants to share the secret. hehehe

If anyone figures out how to

If anyone figures out how to clone crafty fingers they will be billionaires in no time!! :-)

And my, oh my, just think of

And my, oh my, just think of all the wonderful "extra" things we could create! :)