Start The New Year Right! Come Blog Reading With Me!

Dragon Fruit

Come Blog Reading With Me! Because I have neglected this little series far too long!

In an attempt to keep these posts a little shorter and sweeter this year, I have decided not to gather images from each blog post and write volumes about each blogger. It feels kinda strange. Let me know what you think! I am always open to suggestions!

We will start with crafty goodness!

Paper chains! My goodness - nothing new really - I vividly remember them on my neighbor's tree when I was six! Wasn't impressed! I can't believe they are still around and truth be told, I have never been fond of them. Until today that is!!!! Michele at Michele Made Me has used junk mail to take paper chains into a whole new dimension. For the first time I see how beautiful they can be! Don't miss Michele's brilliant holiday display!

I want to learn to carve - simple carving. Scandinavian style carving. And what should appear on Nissas Juleblog? A link to "Beginner's Carving Corner and Beyond"! There is even instruction for a three/five minute owl! Check out this site!!!

Lene at Dances with Wool began a quilt block a week project in October. And not any old ordinary quilt block project either! Her only rules: blocks are to be quite small - 9" x 10", she must make one block per week, and the design - any theme, design and technique that appeals at the moment! She just shared the first 13 blocks and a little of what inspired each one. Enchantment is what is to be found - and we all need a good dose of that frequently!

Apple Butter Porridge!

A delicious way to start the day!

Porridge with apple butter! A brain storm after visiting Nami Nami and finding this recipe for Buttered Apple Oatmeal Porridge. I don't particularly enjoy chunks of apple in my food but it just so happened I have a jar of the most delicious Apple Butter in my fridge - a gift from one of the best jam makers in the Pacific Northwest!

I made a bowl of oatmeal, added a bit of flax seed, sprinkled with brown sugar and swirled in apple butter! OMG. You just must give it a try!

Noticing the bowl of red berries in the picture that accompanied the recipe, I thought - Lingon berries! Added some. Heaven! I could have eaten 7 bowls!!!!

First Snowfall 2013

A couple thoughtful posts seem very important to share.

Bridget wrote a very inspiring little post on her blog The Matchbook - "Saying No To Make Room For Yes" ! But it isn't exactly what you might think!!! A very short post - it won't take much of your time and we can all benefit immensely from the message shared.

I have made no secret of how much I admire Abby Glassenberg (While She Naps) and how grateful I am to her for teaching me everything I know about making soft sculpture creatures. She makes it all seem so effortless! Well...!  Read "How to Become an Expert"! And learn that talent is 5% brilliance and 95% perseverance!!!

I know I am going forward into the new year armed with some very good advice, the hope of learning new skills and looking forward to bowls of apple butter oatmeal to fuel the creative spirit!

What did you find here to spark your spirit?

I enjoyed visiting these

I enjoyed visiting these blogs! I couldn't comment on Matchbook, though. But what beautiful things those quilt blocks are! And Michelle is always a treat. s for giving me new things to see and read.

Thank YOU Chris for taking

Thank YOU Chris for taking the time to read and visit. Especially right now when you are beginning a year long journey of collage making!

Thanks for the great links. I

Thanks for the great links. I especially loved the wood carving... it's something I've never thought about before but found myself reading page after page of posts!

: )

Pam, thanks for the great

Pam, thanks for the great articles and tutorials to check out! What fun! As for my two-cents that you requested - I kind of miss the photos from each site. But I totally understand if it's easier and quicker for you not to include the additional photos. I'd much rather you go with whatever you enjoy more. We're all just happy to read your posts!
Big hugs,

Thank you Arielle!  I really

Thank you Arielle!  I really do appreciate your input!! Actually, fyi, my decision to attempt to "streamline" the post was more to make it easier on my readers - readers who's time to read anything is becoming more and more constricted and who are often reading on hand held devices.

One of my greatest pleasures in this space is sharing people I admire and so the more I share the happier i am!!! :-) 

Knowing that you would like to see images of the crafty goodness is much appreciated input!!!  Again, thank you!


Happy New Year, Pam! Great to

Happy New Year, Pam! Great to see you back here. Apple butter--love apple butter. I usually make some during the autumn, but we didn't have many apples on our trees this past season. I'll have to buy in some apples to make some! So apple butter spark for me. ;o) Wishing you all the best of love, peace, joy & creativity in 2013!