Stand Out From the Crowd to Succeed at Monetizing Your Craft Blog


If you can ever hope to succeed in monetizing your crafty life, you first must determine what exactly makes you special and unique because to succeed you must stand out from the crowd!

And then you must be willing to work very hard!

Diane at CraftyPod is again offering Monetize Your Craft Blog Class - a unique class experience  designed to help you find your own, individual  pathway to monetizing your online presence.

Monetize Your Craft Blog Class

What I see as being the most valuable aspect of taking this class is the fact that Diane is present and available and, if you as a class member do the "homework", she leads you step by step from a place of aimless wandering through a labyrinth of possibilities to a place of understanding what options are particularly well suited to your own unique set of circumstances, time and cash available for investment, personality strengths and weaknesses, goals, desires, talents and skill sets.

Monetizing a blog is not a piece of cake - it is work - dedicated work, trial and error, evaluation, re-evaluation, and constant learning. If you really want an excellent inside peak of what all of this looks like - read Abby Glassenberg's recent post on her blog While She Naps: 2012 Year in Review.

Monetize Your Craft Blog Class

Having been an active member of the online community since 2005, Diane has amassed an enormous "library" of knowledge that is essential for anyone considering monetization.

I took the class last fall and came away with a big fat "analogue" notebook full of information, worksheets, evaluations Â… AND Â… a desk top folder full of  online resources and useful information and tools.

To her credit, Diane is not promising the moon. Despite ads to the contrary, there are no easy "1,2,3 do this and you will be rich in no time" solutions.

What is specifically valuable about this class to bloggers wishing to monetize? Personal evaluation worksheets to be filled out and turned in, and Diane's thoughtful and personal analysis and feedback. Valuable because doing this work makes all the difference between success or remaining in a state of continued confusion - and eventual disappointment.

"White" Weaveing

I have only been online since 2008. But in that time I have seen so many bloggers come and go and those that stayed have almost all had to make adjustments - some adjustments worked out and some didn't but it was all part of moving forward.

After spending two years languishing on my loom - ignored and not receiving a second thought - I realized it was time to remove this weaving project to make room for a new one - a bag woven from only hand-spun yarn. I have been very excited to begin but kept telling myself I MUST finish the white weave first. It is time to accept that this project is not igniting the creative fires!! It is not working for me. Time to move forward.

Abby had to recognize that it was essential to move forward from spending hours and hours and hours designing and stitching the most awesome creatures ever to sell in her shop to a much more profitable business direction - pattern designing. She now sells patterns in her shop, which has been much more profitable, and soon will be releasing patterns through McCalls Patterns.

And Diane, after trying every single thing she could think of to make her podcasts a viable part of her income stream, has found the emotional courage to let the podcasts go and use the time in more forward moving pursuits.

If you are currently looking to monetize, I highly recommend you take "Monetize Your Craft Blog". You can read more and sign up right here! Class begins Monday, January 21.

The class experience over the three week period will help you evaluate where you are right now, help you figure out where you really want to go, offer personal encouragement and provide a wealth of resources needed to help you move forward toward your goals.

"It is time to accept that

"It is time to accept that this project is not igniting the creative fires!! It is not working for me. Time to move forward." <-- Boy, those sure are words that are speaking to me right now! I've got something in the works...and I'll e-mail you and Diane when its ready. xoxo