Cool Cottons Fat Quarter Giveaway to Celebrate Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

Cool Cottons Bliss

Cool Cottons! If I were to be exiled to a desert island and could take only one fabric store - I would take Cool Cottons!!

The shop is incredibly warm and inviting; the owner, Marie, is always ready to assist - brilliantly I might add - with fabric selections; the shop carries only very good quality fabrics; and the inventory of beautiful fabric bolts is arranged by color families.

And it is this last that I love best about the shop. So many fabric shops tend to organize fabrics by company, or by themes, or other often (to me at least) confusing criteria. And quite often I become frustrated before I ever finish my shopping.

When I walk through the front door at Cool Cottons, I am greeted with beautifully organized eye candy! Pinks with pinks, greens with greens, oranges with orangesÂ…Â….

As a occasional and nascent quilter, being surrounded with this kind of beautiful order makes all the difference.

And if I get stuck, Marie is there to fill in my gaps!!

Fat quarters!  Beautiful Fat Quarters!

Diane and I visited Cool Cottons recently to find the fabrics she needs for a super secret project. (I know what it is but you will never get it out of me!)

You can find her post here in which she shares a few pix taken inside the shop, (and pictures of her secret project). Diane selected a fabric for the very center starburst and then Diane and Marie went to work on the rest.

Watching Marie assist Diane was - well I am still in awe! I swear Marie knows where every single bolt of fabric lives in that shop! Diane would mention that she thought perhaps she needed something in a darker shade of say green, and Marie was off like a shot - literally making a bee line for exactly the right selection!

Cool Cottons giveaway

Every January, I hold a giveaway on this blog to support a locally owned yarn or fabric shop and this year the giveaway is a selection of fat quarters from Cool Cottons.  A great way to celebrate "Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day" and participate in the fabric shop blog tour!

When it came time for me to select the collection of fat quarters (in the photo above) for this giveaway, I asked Marie for help!!! She suggested I pick a fabric I love and we would work off of that!

I picked two - the pretty pink and green you see in the center of the collection above. Apparently most quilters begin with something other than a couple of yummy "solids"!

Lovin the kissing quail!

Marie knew right away I was going to need the guidance I had requested! She provided me with a selection of prints that coordinated beautifully with the colors I had picked out and once I picked one of the prints, we were off and running - I mean SHE was off and running! I mostly just stood there in stunned silence as she added one perfect fabric after another to the collection.

I absolutely love this group of eight fat quarters! And if you do too, they can be yours! All you must do is to leave me a comment on this post by midnight PST, January 23rd, and you will automatically be entered in the giveaway.

The winner will be announced January 24th, on VISIT YOUR LOCAL QUILT SHOP DAY!

The Local Quilt Shop Day Blog Tour is open to everyone who wishes to participate so lets spread the love as far and wide as possible! Make sure your favorite fabric shop is included!

Pop into your favorite locally owned fabric shop, take a few pictures, create a post sharing what you love most, and add your post to those here at the bottom of the Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day Blog Tour.

And don't forget your favorite shop on January 24th!  Let them know you appreciate all they do to create a uniquely special shopping experience - a great list of ways to do that can be found here.

I am always excited to see

I am always excited to see all the new fabric every time I go to my local quilt shop.

What a beautiful group of

What a beautiful group of fabric!

Love those bright colours! I

Love those bright colours! I wish this was my local quilt shop! Thanks for a great giveaway!

Oh my gosh, I love that bird

Oh my gosh, I love that bird print! So cute! What a cool place, I'll have to put it on my list of places to go on my 50 States quest! xo, Sarah

Pam, Thanks for the


Thanks for the give-away!


I love the happy colors. I'm

I love the happy colors. I'm glad to see that lime green is still a popular color - I love it and use it as a neutral. There aren't many fabrics that lime green won't make happier!

I love those happy colors.

I love those happy colors. Thanks for the giveaway.

I love the birds! I have a

I love the birds! I have a houseful of birds. I would love to make up a quilt with these fabrics. Thank you for the chance.

I am crazy for polka dots and

I am crazy for polka dots and those polka dot birds stole my heart. I can imagine many super cute quilts that can be made from this fabric.

Wow, beautiful fabrics!

Wow, beautiful fabrics! Would be great to work with! Thanks for the chance to enter!

What lovely fabrics ... yes

What lovely fabrics ... yes please enter me into this giveaway.

Great write up, Pam!! You so

Great write up, Pam!! You so captured all the magic that is Cool Cottons. And I agree, Cool Cottons would be my one fabric shop to bring to a deserted island, too!

Wow - she is astounding -- I

Wow - she is astounding -- I love the fabric combo!

I didn't know there was a

I didn't know there was a Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day! The array of colors is gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win.

what beautiful colors! Sounds

what beautiful colors! Sounds like a wonderful shop. Ahh, you're smart to pick some foundational solids; I tend to go for the flashy prints and then realize at home I need something solid to tie it together. I haven't done any real quilting yet, just applique.... someday. I just found out about a local shop that has drop in sewing nights, and am excited to drop-in. :)Can't wait to see what beautiful things you make with the fabric!

Thanks for writing about

Thanks for writing about local quilt shops. We need to support them. And thanks for the giveaway. The fabrics are lovely!

You can never have too much

You can never have too much fabric- I love it!
thanks for the chance

oooh, lovely fabrics! :) We

oooh, lovely fabrics! :)
We haven't quilt shops here in Italy, because quilting isn't as popular as in the USA. But I really like to visit fabric shops :)

What pretty fabrics!! I know

What pretty fabrics!! I know what you mean about finding a special shop; my favourite is around the corner from my house and they are just wonderful. Happy to leave you to it, happy to help you select fabrics. They've even been good when I've come in looking for help with construction and didn't need to buy anything. In my eyes, offering me great service means I'm more likely to buy more, but really, they dont have an obligation to offer such great service when I'm not there to purchase anything. I hope you don't mind me giving them a plug here Pam; I'm not affiliatied with them in any way (except as a customer) -

Quintessential Quilts in Morley, Western Australia

I love those fabrics. I have

I love those fabrics. I have a good fabric shop in my area, but they wouldn't be as good at helping me choose a selection of fabrics!

I love these fabrics. Great

I love these fabrics. Great colors.

Fabric is so alluring! I

Fabric is so alluring! I love that stack of orange Cool Cottons! My fav color!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

I loe anything organized by

I loe anything organized by color! I'm sure I'd love it there just on that qualification alone.

The fabrics are lovely- wonderful colors and interesting patterns. Thanks for the chance to win!