Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day - Cool Cottons Giveaway Winner!

Cool Cottons giveaway

Happy "Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day"

I hope no one is reading this! Rather - I hope every one of you are out visiting your favorite quilt and fabric shops and showering them with appreciation and love!

A little bird told me that Marie at Cool Cottons has cookies to share! If you are in Portland today - be sure to visit!

My sweetie has just drawn the name of the lucky winner!

Monica - otherwise known as "Happy Zombie"!

Pop over to visit and get to know her if you don't already - Happy Zombie blog is here. In fact if you hurry you might still have time to enter her own giveaway for a brand new quilt book: "Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe".

Congratulations Monica!!!

Monica has indicated that since she has the opportunity to visit Cool cottons often, she would very much like to "pay it forward" and have me select another winner!

My sweetheart has been again pressed into service and drawn another name!  Thank goodness I had not yet tossed the slips into the recycle basket!!!

Jeanne J!  You are the new winner!

yay, Monica! Pam, I just

yay, Monica!

Pam, I just can't take the chance of going to any store right now! We are clearing out! Not bringing in!

But boy, do the fabrics you show here look fab. Esp. before Valentine's Day.

OH WOW, I didn't even realize

OH WOW, I didn't even realize I was entering a contest! That is so exciting, and I hope I don't sound ungrateful or unappreciative - but do you mind if I pay it forward to someone who doesn't have access to Cool Cottons? I love that you know I'd put them to good use, and of course appreciate Cool Cottons so much (in fact I'm hoping to go there today!) - but I rather pay it forward to someone who can't easily visit Cool Cottons like I can and can experience the Cool Cottons joy. Is that ok?