How to Push Your Back and Neck to the Breaking Point!


Just finished this magical creature - a "Tooterphant" (pattern by Lucy Ravenscar).

Mini knitted/felted owl

And this teeny tiny knitted/felted mini owl (pattern by Marie Mayhew Designs .

Sweet winter birds embroidery

And completed this adorable little embroidery pattern created by Gracie - brilliant daughter of Joanie at Nini Makes!

Dutch Canal House Embroidery completed

And created a 6 page PDF for the Dutch Canal House Embroidery - coming on Feb. 4th if you are interested!

Tin mirror and Gourd Matryoshka And redecorated my Flicker Sets after visiting all 237 pages of images in my Flickr files.

Yikes!  Christmas Memories!

And now my back and neck feel pretty much as bad as this poor shattered holiday candle looks! (What a mess THAT was to clean up!)  I am giving myself a rest and lots of ice!!! Staying off the computer as much as possible for the next few days.  Got to heal.

But I will be back early next week with a guest post - a special treat for Brigid's Day from Michele at Michele Made Me.

Pam you are earth

Pam you are earth shatteringly amazing. I love the Tooterphant, the wool looks delicious. In fact I love everything. As always you are so generous with acknowledging the pattern makers, thanks for the links I always go and have a look see. The Dutch Canal House looks interesting and I am curious enough to come back on the 4th to see what you have up your sleeve. It's about time you started to cash in on your own creativity. I'll be your first customer.

I'm a new follower thanks to

I'm a new follower thanks to the guest tutorial by Michele made me! I love that Tooterphant and the owl - both way to cute! Looking forward to seeing all of the other lovely projects you post!

I'm hoping that ice (& maybe

I'm hoping that ice (& maybe heat packs?) do the trick for you & that you're back into things quickly!

Your recent work looks so much fun! I can almost hear your Tooterphant toot!

Love the tooterphant and the

Love the tooterphant and the embroidered birds but please take things a bit easier, I love getting your emails, they are much waited for windows to the world.

These are absolutely

These are absolutely adorable. Love the elephant. BUT, you are way overworked. You need a new boss!!! Lol
Healing hugs my friend.

Wow you've been seriously

Wow you've been seriously getting stuff done. And everything is gorgeous too, 'specially the tooterphant! Super super cute, eh?! But that last photo... OOWEEEEEEEEE Pam! You need some serious rest now I think. Go on, stay off the computer and rest your weary body!

These are both so cute! You

These are both so cute! You must have the busiest hands in the west! How do you manage to get so much made? You're brilliant.

That Tooterphant is the

That Tooterphant is the cutest thing I've seen in so long. How sweet! It looks really soft and plushy.

I'm very sorry that you're not feeling good in the back department! It is so easy to lose track of how long we're sitting and what we're sitting on and why we're sitting, and even if we're still sitting!!

Be very very good to yourself!

xoxoxoxoxxox infinity