Dutch Canal Houses Embroidery Has Been Completed. Sharing a little PDF

Dutch Canal Houses Embroidered Table Runner

Dutch Canal Houses Embroidery completed! And I am happy to report - completed in time for St. Nicholas Day last December. At least one end of it.

I am the first to notice my stitching is not perfect, but one thing I did learn is that, in this particular case at least, the whole is greater than it's imperfect parts!

There are choices in stitches that I wish I had not made - the lovely stitches I used for the flower boxes in the far right house especially do not play well with the flowers. On the other hand, areas of stitch I was not happy with were converted into a woven pattern I love! 

For the most part, I like the results and am eager to begin the other end of the table runner! 

Dutch Canal House embroidery

I believe I last left you here last October. Because Jet's post sharing St. Nicholas was so rich and informative, I didn't want to dilute it with progress reports on the embroidery. So I decided to save that until now - when I not only am sharing the completed design but also a 7 page pdf which includes patterns, stitch guides and floss used.

If you are interested, the first two posts covering how I designed the embroidery in the first place appear here and here.

It is my first ever multi page pdf so while not perfectly polished, it does the job of sharing the information so many of you have been requesting. You will find the link to the pdf at the end of the post.

I have been surprised and delighted to find out how many of my readers are drawn to the lovely, architecturally unique old houses lining the canal in Haarlem, the Netherlands and have written for copies of the pattern.

 I decided if there was this much interest, I really should learn to make a proper pdf! And share it!

Close up of Dutch Canal Houses embroidery

BUT! Before I share the pdf - I want to share fun little details incorporated into some of the windows to honor a few friends. I am also sharing a charming and colorful version sent to me by one of my readers!

You might remember Jet from the post about her amazing recycled privacy curtains! Notice the window on the bottom right in the image above. The top half is a series of small rectangles - looking very much like her "juice box curtain" - which I am happy to report she has finally completed and can now drink any flavor of juice she likes!

Below the curtain, a potted orchid! Sarah, Creative Jewish Mom recently traveled to the Netherlands and while sharing these images from Haarlem, she mentioned seeing orchids growing in many windows. You really must go visit her post (and visit the other posts in the Netherlands series). She has done a good job with her photography, and I loved seeing the canal houses as they actually are!

She decided to share my embroidery on her blog for St. Nicholas Day. In fact both St. Nicholas Day and Chanukah fell very close to each other this year, so I decided to add a menorah in the second floor window (the house on the left). It was my friend Avital who figured out how I might do that in such a tiny spot in that little window. And her idea worked perfectly.

In the windows below the menorah, I tried making a snowflake to honor my friend Silvia (we share a mutual passion for snowflakes) and to reflect Jet's breathtaking snowflake curtain. But it is a total disaster and must be redone so no more about that!!

The point is, this design welcomes your own creative imprint! I have provided a guide to the stitches I used in the pdf, but I would encourage you to do as I did and sit quietly with your embroidery stitch books until a stitch pops out at you for a given space and use THAT!

Dutch Canal House

I love all the color!!! I totally LOVE the flowers! The sun and clouds! The sweet playful simplistic interpretation of this lovely embroidery.

The stitcher, Dawn Kamper, requested the pattern illustration last fall and shortly thereafter sent me this picture of her first house! She apparently is planning to stitch a full set!

Thank you Dawn 1,000,000 times for taking the time to share with me! And for allowing me to share your work here. I adore your interpretation!

Floss used for Dutch Canal Houses

You will notice in the pdf, although I provided a guide to the stitches I used, I did not provide links to online tutorials for the stitches. However, except for a couple, almost all of them can be found easily in a google search. If you have trouble finding one, let me know and I will try to help. But again, there are so many great alternatives. And I still think that meditative time with your stitch books is the best way to find the right stitches just for you!

The two books I rely on to find (and learn) new embroidery stitches are: The Embroiderer's Handbook by Margie Bauer and Stitch Sampler by Lucinda Ganderton. If you don't have a stitch guide book, I recommend you get your hands on one or both of these.

Dutch Canal Houses

And now - my very first official pdf! Dutch Canal Houses Embroidery Guide.

Click here for the FREE PDF!

If you are into embroidery, you might like these embroidered Easter Eggs created using wool embroidery thread on knit/felted eggs.

And a friend from Haarlem (her windows are featured in this embroidery) wrote a delightful story about Sinterklaas which she shared on my blog here.

Amazing design and beautiful

Amazing design and beautiful execution! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern, how generous! xxo

You are so welcome!  My

You are so welcome!  My pleasure!  And be sure if you have any questions shoot an e-mail!

It is beautiful, thank you

It is beautiful, thank you for the pattern !

I love the finished product.

I love the finished product. I agree - Dutch canal houses are so lovely that they deserve to be "immortalized" in embroidery. Thank you for sharing the patterns; I look forward to trying my hand at this project.

Thank you Joan for your

Thank you Joan for your lovely comment!  So nice to know this pattern is still making the rounds and people are finding it and enjoying it.

Wow this is a great pattern.

Wow this is a great pattern. Thank you soo much. You did a fabulous job on the embroidery.

Thank you for this gorgeous

Thank you for this gorgeous PDF project.

This is a really lovely

This is a really lovely pattern. Thank you for sharing it so freely. I found you through One Pretty Thing.

I found you through &Stitches

I found you through &Stitches and am so pleased. Your work is wonderful, and you are quite generous to share your pattern. As someone who is retired and on limited income, I am most appreciative of such generosity.

I love this post! Beautiful

I love this post! Beautiful creation!

Beautiful, absolutely

Beautiful, absolutely beeeeuuutiful!!! And mega kudos to Dawn for sharing her interpretation! Thanks for sharing the pdf, I can't wait to get started on mine!

Thank you, Pam!

Thank you, Pam!

Wow what a beautiful

Wow what a beautiful stitchery & many thanks for your generosity in giving us the pattern for free :) Love your blog

Hi, Pam...I found your link

Hi, Pam...I found your link at &Stitches and couldn't be more excited! What a beautiful PDF you're sharing with us. I've always been drawn to this Delft blue look, so now having a pattern to stitch such a gorgeous piece is wonderful---thank you, thank you!!!

These houses are so wonderful

These houses are so wonderful ~ as soon as I saw them I thought of how I could embroider them!
Thanks so much for sharing the pattern ~ so generous of you!

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! I can't

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! I can't believe this is a free pattern...you are so generous!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!

The finished product is

The finished product is GORGEOUS! I love it so much, I want to live there! How cute are those window boxes?!?! Thanks so much for the wonderful pdf- I just downloaded it and can't wait to get started- and to link!

Thank you everyone!!  Oh my

Thank you everyone!!  Oh my goodness!  So many lovely compliments I don't know what to say.  I am so pleased to finally have completed the embroidery and the pdf so that I could share it with those of you who have expressed an interest in it previously.

Enjoy!  And happy stitching!

oooooh *____* I'm so excited

oooooh *____*
I'm so excited the .pdf is finished at last!!! Converting your embroidery in a downloadable file is really a great idea! :)
I really like how you enriched the houses with a lot of details, a thing I couldn't imagine at the beginnig of your work.
I love the orchid and the flowered windowsill.
And of course I love that a detail is inspired a little by my love for snowflakes (thank you!!!).

This has turned out lovely,

This has turned out lovely, well done. Thank ou so much for the free PDF, I have stitched a couple of different houses and streets but always in a multitude of colours so now I am eager to try this with a basic colour in shades. Very clever lady, thank you.

It is just gorgeous, Pam. I

It is just gorgeous, Pam. I love how you've personalized it with meaningful details. And congratulations on the "first official PDF"! Isn't that awesome? Those things take so much work, but making them makes me feel like I'm some sort of technical genius. :)



Hi, this project is

Hi, this project is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for the free PDf. This is a definite must make and complete. Beautiful x

Beautiful! Just

Just Beautiful!

Especially love the friendship you have woven into the piece.

Pam, congratulations on such

Pam, congratulations on such a beautiful project. Thanks so much for the detailed pdf, too!

I re-read your previous posts on this project, looking for comments on fabric. You mentioned that it is linen, and it is a true white, rather than a natural or cream. Can you tell us the thread count you used? I'd love to hear anything else you'd add, like fabric care while working on the project, finishing, etc.

I have several needlework references and am always interested in learning more. Thanks again for your beautiful and inspirational blog!

They turned out amazing, Pam!

They turned out amazing, Pam! I'm really proud to be Dutch now! A couple of weeks ago I embroidered my first fabric book cover. You can take a look at it here: http://creacarmen.wordpress.com/2013/01/13/fabric-book-cover/
I got the lovely printed fabric at IKEA :)

WOW! Gorgeous and so very

WOW! Gorgeous and so very touched to be a part of your embroidery, never would have expected that! Now I'll have to post about your post on my blog, so exciting! All the very best, hope I have the chance to return the love sometime with an embroidery project of my own!

I *love* this! It is so

I *love* this! It is so beautiful, and I love how you stitched it. Thanks for sharing the pattern. :)