Keeping You Up To Date - What's New on Gingerbreadsnowflakes!!

Crocheted Ball Ornaments in Raku Bowl

Before getting to what's new - a little about something "old"!!

Crocheted Christmas Balls! I can not bear to put them in storage with the other ornaments, so I have placed them in a beautiful pottery bowl given to us at Christmas. Besides eye candy, they serve as a reminder that what I once thought impossible for me to do (that would be crochet) was in fact NOT impossible!

Now, now - don't be looking too closely! These are my "learning" projects and done with just scraps of yarn leftovers so to add to the imperfections, the yarn sizes were not even the same! But I love the bright colors, the pattern and OMG they are splendid hanging among evergreen tree branches!

You can find the pattern here in the ATERGcrochet shop (and while you are there, don't miss the beautiful Easter patterns)!

Greta fills her own ball ornaments with glass or plastic tree ornaments. But I came across a bag of those colored plastic balls you see by the thousands in kid's play areas - they were hiding in a corner of a local thrift. They are the perfect size and the bonus is that instead of showing through the stitches the red, green or yellow color of the balls disappears among the fibers.


You may have noticed spring has arrived on Gingerbreadsnowflakes! Thanks entirely to my sweet daughter, Diane who takes very good care of her mother!

Gingerbreadsnowflakes is kinda in a "fluid" state right now. For one thing, I am making a few changes here and there in what I will blog about and how I will blog about it!!

One thing for sure, I had so much fun last year creating projects from "Christmas Crafts Scandinavian Style", I will be doing more of that style of book review!! Admittedly this review style (borrowed from Diane) takes more time, but it more than pays off in fun!!!

Abby Glassenberg has a new (very eagerly awaited by me) book coming out in May - all about soft toy design; and Diane and Christina a stunning new quilting book coming in September. So in addition to others, I definitely will be sharing project based  reviews of these two books.

But as I said - in a fluid state right now - so I am open to suggestions! I welcome any thought or suggestion you might have to offer! If there is something you would like to see more of (or less of) please share.

Adding Flickr Sets

Near ergonomic destruction of my shoulder and neck muscles earlier this month was most likely due to my sitting for long, long periods if time at the keyboard to create seasonal and subject sets in Flickr.

Pop over to my Flickr sets page, select one that appeals, and a group of project images will appear - each with a link to a tutorial! I thought this might be helpful. Let me know what you think!

It is my hope that this will be another way for my readers to find past tutorials and recipes. Di will set up a direct link soon! In the meantime - again - here it is! Tada!!

Valentine Cookie trays ready for delivery

And now, I am heading into my annual Valentine cookie baking for all the lovely people and event centers who refer our wedding photography services.

Oh and I should also mention - I have given into the absolute fact that I am not superwoman as I had thought!! So my annual posts of appreciation for my online family will be postponed until June.

Now - must go dust off that rolling pin! Cookie dough is chillin' in the fridge!

Oh, Pam, I hope you are

Oh, Pam, I hope you are feeling better!! It was just about a year ago that my neck and shoulders went out! That is why I have backed WAY off the computer. It was that and making all of the little beads. Rest and take it easy, friend!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Ah yes, very springy around

Ah yes, very springy around here!

I'm of the same mind blog-wise. Every now and then we have to change things up a bit to keep them fresh. I feel like I'm in the midst of that myself but i don't quite know what form that will take either... Fluid, I guess you called it?

Your crochet balls are just SO pretty Pam. SO PRETTY! I need to learn how... SO busy though... One day one day... :)

WOO HOO! I absolutely love

WOO HOO! I absolutely love the way that your flick'r pages have been organized! I bookmarked the 'index' page. Anyone who wants a treat should click on the Christmas projects for 2012 -- there are so many wonderful projects that I will need to go back again and again! Thanks so much!

Thank YOU Elizabeth!  You

Thank YOU Elizabeth!  You made my day!  I am so glad people are finding the flickr sets useful.  Yay!

Hi, Pam! Join all us other

Hi, Pam!
Join all us other non-superwomen--and be good to yourself! Those crochet balls are heavenly to look at all grouped together in that bowl.

How's your shoulder and neck? This is disconcerting. Were you being serious about computer tasks being the cause? We have an aroma heating bag we use for such happenings, but I tell you, the best thing is to just not do any of that for a long while!

I just added a bunch of stuff to Flickr because I felt remiss in not contributing to a collage challenge. But I admit I didn't do much visiting there. One wants to do everything, as you know!

I'm going to go see if I can get that Scandinavian Christmas Crafts book now. I remember how much I wanted it many months ago!

And also, visiting your flickr sets. Intrigued...

Oh Chris, you are so sweet!

Oh Chris, you are so sweet!  Thank you so much for stopping by.  YES!  Computer!  Not all computer but the flickr set organizing pushed my body right over the edge.  And you are right - best to stay off the keyboard. And i have been!  And off the needles and the hooks and the embroidery floss.  

Much better now.  

Diane keeps telling me i can not sit for five or six hours hunched over this keyboard without a break.  I guess she is right!!!!