MOO Love and My Very First MOO Cards!

MOO Cards

My very first MOO business cards have arrived! AND I LOVE them!

MOO Cards

I am crazy about MOO! And not only because they print beautiful cards!

I mean what is not to like about a company that takes the time to put a big pink "Yay" sticker on their mailing envelope! And that sticker is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my list of good experiences while dealing with MOO.

June over at PlanetJune held a giveaway recently for MOO product. Of course, being always and forever behind in my google reader, I missed the giveaway altogether. However, her post included a link and her enthusiasm for the product spurred me forward to visit MOO!

Having received several mini MOO's from my friend TeriC (Teri's Painted Daisies), I already was familiar with the excellent quality of the slender little mini MOO Cards. The paper has the most wonderful feel in hand (silky and substantial at the same time); and Teri's mini MOOs are so beautiful that I actually display them along with her water color paintings!

MOO Cards

The ordering process was surprisingly clear and simple - even for me - the person you all know and love who can't navigate her way out of a paper bag when it comes to computers!

And get this! If you wish, you can order more than one image in the set! Seriously! My order was for 50 cards, and I chose five different images. But, I could have chosen 50 different images - and for the same price. No additional charge.

June mentioned this as well in her post; and after having spent years and years dealing with printing companies and their "add-on" fees, I found the way MOO does business simply unbelievable! One price - lots of options!

MOO Cards

Once the order is placed, the customer care and followup is revolutionary! Unexpected! Friendly! Brilliant!

"Little Moo print robot" frequently updates your order status by way of e-mails. And of course, the real live flesh and blood Moo staff is ready and waiting to help if it is ever needed.

But that clever "Little MOO-bot" brightens the day whenever it appears - the communications are clever and cheerful and fun. In fact, I have a big crush on "Little MOO-bot".

First MOO Cards have arrived!

So here it is! My very, very first MOO business card!

Truth be told, I am not happy with all of my image selections, but that is my own fault because I allowed my excitement to place my order to overcome my need to go into my archives to retrieve the images I really wanted to use.

Moo did a great job with what I sent them. And I am delighted with the way the forest of Danish paper trees worked out on the front of the card.

I am NOT being paid in any way to write this post - just so you know! I am just happy to spread the word about a company that is so totally customer oriented and who provides a top quality product.

Pop over to MOO and visit! They have expanded their product line and in addition to business cards, and the familiar Mini Moo's, they offer stickers and post cards! So now, all of you snail mail pen pals can send your friends postcards that show off your very own images!

Thank you June! Teri! And MOO!

Pam!! I just ordered my

Pam!! I just ordered my THIRD set of Moo cards! I love the mini moos, because no matter how small my mailart is, I can send a little card with it! This time I ordered five different designs from my art, And I love it that it doesn't cost extra to do that. I also love Moo because I can ask them anything and they will help me. The process is completely painless.

I'm so glad you got some cards! If I ever decide to sell my work I'll be getting the business size! I've seen other artists' business cards from Moo and they are lusciouus. Moo is the best.

You know what? I've never

You know what? I've never done the business card thing either... So whenever I talk to people about what I do, I always feel kinda unprofessional for not having a business card for them.

After reading your post and raves about Moo, I will certainly give it some thought and check out their wares. Your cards look beautiful Pam. Thanks for this useful review. :)

Very cool- I love business

Very cool- I love business cards and those look beautiful!

I love MOO, from their

I love MOO, from their awesome products to their cheerful attitude. No I'm not being paid either, just a happy customer.

wooow such a great idea to

wooow such a great idea to use those Moo cards for snail mail.!!!
Love your new busnis cards and they are looking awesome the tiny parts i can watch of yours;-D
Okay you're a prof photo picts maker!!!! But i love the idea as well for my own to use.
So thank you my sweet friend for share this brilliant idea and shop with us all.XD
lot's of xo's

I -love- Moo! :-D I got my

I -love- Moo! :-D I got my latest business cards made by them. It's about time you get a business card for your blog, Pam, great choice!

They're beautiful! I'm not

They're beautiful! I'm not sure which images you're not happy with but the ones I can see look very nice. You could use them as ATCs!

OOH! They look so good! And I

OOH! They look so good! And I love the text you chose!! Perfect!

I've heard good things about

I've heard good things about Moo as well Pam. Love your business cards. I was thinking about making my own Christmas cards this year with some of my own art work. You know how long it takes me to get around to doing anything constructive so if I plan now I might just make it in time for Christmas this year.