The Knitting Pocket Bible - An Entertaining Read Chock Full of Knitting Tips and Technique

The Knitting Pocket bible by Mimi Hill: Part of the Pocket bible Series

Oh how I wish I had owned a copy of "The Knitting Pocket Bible" when I was learning to knit! My first timid steps into the world of knit and purl would have been so much less intimidating.

The author, Mimi Hill, takes the reader on a light hearted journey from essential equipment to what to do when your knitting goes terribly wrong!

In addition to being a talented and skilled knitter and pattern designer, Mimi is a gifted wordsmith, and I fell in love with her writing voice within the first ten pages. Warm, friendly, full of good humor. Feels almost as if she is talking just to me while sharing a cuppa and a bit of knitting!!!

Most especially, I appreciate her enviable ability to write about a technique or stitch that can be quite confusing - Mimi makes it crystal clear!

I own several books about knitting, some are designed to be instruction and reference guides and some mostly a collection of patterns with minimal instruction. None compare with The Knitting Pocket Bible in sharing information and technique and in a style that is like a relaxing read filled with aha moments of understanding and clarity!

And all without pictures!!  At least mostly without pictures.

Cable mug cozy

After reading the book from cover to cover, I could see that there was no longer a reason to be intimidated by the idea of knitting a project that included cable stitch! And seriously - I had made a vow to NEVER even entertain the idea of a cable project! Every word I had read screamed complicated!!

Well - not so complicated after all. Fun actually! Mimi explained the mysterious cable so well that I immediately felt bold enough to try one of the simple cable projects in the book. (There aren't many projects - about five or six because The Knitting Pocket Bible is designed as a reference guide not a collection of projects.)

My first cable is part of a mug cozy knit in bulky yarn. The cable pattern provides a wonderful cushy, comfort when wrapped around a mug!

Mostly I just keep mine on my desk where I can pat it's cushy comfort!! AND admire my first cable!!

The Knitting Pocket Bible

A portion of the table of contents just to give you an idea of what is covered. As I said, I really, really, really wish I had found this book at the beginning of my knitting journey. And I highly recommend it for anyone brand new to knitting or still newbie to intermediate status - like me!!!

The Knitting Pocket bible

Reading The Knitting Pocket Bible is just plain fun! This seems to be true of all Crimson Publishing  Pocket Bibles and is why after reviewing the Christmas Pocket Bible, I asked for a couple more to review!!!

One feature that appeals to me is the shaded "Pocket Tips" and "Pocket Facts" boxes that are sprinkled throughout every title in the Pocket Bible Series. The tips or information in some are meant to be entertaining! In others you will find information that is extremely useful to know!

For instance did you know:

-   there is good reason for the confusion over needle sizing. Apparently American manufacturers lack standardization and their needles can vary .25mm? Yikes! That is a lot when you are attempting to knit to gauge.

-  why frogging is called frogging!

-  there is a fantastic technique to employ when finding it necessary to unravel a knitted piece back many, many rows.

-  how to compensate for variegated yarn's tendency to pool and form unwanted color blotches.

-  why cotton sweaters sag!!

-  how to tell a self-striping variegated yarn from a variegated yarn.

-  there is a difference between felting and fulling and many of us use the term felting when we should be using the term fulling!!

-  who knit the world's biggest sweater?

-  why dental floss belongs in your knitting bag.

slip knot

AND finally, thanks to Mimi and her ability to clearly explain how something is done - without pictures no less - in addition to learning to make a cable stitch, I have finally learned how to make a slip stitch!!!

Don't laugh! You would faint with hysterics if you could observe the method for arriving at a slip stitch that I have cobbled together following instructions from other sources!!! My dirty little secret I never shared!!

No longer! I have that ole slip knot nailed now!!

Copies of the Knitting Pocket Bible can be ordered here!

A list of titles in the Pocket Bible series can be found here.

And brillinat Mimi Hill? Well you can visit her here on her blog Eskimimi Makes and visit her on Ravelry: Mimi Hill Designs

Now - off to conquer the moss stitch! Using Mimi's instructions, of course!

Good luck with the cable

Good luck with the cable knitting Pam. I have never tackled it and have no desire to try now, but I will be keen to see what you achieve. My mother and sister are the star knitters in my family so I am happy to leave cable knitting in their hands and well out of my way.
take care

I hear you!  But I really did

I hear you!  But I really did have fun!  Love that little cable needle!  Am thinking a pillow would be about my speed.  Maybe a sampler pillow with three or four different cables!  

Hi dear Pam, i don't know for

Hi dear Pam, i don't know for sure if my first comment is uploaded on the web of your.
so i'll give it a try again, to be sure. Thank you for your great advice to buy such a bibble. I have some of myself as well. they are a well still for my to search for forgotten or gave m y some new idea's or solutions.
I need always pictures, but that's my problem, i know.LOL
I have found an proffesional knitting bibble of a dansk art knitter, that give us an idea to make the fabric with her easy technicks 3d pop ups.
I have tried some of her patterns allready out when i had to knit km of pink fabric for the pink saturday event we had in 2012. It was so fun to join such a pink yarn bombing group. It was great to watch to change the envirement with pink knittings and some statues had some cozies to weare as well.
It look so comfy and cozy , like knitting fabric always looks like.
it's was so joyfull.
okay now the yarnbombing is allready gone it's given to an specail goal the knittings. So that's great. But knitting is given still a comfy feeling to do on the coach just watching tele.LOL
Ooh i have knitted the last teacupear. I'm soooo releaved. i must now start to finishing my models , always the hardest part of all the knitting work.
Hey i hope it's a great help your bible to use, and thank you for the great briliant advice and of your friends web as well.
she is briliant. I like it.
hey a fun crafting spring knitting weekend, all my love
jet xoxoxoxoox

I wouldn't faint with

I wouldn't faint with laughter, I'd be in awe! I don't need a knitter's Bible, I need a Pam to come on over and teach me to knit! I'm afraid I haven't yet acquired the patience that knitting takes, which is funny because I used to knit as a child.

Happy weekend! xo

Oh Joanie, how I wish I could

Oh Joanie, how I wish I could come over the pond and teach you to knit!!!  But before I settled in to do that, you would have to take me on one of your walks in the English countryside!!! :-)