More Bloggy Goodness to Share!

Playing with these right now!

Taking a break from playing with some of Marie's Woolly Something patterns and catching up in Google Reader! I found lots to share!! So grab a steamy mug of something yummy and join me for a little blog reading!

Just so you know, several readers sent me e-mails telling me they prefer seeing pictures in this series over just bare naked links - so I am returning to the "old format"!

So here we go! Some very cool posts indeed!

Sleeping Dragon

Shared with permission from Golden Lilly Crafts.

Christine Kemp (Golden Lilly Crafts) lives in Australia and recently discovered a sleeping dragon while exploring a beach near her home.

Wouldn't you love to stumble upon something this beautiful? Read more here!


Robot Costume from Recycled bits

Shared with permission from Creative Jewish Mom

Sara (Creative Jewish Mom) designed and made this robot costume for her son. Apparently in Israel children dress up at Purim much as we do at Halloween in America.

Pop over to her post to see how she did it! Brilliant!

Teaching children to draw

Shared with permission from

Fanie has just launched two very cool downloadable booklets designed to teach children how to draw. Castles and dragons! Funny faces, cartoon characters, cats, dogs and people! Visit this blog post on to learn more.

I tested both booklets out on my "borrowed children" and they loved them! Antonio was all over the castle and the dragon! And with Fanie's step by step drawings - his results were awesome! I was quite surprised!

Any child in your life who loves to draw will love these booklets.

San Gimignano 1300

Shared with permission from This and That

Avital is still sharing incredible images from her trip to Italy last summer. You can view the whole set on Flickr or see them as a stunning video presentation. And of course, detailed posts about every spot she visited from Venice to Siena can be found on her blog This and That.

Be sure to check out this recent post of images taken while viewing an incredible miniature replica of ancient 1300 San Gimignano: Medieval Tuscany which is pictured above. 

Anyone who is into art and craft (that is all of us right?) will find Avital's images of this miniature replica medieval village jaw dropping. The detail and workmanship are - well - sorry but I just can't find the perfect word - go over and decide for yourself!!

Christmas Joy Quilt

Shared with permission from The Crafty Quilter

I have discovered a new muse! A like minded blogger who is making it a goal this year to complete one Christmas project every month! The February project above happens to also include a beautifully written tutorial for that sweet ribbon wreath right in the center of the JOY! Which could also be attached to a card!

Julie Cafalu, (The Crafty Quilter), is also striving this year to complete one UFO a month! AND she is sharing excellent information about applique - check out the first post in the series here. If you are into quilting or embroidery - check out her blog!

Walking in Wales

Shared with permission from Mermaids Making

Take a little break from your part of the world and join Linda at Mermaids Making on a hike in the Welch countryside. She recently moved to Wales and is sharing the stunning beauty of her her new home.

Most of the time Linda shares her crafty adventures with her daughter - lil Mermaid; and you won't want to miss seeing the Christmas cards they made together this year! AND this very unique snowman! I am so making some of these!!!

Thinking About Color

Shared with permission from Bustle and Sew

Helen at Bustle and Sew Magazine and Bustle and Sew Blog has just released a very cool FREE downloadable mini book as a PDF file - "Thinking About Colour". I have my copy downloaded and you will definitely want your own copy too. Helen is incredibly generous in making this informative and visually beautiful book about how to make color work for you!

You can find the link to the free PDF here!

Another issue of Bustle and Sew Magazine is coming out soon! And as Easter is right around the corner, I am thinking there will be some lovely stitchery waiting in it's pages.

Quilt Pattern created using Paintbrush

Shared with permission from Michele Made Me

Michele has just discovered that her young son is a quilt designer!

I just bet she will soon be stitching a quilt using one of his designs for his brand new bedroom! You will find a link to the easy peasy design program here on her blog - Michele Made me.

Swedish Snowman!

Shared with permission from Squashed Tomatoes

And the best for last! A Swedish snowman complete with skis no less! Just so you will leave me today with a smile on your face!

I found him here on Squashed Tomatoes along with a little "science project" that will keep a child mesmerized while they warm up with a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter day!

I just love that the front of

I just love that the front of that robot costume is a utensil organizer!!!

Thanks for all the wonderful

Thanks for all the wonderful links, Pam! So much fun! Can't believe we missed the awesome San Gimignano museum while we were there! Found all sorts of other great little places, but if we ever get back, the miniature museum will definitely go on our list of stops! And I loved Linda's Christmas tree cards! Too cute!
Big hugs,

So many good stuff on the

So many good stuff on the blogs! :-D Thank you for sharing theses with us, Pam. It's a good change from my Facebook! :p I really want to read blogs a lot more, this year, so your blog post is a great start!

I'm so glad to read that Antonio loved drawing the castle and dragon! :-D It's always fun to inspire little kids. And thank you for sharing my .PDF & blog post. xoxoxo!

Howdy, there! I love this

Howdy, there! I love this format, but I think whatever keeps you posting is fine with me, even if it's brief!

I'm definitely going to visit these. I LOVE that photo of Italy, but you know what it made me think of? I want to make a miniature of it! out of box board!

I mean, in my spare time...

I, too, like the format. :)

I, too, like the format. :) Thanks for sharing all these great links. I forget sometimes to change from "stalker" to "commenter". I've said it before, and will no doubt say it again....I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

Hi Pam this is really candy

Hi Pam this is really candy eye yummies. Beautiful and interesting and such inspiration things.
thank you i think i love it all.
As well the knitted felted eggs.
lovely and colourfull. And the city... brilliant
Have a fun crafty weekend.XO's

I love all of the bloggy

I love all of the bloggy goodness that you have shared. Thanks for including me too! You have introduced me to some new adventures that I will enjoy checking out.

Thanks for sharing my photo

Thanks for sharing my photo of San Gimignano! I really enjoyed reading about what other people are doing. Some spectacular work being done!

I'll chime in to say I like the picture format, too. It really livens up a blog. By the way, on Purim the adults dress up, too. We had a big Purim party at work with a costume competition, games, open bar, hair and make-up artists. Didn't get much work done that day. :-)

Adults too!!!  I bet you

Adults too!!!  I bet you didn't get much work done at the office! lol  BUT wait a minute!  I don't see that you have shared pictures of YOUR costume!  Oh come on now - pleeeeeese!

HiPam, Thanks for sharing one

HiPam, Thanks for sharing one of my posts on your blog, I feel so humble and what a wonderful selection you have made today. Even though I am enjoying the aftermarth of a tropical storm here in Australia, I am sipping warm pea and ham soup and getting warmer by the minute but having a blast reading all these blogs.

I think it's the warm weather that makes me so slow at the moment. You see, I have about six projects on the go ~ all of which I have discovered from your blog and links to other blogs.

You have opened up my world. Thanks
Now I'm off to get me another project to add to my collection.

Yay!  I just love knowing i

Yay!  I just love knowing i am tempting you!!!