Stash Busting Fiber Easter Eggs


Knit, felt and crochet your way to a colorful Easter basket brimming with eye candy!

I have been teasing my contacts in Flickr the past couple weeks with sneak peaks as egg after egg was completed and added to the basket.

And now it's time for - the big reveal!

I have one embroidered felted egg that I am still wrestling with (the white one with pastel dots in the back!) - but mostly my basket is ready for Easter!

Although I was tempted to purchase yummy new yarn colors for this project, in the end, I used only yarn, floss and roving already in my stash. Working with  what I have on hand presented a bit of a challenge - but now that they are hanging out together, I think this little stash busting choice worked out well.

I hope I can tempt you to knit, felt, or crochet a few eggs for your own basket this year! Every one of these eggs works up very, very quickly.

All the patterns are either available as downloadable pdf files at a very tiny cost or are available as free tutorials.

I just know there are very few readers who don't already have a respectable stash of their own!

AND - since all of these eggs work up very quickly,  there is plenty of time left before Easter to make your own basket filled with fiber-y eye candy. (No calories!)


Embroidered knitted/felted eggs: pattern from Woolly Something Shop. The eggs knit up quick as a wink and are a gorgeous canvas waiting for your Muse!

My embroidery borders were inspired by Carina's beautiful e-book Stitching Borders and Beyond. Some of the borders are actually from her book, some I made up!

The cotton candy pink stripped knitted egg is a free pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits.


Multicolor crocheted eggs: ATERGcrochet Shop

Striped and dotted crocheted eggs: Planet June Shop.

The patterns from both shops are simple and quick to make! Even for a crochet newbie like me!!!


Brilliant intensely colorful felted eggs: easy tutorial can be found right here on Pickles.  

(Note: I actually felted mine by hand once they were wrapped in an old stocking and it worked out quite well.) But I am so making a whole tree full of these! Check out her beautiful Easter Egg tree!

And the printable sweet paper tulip baskets can be found right here on Margit's blog.

Now that you have access to everything you need - there are no excuses for not having a basket full by Easter!

Note after posting:  After this post went "live", I received a couple e-mails asking how I managed to embroider straight lines on a curved nubbly surface! So I shared my tricks for marking nice straight stitch guide lines in this tutorial here!

If fiber eggs or embroidery are your thing, you might also enjoy playing with Temari (Japanese thread wrapped) eggs.  Another grand surface for embroidery!  You can find tutorials here, here and here.

Happy Easter!

These are beautiful, Pam!

These are beautiful, Pam! They make me hopeful that spring will actually come...for now though, we just woke up to ANOTHER snow day in New England! Sigh.

oh these eggs are so pretty

oh these eggs are so pretty especially the one you are working on. thank you for your lovely comment - he was a challenge and a joy to make!

How great to be able to use

How great to be able to use up your stash. Of course,if your like me your stash could keep you going for years. But then, someone always comes up with another gorgeous yarn or fabric that I just can't keep myself from getting. Eggs are beautiful and your right should be plenty of time to whip up a soon as I finish these bunnies on my plate.

aaaaw this is beautiful and

aaaaw this is beautiful and lovely. I like the colours and the difference of materials and the methode of making.
well done.
I painted for john every year a egg, he did the same. Or i made them covered up with crocheting a kind of doily. John his eggs were just art, but when he became to ill we stopped with the tradition.
My sister in law broke his last one. i was furious. but... it didn't helped.LOL it still was broken-S
but yours are for ever.
so you will have something like xmas and with easter in your house.LOL
I like that. Perhaps i will make something.
We had yesterday the first spring day.It was 14 Celsius degrees. So lots of people were found on the street enjoying there drinks;-D
I liked to watched it.LOL
I'm still knitting on my teacups lightsshades but... i have sewed the ears and the cups and the saucer allready together.
i'm now busy with knitting the tubes-S
i wish it was done and finished but... it's more work then i thought .
Enjoy your crafting labour, i really love this, thank you for the sharing and the links.XO

Love all the bright, happy

Love all the bright, happy colors you chose, Pam! As fun as it is to buy new crafty materials, sometimes it's even more fun to work with the ones already living in our stashes, isn't it?! Loved all your pics! They made me smile!
Big hugs,

I think it's awesome that you

I think it's awesome that you made these gorgeous eggs solely from your stash. They're so beautiful and they'll be around for years for you to enjoy.

I may even join you and make a few of my own... They look like so much fun Pam!

Pam, I love all the textures!

Pam, I love all the textures! Your embroidered eggs are fabulous! felted wool is a perfect canvas! Very fun display. Thanks for sharing your works!

Thank YOU, Marie for all your

Thank YOU, Marie for all your brilliant patterns!  Matryoshka are next!!!

Pam, I just found your

Pam, I just found your website and I am getting a lot of inspiration from it! I am interested in the felted eggs. I am a little crafty, but have never attempted anything like this. I saw the easter egg tree in the vase and the eggs were hung from it. But, the site was in another language! Can you give me directions on how to make these felted eggs.
I don't even know what was used. Looked like wool or cotton. Where would I get the materials quickly and at a low price. I am an aid for a young boy and look for crafts that can work on different skills. So, I need to start it soon, as projects take a bit of time and we have Spring Break coming up. Thank you for any help you can give.

Janet!  I am so sorry about

Janet!  I am so sorry about that link to Pickles!  Yes it is written in Norwegian actually.  I use CHROME as my browser and it automatically changes the text into English.  And I forget that not all browsers offer the same option.

Here is a tutorial written in English that is similar.  However, do not dry the "balls" in the dryer.  Remove them from the stocking material while wet and shape into eggs and then let dry.  

To make the felted eggs I used roving which is available from hifiberkits in small bits at very reasonable prices.

You might even want to consider learning needle felting.  It is very, very easy as per this video from CRAFTzine.

Another idea would be to make your eggs from felted wool sweaters!  Check out this tutorial from Craftstylish.

Pam, your stash came

Pam, your stash came thru!
The eggs are beautiful
I especially like the polka dot one
and embroidered ones, Great Job!

what a cute idea!

what a cute idea!