Empty Nest Syndrome

Mother's Day 2009 - baby robins hatch right outside my front door! And I have a perfect "bird's eye view" from my bedroom window!

I didn't go near the nest for the first week as I didn't want to discourage Mom Robin from hanging out and keeping their little pink bodies warm! But toward the end of the week, she left them unattended quite often as she searched for worms and other treats to bring back to her chicks.

Here they are - just 7 days old!

10 days old!  My husband decided to help out a bit, gathered worms from under flower pots and left them in a dish near the nest.

11 days old! The chicks are really growing and changing fast now - I hardly recognize them from day to day!  Look at that beautiful little wing.   

On day 12 it's starting to be very tight quarters!  I can't believe all four chicks can still fit in the nest together.

Day 14 and look how much they have grown and changed. Aren't they the cutest little robin chicks you ever saw!  I love those little white tufts on their heads which are left over from the day they were hatched.

Definitely getting too crowded!  The chick standing spent a couple hours fluffing his feathers and then, just two weeks from the day he was born, he flew off with Mom to learn the ways of the world outside the nest!

Day 15,  only three chicks in the nest.

And then at mid-day another chick takes off with Mom to join his sibling hiding somewhere in our mini forest. So now - two left in the nest.  And with all that room to stretch out and Mom still bringing 50 meals a day, they don't look too eager to leave the comfort of their newly expanded living quarters.

But Mom had other ideas and by noon of the 16th day, only one little chick remained.  I worried that Mom Robin would leave him there all by himself overnight - but within just a couple hours she returned for her last little chick.

We can hear our robin family making sweet little robin sounds in the forest. Mom Robin sounds just like a "Mother".  And the chicks?  Well - they sound just like typical, playful little chicks!

I am left with an empty nest and memories of one of the more exciting two weeks of my life! I miss the chicks already.

I wish each of you the opportunity to watch baby robins grow at least once during your lifetime.


Pam, those pictures are

Pam, those pictures are amazing...can't believe how many babies there were..I thought they only had one or two.
Thank you so much for sharing them!

I just listened to your

I just listened to your interview on Craftypod #81 and ran over to check out your blog. Wow. It's fantastic! And I'm so glad to see it wasn't just a wintertime event.
It's wonderful, thank you for having everything up here!

And those tiny birds are amazing - over the years we've found nests tucked into different places around our house and they're always delightful to watch - even on a basketball hoop one springtime!
Thanks, I'll be checking back here often & going to read your previous posts, now.

So sweet!

So sweet!

I'm glad you were able to

I'm glad you were able to capture that on camera and share it with all of us... thank you! That was so amazing!

Are you sure you don't want just a couple of chickens?? I really think you would love them. They're quite entertaining too!! :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

How sweet! Thank you for the

How sweet! Thank you for the nice picture story. :)

What a lovely blog you have!

What a lovely blog you have! I've recently 'met' your daughter via her Craftypods and Twitter. Now I know where she gets her inspiration! We had a nest of four robins this spring too, but all of the sudden one morning I noticed it was empty. The babies were about ten days old; I'd been thinking perhaps they'd flown away, but deep down I have the feeling they weren't quite old enough - poor dears. I'm def bookmarking your site.

Such a sweet story in words

Such a sweet story in words and photos. What a wonderful experience to see these changes and record them along the way. You have inspired me again!

okay. you made me cry.

you made me cry.

I happened onto your blog

I happened onto your blog while browsing and am really impressed by what I have peered through. I wanted to post about your robins though...we have a robin's nest too! We haven't seen the babies yet this, but they didn't come until later last year. We don't have quite the vantage point you do...fabulous pictures! Thank you so much for sharing and I will definitely be back!

Wow! That's an amazing photo

Wow! That's an amazing photo reportage!!! I loved seeing the varius stages as the chicks 'grew up'. No wonder you have empty nest syndrome, only it's the 'real' thing. Hee, hee!