March: " Christmas UFO" (progress on the Winter Solstice quilt block) and a Brand New WIP (woven bag)


In addition to coloring, knitting and crocheting Easter eggs this month, I have also begun work on a new project and made significant progress on a leftover UFO from Christmas 2012! Thanks to Julie's good example which you will find on her blog The Crafty Quilter, I am back into high gear "making Christmas" and "finishing UFO's and WIP's" !

You can see recent examples of her own progress here on the current installment of "Christmas Once a Month"  and her UFO February UFO! While you are visiting Julie, don't miss her fabulous multi-part tutorial on applique.  Here is part three!

I am happy to report - great progress has been made on the Winter Solstice Quilt Block! In fact - it is almost completed! Just finishing the trees and then an embroidered border! 

I will share more detail about the stitching once the  quilt block is completed.  However, I can not wait to share the very cool stitch used to create the trees!  The stitch is called a "Maidenhair" and can be found as a tutorial in Carina's beautiful e-book "Stitching Borders and Beyond".  I can't recommend "Stitching Borders and Beyond" enough!  It continues to inform and inspire most every project I stitch!

Admittedly, I am making the stitch upside down in this application, but I love how much the trees resemble the conifer forests I have grown up with all my life.

So Carina! I am drinking a toast to you! Finding the right tree pattern was frustrating - I pondered, and searched, and nagged my Muse till she ran away and hid - and at times I almost gave up the whole idea. And then I turned to "Stitching Borders and Beyond" for inspiration for my felted/embroidered Easter eggs. AND there was the answer to my "tree stitching dilemma" as well! Thank you!


And I am very happy to share this image of the very beginning of the first of two woven bags using only hand spun yarns (warp excepted!) One for me and one for Diane!

I have been gathering hand spun yarn for this project for a couple years and now finally it is on the loom!


A little close-up of two very special yarns!

The gorgeous blue was hand spun for me by Terri (Weaving a Life). She is my Saori Muse! And she shared the bag I am attempting to weave on her own blog right here.

The fuzzy dark yarn is MY very first bit of hand spun yarn!  Perfect for Saori weaving because it is quite lumpy and uneven but well loved - and most importantly - my first hand spun.

Getting ready to weave my first bag

I'll share more information - pictures and sources - about all the gorgeous yarns I have collected in a future post. But for now, just bringing you up to date on my "March WIP progress".

Thank you Julie, for getting me back on track!

You are welcome! It makes my

You are welcome! It makes my heart glad to see your progress. I love your color choices and the hand embroidery really makes it pop! Well done!

Your quilt block is turning

Your quilt block is turning out gorgeous! Love the happy sunshine colors you chose! And the start of your woven bags looks amazing! Love the colors and how special it is that your materials have such a rich background stories and that you and Diane will have "matching" bags! So neat and meaningful! Sending creative happy thoughts your way as you continue with your WIPs!
Big hugs,

wow! I love the colors and

wow! I love the colors and the contrast of the tree colors.