Punched "Tin" Butterflies and Other Creatures - Inspiration and Ideas!

Butterflies are not the only creatures I make out of tin!  I just finished making this little sea dragon - a gift for my Mother because she happens to collect dragons!

My favorite way to use "punched tin" creatures? Tree ornaments of course!  And it is my firmly held opinion that it is never too early to begin making for the holidays!

So to help get your muse thinking about cool ideas for "punched tin", here are a few more ornament creatures to inspire you and get you thinking beyond butterflies.

A Christmas Dove!  The wings are embellished with bead embroidery and the head and tail feathers were created by cutting metal in very thin strips - just like cutting paper fringe.

May I introduce my little whale, "Bubbles".  I shortened up the body a bit because I just don't like the longer whale body shape. I am still in a quandary about adding a mouth, but  I love the seed bead spray coming out of the spout.

Diane gave me those little green metal dots. She found them at a local craft store; and as they are self-adhesive, they work beautifully for embellishing metal.  I was inspired to create my own tropical fish after reading Gail's post about teaching her students to paint tropical fish.  Don't miss her post - the fish are beautiful. This would be a great, fun project to share with your children this summer.


Couldn't resist making a star fish.  I tried using glitter glue along the edges to mimic their little suction cups - didn't quite work but I still like him very much.

Turtles hang out in the ponds along our favorite walking trail. I just had to make one for the tree!  Kept it very simple with punched design and tiny seed beads embroidered onto the metal.

I made this sweet peacock several years ago.  The design is not mine but I did add the extra little seed beads on wires.

However, this peacock is my design.  I used blue metal dots and surrounded them with glitter glue to try to represent the "eyes" on a peacock's feathers.  Between the long neck and the feather tail, this is a big ornament, and I had to photograph it on a silver dollar bouquet as my mini tree was just too small.

To wrap up the punched "tin" series, I am including a few ideas for putting your butterflies (or other creatures) to good use.

Gift wrapping of course!

Garden art.  (I prefer to keep my butterflies in protected areas so they don't get rained on too much.)

Attach butterflies to mirrors, lamp shades, drapery and curtain rods.  I hung this one on an etched mirror Diane made me when she was in high school.  Those are her folded paper flowers in the vase and her god's eyes and Kanzashi ornament reflected in the mirror. 

Rather than punch holes in my butterflies and place them on mini lights, I tie them on the cord between the lights.  You get an effect similar to that of light collars.

I love adding one or two butterflies to fresh and dried bouquets

And I totally love the Crafty Chica's idea of using Mexican tin ornaments as "plant pokes".  I have borrowed her idea and added a couple butterflies to my fern containers.  This works so much better than tying them onto the actual plants.  Thank you Kathy! And thank you for letting me use your beautiful photo!

Little tiny butterflies, only an inch and a half are glued to the top of napkin cuffs.  Makes a great take home gift for guests.

Just put this together for the front door! 

Keep the ivy hydrated by punching a hole in the top of an old film canister and sticking the stems through the hole into the water. If you keep water in the canister, you can keep the greens fresh for months.  I also use the little water vials often sold with fresh roses.

My "Seasonal Tree"  decorated with all my butterflies!  I love that it looks like the trees in Mexico that are completely covered in Monarch butterflies.

While you are making butterflies, why not make a few extra and join Chris in sending some to the Holocaust Museum to be displayed as part of the Butterfly project.  Chris has already shipped her beautiful contributions but there is still time left to participate.  The museum is hoping to collect 1.5 million butterflies to be displayed in the spring of 2012.

For more butterfly inspiration check out Lolly Chops fabulous framed butterfly project.  I think it would be cool to use mini  "tin" butterflies instead of the paper butterflies.  But I also love how beautiful her project looks in colored paper.  One of these days....

And I love the look of butterflies fluttering from this branch attached to a wall. The "dark faerie librarian" came up with this really lovely idea.  I will be making something similar using "tin" butterflies... sometime in the next 2 or 3 years... if I"m lucky!

A mobile similar to this one by Laura of Bugs and Fishes by Lupin would also be gorgeous made with metal butterflies. 

As you can see - there are many lovely ways punched "tin" butterflies (and creatures) can be used in your home and garden. 

If you haven't already visited: the tutorial for punched tin butterflies is here.

And if you are into dragonflies, you might enjoy this tutorial for making a punched tin" and bead dragonfly.

The tutorial for that cool embossed metal napkin cuff pictured above can be found here.


I would love love do these I

I would love love do these I love crafts but these take it out by there ,Love Them in Virginia....Cookie17

I love the whale and the

I love the whale and the peacock! That bead bubble spray is amazing. :) As far as the whale's mouth is concerned, I think a line with parallel lines under it would be really cute ... a tightened up version of this illustration I found googling: http://www.robotwalrus.com/2007/08/23/w-is-for-whale-by-strawberryluna-15/

Ooh Pam, it's no surprise I

Ooh Pam, it's no surprise I love these - you have some quilling techniques going on, but with metal! I'm not even going to try to pick a favorite, but will say that the beautiful little package with the butterfly on it is really speaking to me. :-)

They are gorgegous Pam!....I

They are gorgegous Pam!....I really love the bird and the peacock. Thanks for linking to me and for all your ideas on how to incorporate these ornaments in your home. I can't wait to try making some for my flowerpots.

Pam, seriously. Okay? I'm

Pam, seriously. Okay? I'm not kidding.

Pam, you must write a book.

There, I said it.



OH.MY.GOSH!!! GORGEOUS!! Such beautiful and wonderful creatures! Each one is just stunning!!! WOWZERS, I am almost speechless!!

whaaaale! look at the

whaaaale! look at the whaaaale! You are so clever.

I love them! I'm especially

I love them! I'm especially partial to the whale with the lovely beaded spray. All so creative, you've had very busy hands while I was away. They're really, really lovely :)

WOW WOW WOW - I am so in love

WOW WOW WOW - I am so in love with the whale! And the first peacock! And the seahorse! And the turtle! You have such talent!

Sorry I haven't e-mailed you back. I've been as sick as a dog for the past few days. However, you did kick my butt into gear to make my crusade announcements up on my blog. I can't wait to see what you make next. E-mail catch up soon :)

Pam! My goodness, you've been

Pam! My goodness, you've been seriously busy!!!

Your ornaments are really wonderful - my favourite one has to be that cute whale (because Rob works with whales)! And FWIW, I quite like him without a mouth, but that's just me.

All of you doing the crafting early to get everything done by Christmas is great!!! I wonder and wait with bated breath to see what other ideas you come up with.

Brilliant designs ;))

I love all the critters

I love all the critters you've made - especially the turtle!