Alan Dart! Brilliant Knitted Toy Designer!

Jultomar and Teeny Tomte by Alan Dart

"Jultomar and Teeny Tomte" image used with permission from toy designer Alan Dart. 

"Traditionally" April is "recycle" month on gingerbreadsnowflakes; but before one more day of April arrives, I just absolutely MUST share these totally awesome Juletomar. The brilliant designer - Alan Dart!

Just before Easter, I was introduced to Alan's work by my friend Gill (the same friend who inspired my Easter Witch, my Norwegian Cookie Advent Calendar, answered this plea for help by sending me rolls and rolls of Spön from Norway, and also sent from Norway, two adorable Nisse!) Gill also introduced me to one of my favorite holiday bloggers!

Gill is not a blogger, but through her online friendship has been and continues to be a constant source of inspiration.

So when she sent a link to Alan Dart's site, I wasted no time and immediately popped over to Alan Dart's Shop and within ten minutes had placed an order for five patterns!

The Jultomar and Teeny Tomte above of course - first selection! And a Santa Lucia and Star Boy! Can you believe a Nutcracker? And of course the Gnomes at Home (gingerbread home) pattern - second item into the cart!!

Can you guess the fifth pattern I selected? (Hint:  it is NOT one of those found in the Holiday shop!)

I will happily giveaway one of Alan's patterns to the first five people to correctly guess the fifth pattern chosen! The winners may select any pattern from Alan's collection that they wish.

As you ooh and aah through the pattern shop, you will find the cutest little Furry Fairy pattern completely free! Adorable! Making one for my tree this year!

I have to share that I have found Alan to be not only a brilliant and prolific designer but also the kindest and nicest gentleman I have met in a long, long time! And in addition to being a talented designer and seemingly bottomless pit of clever toy designs, he has authored several books I am anxious to get my hands on!!! Hosted craft segments on TV programs for children!  And creates patterns for Simply Knitting Magazine every month! And you can find the Fans of Alan Dart group on Ravelry right here

Check out this page on his site for more about Alan Dart.

And again, his shop is here. Guess the fifth pattern I added to my order and win a pattern of your own!

(If there are no correct guesses, I will select one of the entries at random to receive two Alan Dart patterns.)

All "guesses" must be submitted before midnight PST April 6th!

Pam, My guess is The Witch


My guess is The Witch and the Cat and my daughter picked Snowmes and Snowmestool. Who is correct?


I enjoyed browsing through

I enjoyed browsing through the patterns! My guess is the wizard - I would certainly pick him!

aaaaw tiis is cute and such a

aaaaw tiis is cute and such a great designer. Thank you for sharing him with us all and the links. Have a nice fun week many dutch hugs of me.XD

Dickensian Party mice caught

Dickensian Party mice caught my eye. How did you ever decide. I'm heading back over there. I've been looking for a tea cozy with eye appeal and I think I may have found it.

Bridal Bunnies

Bridal Bunnies

I was going to guess the

I was going to guess the Gingerbread puppets because of your blog name...but thankfully I read your hint about it not being a holiday pattern!! :)

I think I will guess Herbert the Gardener?! It is very tricky trying to pick from all of his great patterns what the fifth one you chose was!!!