Alan Dart Pattern Winner!

A peak at Alan Dart's Mad March Hare

A peak at Mad March hare by Alan Dart

No one guessed the "Mad March Hare"!!! Follow the link so you can pop over and get a better look!!! And, of course, see why I could not resist this pattern!!!

I have to admit, there were very good guesses left in comments and sent by e-mail from my newsletter readers. I was quite surprised by how well you all know me! Here are a few of those guesses.

Bridal Bunnies!

Tooth fairy!

Hibernating Hedgehog


Oooooh that Wizard! I completely missed him until Kathy suggested him as my choice!

And then while I was looking for the Wizard, I found the four dinosaurs! OMG.

AND apparently there will soon be a Woodland Troll added to the collection. There is no hope for me!!

Since no one guessed the Mad March Hare, the names of every person who played my little game were placed in a box and my sweetie (who loves his role as the name selector) pulled out the name of one of my newsletter readers!

KAREN COURTNEY! Congratulations! You are the winner of two Alan Dart patterns!!

(Karen's guess BTW was "The Tooth Fairy"!

Karen, I will contact you by e-mail to give you details for making your selections and receiving your patterns.

Thank you to everyone who played my little guessing game!