Make Your Very Own Scandinavian Shaved Wood Ornaments - from a Kit!!


Look at these beautiful Scandinavian shaved wood ornaments! Created using REAL wood savings! I love them to pieces! Just finished making them using a Shaved Wood Ornament Kit which I am very excited to share with you!!

Some of you may remember this post from July 2010 in which I shared two shaved wood treasures that have been in my Christmas tree ornament collection since I first began collecting Christmas ornaments. I also put out a plea for help finding a source for shaved wood or the ornaments.

You may remember that my amazingly kind and generous friend, Gill, sent me several rolls of "hobby spaan" (as it is called) from Norway. And since the day the Spaan arrived, I have spent many blissful hours making Scandinavian shaved wood ornaments. BUT I could never get the hang of making tight or spiral curls.

And, the European supplier was not too eager to ship directly to the USA.  So I have been disappointed that I could not share a source for the material with my readers - many of whom are of Scandinavian heritage!


But making those sweet little curls is no longer a problem because now, thanks to a lovely woman in Michigan, I can order them already made for me!!

And as you can see above, I have successfully duplicated one of my original shaved wood treasures which was constructed from several spiral curls. (Darker wood is the original)

Shaved Wood Ornament Kit

What has me more excited than making the ornaments is that now, finally, I can point you, my lovely readers, to "Olsen's Scandinavian Ornaments" where you can order a kit, just like the one above, and make your own Scandinavian Shaved Wood Ornaments!!!

Shaved Wood Ornament Kit

For just $12.00 (which includes shipping within the continental USA) you can order a kit just like this one. Look at all the perfect little wood curls! There are enough curls in the kit to make 7 to 8 ornaments!

Shaved Wood Ornament Kit

And because this is a kit - along with instructions, clips for holding your little curls together as the glue dries and strings for hanging are included! All you really need to supply is glue!

Shaved Wood Ornament Kit

Once my kit arrived, I took a few pictures for the post and then began making ornaments!

Shaved Wood Ornament Kit

In no time I had glued together the elements needed for four ornaments - and still had half the curls sent in the kit left - to share with Diane of course!

Shaved Wood Ornament Kit

I could hardly wait for Aleene's Tacky Glue to dry so that I could begin assembling the elements into ornaments!

Shaved Wood Ornament Kit


Shaved Wood Ornament Kit

Four beautiful brand new Scandinavian Shaved Wood Ornaments for my collection!! 

Jan Dollard: Scandinavian Shaved Wood Artist

And this beautiful woman is the ornament artist! Jan Dolland!

(Her daughter sent me the picture which was recently published in a Detroit nerwspaper.)

Actually, she has been making Scandinavian Shaved Wood Ornaments for years and years! Her daughter shared with me that she has many memories of sitting at the kitchen table watching as her mother made shaved wood ornaments to sell at local craft fairs.

Patti (Jan's Daughter) tells the story in her own words!

"It all started probably 35 years ago when she saw pictures of wood shaving ornaments in the Sunset magazine. She spent a year in Europe while in her 20's and was familiar with the ornaments. My grandfather was an avid woodworker and figured out a way to make them. One difference was the ones in the magazine were made from long strips that needed to be cut down and soaked in order to get the correct shape. My grandpa made short shavings that curled on their own. The only time she soaked them was to make long tear-drop shaped shavings. My grandpa and father made the shavings by hand for years, doing exactly as your husband said, with a plane.  Then quite a few years ago, my dad, being a draftsman, came up with a machine to automate the process. It makes it much easier and the shavings turn out the same way."

And not only does Jan make ornaments, but she is an accomplished chocolatier who shares her knowledge and expertise by teaching classes. According to Jan, chocolate is her "first love"!

ANDÂ…there is more! She lectures around the country sharing her knowledge of the small quilting community of Gee's Bend, Alabama.

Shaved Wood Ornament Kit

And, she still makes Scandinavian wood shaved ornaments to sell at fairs! She sent these little beauties with my kit order! They are so pretty wrapped in the cellophane bags that I can't being myself to open them! Currently I am displaying them in a beautiful hand thrown raku bowl on the dining table!


Send a check or money order made payable to Jan Dolland. Each kit including shipping within the continental USA is $14.00.

Send to:

Jan Dolland; 34305 Mulvey Road; Fraser, Michigan 48026

Be sure to include your return address. (Don't laugh - in my excitement, I forgot mine the first time I ordered!)

If you are interested in ordering completed ornaments, or have any questions, you can e-mail Jan here:

And if you live in the Detroit area, check in with her as I understand she will be teaching four ornament classes in the fall! Lucky you if you live nearby!!

I have emailed the address

I have emailed the address included in your post and have gotten no response. Do you know if these kits are still available? I make ornaments for our family every Christmas and I am always looking for something different to do. These ornaments are gorgeous!!! Please email me any information you have for contacting this family that is making these kits. Thank you in advance for your help!!!

Kim,  as I understand it, the

Kim,  as I understand it, the best way to contact the family to to send an actual letter to the address provided.  You can ask questions that you have and provide your own e-mail and someone will get back to you.  At this time of year the family is usually on vacation, but they are very good about responding to letters.  Payment will nee3d to be made by check as they do not have any other option at this time.

I will try to respond by email, but that poor box is so full!!!Contact me directly through contact me if you have any further questions.

I have just ordered two kits.

I have just ordered two kits. These ornaments are absolutely beautiful. Do you also sell just the wood shaved curls? IF so I plan on ordering some. Tha k you aww nd please let me know.

Hi there! These are a

Hi there! These are a beautiful! Please tell me if her kits can make more than one ornament, or if there are just enough materials for a single ornament? I have three girls and we would like to make these! Please email the response. Thanks,Amy

Amy, I am e-mailing the

Amy, I am e-mailing the response as requested, but for anyone else reading - YES the kits actually make about 7 to 8 ornaments!!!  The kit designer knows perfectly well that no one can make just one!  They are addictive!!!  

I could see children - like young teens making these at a birthday party or scout troop meeting.

Wonderful! I have been

Wonderful! I have been wanting to share more of our Norwegian heritage with my children's families!

Jan's kits are a wonderful

Jan's kits are a wonderful way to do it!!!  Most children from six years (maybe with a teeny bit of help) can glue these together.  Jan has made it so easy.  Curling is already done and every single curl is perfect!!!  

My family is from Norway and

My family is from Norway and most of them live in Minnesota now. I remember my grandma making these when I was a little girl but never learned how. Thank you for sharing and I can't wait to order some to share with my all my family. I love to quill and these are so delicate looking!

I am so happy to hear from

I am so happy to hear from readers familiar with these ornaments and who love them as much as I do.  I do hope you order a kit and bring lovely shaved wood ornaments to your holiday celebration.

Thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing this...I'm loving them!!! How exciting, she lives not more than 30 minutes from me! I'm going to email her and find out where she's teaching a class. Lucky me!! :D

Can't wait to get my kit and start crafting. Thank you!

Lucky you indeed, Kelli!!!  I

Lucky you indeed, Kelli!!!  I am green - bright Christmas green with envy!!  Keep me posted and send pictures!!!

These would be fun to share

These would be fun to share with my students at school!

Oh Peggy, I do hope you get

Oh Peggy, I do hope you get to share these with your students.  I am sure they will be enchanted.

I am so happy to learn about

I am so happy to learn about Jan and her ornament kits! I will share the news with my quilling pals as I'm sure they'll appeal to many of them too.

MUCH easier than quilling,

MUCH easier than quilling, Ann,  - all the curling work is already done!!!  And the wood fragrance is devine!!!

Although I'm not

Although I'm not Scandinavian, I love to do quilling and these look just like it. Quilling is using paper strips instead of wood shavings, and these ornaments would look beautiful on a package or tree, or combined with quilling for something quite unique. Thanks for sharing how to obtain these kits! I'm ordering some today!!

Dianne I am so glad to be of

Dianne I am so glad to be of help.  The kits are the best kept secret in the USA!!!  

I don't have the patience or inclination to quill - not really a paper artist, but I totally love these wood versions - have since the first moment i saw one!

Thanks so much for sharing

Thanks so much for sharing this! I will for sure keep this for future reference. I think this would be a perfect project for me to do with my kids during those long 3 months of school break during the summer.

they remembering me of my

they remembering me of my childhood, we had in Amsterdam a big expensively warehouse in the centre that sold those ornaments. My mother loved them. and me as well;-D Still beautiful, and now we can make them ourselfs. awesome. By the way, i have made an pop up page for my book project, inspirated by your canal houses.LOL At first i had the idea to draw funny fantasy houses of my own dream city, but... later on i had used a picture of the city of Haarlem. So the moment to make a real rizing out the ocean pop up city was the idea. Humm it was a huge experiments full of mistakes but... i have finished it and thought many times of you. So thank your inspiration. I 'm raised in such a eria of those style build houses and envirement objects. hey enjoy your spring time;-D my cats love it to sit on the south balcony and enjoying the sun. I must wait for the workingpeople to make the balcony for me better driveable. but i love this weather. it' looks all fresh and pretty. many hugs, and thank you for the sharing;-D

Pam, I agree with the


I agree with the consenus! These are wonderful! When my husband and I were overseas and ended up going to Germany for two weeks, I saw ornaments very similar to these at the Christmas Fair they were having on the base. I didn't buy any. :( I found other ornaments that we liked and, well, let's face it I didn't have the money or suitcase space to buy them all. We settled on just a few. They were brass and one is Santa and his sleigh with all eight reindeer and the other is a pinecone. I have this thing for pinecones. I'd send pictures of the ones we did buy if I knew how to do that. Besides, we should be able to find these easily in the States, right? Wrong! I have never seen them again. :( :( Now I can make my own! Thank you for posting this.


Thank you so very much for

Thank you so very much for sharing this with us! I'm absolutedly thrilled and will be ordering a kit or two very soon! Ornaments are such wonderful gifts, and my Scandinavian friends will love them!

These are soooooo cute! I

These are soooooo cute! I love tehse, I especially like the heart shaped ones. <3

I have to have one of those

I have to have one of those kits!! Thank you for posting about them.

I knew you would, Phyllis!

I knew you would, Phyllis!  The kit is perfect for you - there should be enough material so that each of your children can make an ornament.  

And because learning about and appreciating cultures around the world is an experiential part of every day in your home.



These ornaments are

These ornaments are beautiful, they look so lovely wrapped in the cello. Thank you for introducing us to Patti and Jan!

I am glad to hear you like

I am glad to hear you like them, KJ.  I thought you would!  So perfect for celebrating St. Lucy Day!!