Work in Progress to Share - Including a Completed Winter Holidays Solstice Quilt Block

Solstice Quilt Block COMPLETED

Bringing you up to date on current WIPs! The biggest and best news to share: The Solstice Quilt Block is finally - after almost a year - completed!!!!

I am sharing a few quick detail shots of the quilt block and then peeks at current WIPs!

If you haven't been following the progress and are curious, you can read about the beginning here, how I made the pattern here and progress here and here.

Solstice Quilt Block deatils

Most of the embroidery was completed using Stem Stitch and Running Stitch. But I was delighted to discover that scattering Seed Stitches on the sun created the illusion of a roiling surface.

Solstice quilt details

Making trees using the Maidenhair Stitch (found in Stitching Borders and Beyond) was so much fun that I almost had to hide the embroidery floss to keep from making too many.

Unfortunately as a direct result of the fact that I have no clue what I am doing most of the time while playing at quilting, I ended up with raw edges which needed covering - and so - the border! An Interlaced Band Stitch - perfect for covering the raw edges and adding a nice, unplanned detail to the overall design.!

Solstice Quilt Block back

Maryline (Mary and Patch blog) offered a solution for creating a backing and frame at the same time. As it turns out - her suggestion was perfect. Thank you Maryline!  

A scrap of pre-quilted fabric in my stash worked beautifully to hide the embroidery stitches on the back and add a bit more stiffness.

Just need to add hanging loops!

Mini Hexie holiday tree skirt

After taking a four year "vacation", I am back at work again on my mini (3/4" - 2cm) hexie tree skirt for my miniature winter holiday tree. When I left off - I had stitched 260 mini hexies together.  With at least twice that number left to go, is it any surprise I took a nice long vacation?

Every fabric comes from my much loved " '70's Christmas crafting with Diane" stash!

I will share more tomorrow - about my "make hexies on the go kit" as it has become even more efficient!

Mushroom Project begun

Little glass 'shrooms similar to these danced among the branches of my first childhood Christmas trees - and there were always several in the lovely meadows where Raggedy Ann picnicked with Andy and Uncle Clem. I have been crazy about them all my life!

This year I am making fiber 'shrooms - lots of them!! To hang on my tree in December. These are the first completed!

The pattern for the single 'shroom is from That's Wooly Something shop, and the cluster was needle felted from a kit purchased at Fairy Folk and the Magic Onions Shop.

I am absolutely crazy in love with that needle felting pad the 'shrooms are resting on in the image above. I ordered it from Moxie's shop "Hifiber Needle Felting Kits" because it is nice and big AND because it completely melts in water so it is totally biodegradable. Believe me when I tell you - it is  wonderful to felt on. Order your very own here!!

And while there, don't overlook the delicious selection of roving.  I LOVE shopping at Moxie's shop!

Knit/felted Giant Snowbaby, Matryoshka and Mushroom

Waiting for these to dry!

Patterns from That's Woolly Something

And when they do - I can begin making them  look something like this!

Woolly Matryoshka and Woolly Snowbaby patterns are available in the Mary Mayhew Designs shop on Ravelry or in her That's Woolly Something Etsy Shop.

I followed Marie's suggestion for making the teeny tiny 5" snowbaby into a much bigger "snow adult" by kniting the Snowbaby pattern using two strands of worsted wool, one strand of alpaca sport and #13 needles. He is a giant 10" tall! Perfect size for some embroidered details on his big round tummy!

Needle felted flowers are planned for the Matryoshka's skirt and scarf.

(The blue dot on the top of her head - NOT part of the pattern. I just ran out of "stash" yarn four rows from the big finish!!) So, my Matryoshka will soon be the first Matryoshka to be the proud owner of a flower fascinator!

Starting First Project from "Stuffed Animals: From Concept to Construction by Abigail Patner Glassenberg

Yaaaay! Beginning my first project from Abby Patner Glassenberg's brand spanking beautiful fabulous new book "Stuffed Animals: From Concept to Construction".

It is finally available! AND it is every bit as amazing as I knew it would be. MORE amazing!

I will be reviewing it very soon. AND sharing my  completed project!

Plastic Canvas peak

And look at this!!! I - me the non-fan of plastic canvas - am playing with plastic canvas. And loving it!! Because I returned to my needle point/bargello roots and applied something I dearly loved doing to plastic canvas!

Watch for Plastic Canvas Blog Hop on Craftypod.

Will be sharing more in Diane's soon to begin plastic canvas themed blog hop. Watch for details on Craftypod!

Congrats on the finished

Congrats on the finished Solstice block. The colors you chose to include are terrific together, and the embroidery stitched trees just set the whole block in motion. Stunning! Can't wait to see what you'll cook up for the second installment.
I've been wandering back through your older posts and stumbled upon your articles on Saori weaving; how did I miss this? At one time I ventured into Navajo weaving and hubby made a loom for it, which is now sitting unused. Think it shall be repurposed to have a go at the Saori style. Looks like I'll be lost in your blog for days!

That solstice block is

That solstice block is stunning! I love the fabrics and the gorgeous stitching. Very inspiring! It makes me want to dig through my fabrics and create a landscape.

Oh my goodness, Avital!

Oh my goodness, Avital!  Thank you! Thank you!  It means so much to receive such a heart warming comliment on something that came straight from my heart - with no clear idea of where I was going when I began!  Or for sure - how to get there!!!  You made my day again!!!

wooow so many projects you're

wooow so many projects you're working on. love it all. Like the stiching on your quilt and the darling sweet and cute feltings dolls and yeap i have dicovered as well plastic canvas.LOL I think why you didn't liked it, but the fun part is you can work 3d with it. I hope one day, when i'm out of all the problems of my home, i will embroidering on this canvas a dollhouse. that would be fun.LOL or something else, much tinyer.LOL My cats love to sit outside now. lucky ladies.;-D wishing you lots of fun with your new projects , lots of love and many dutch hugs

Hahaha!  Jet when it comes to

Hahaha!  Jet when it comes to plastic canvas I have been pretty short sighted indeed!  I was so dismayed when Diane fell in love with it as a young girl - coming from a background of canvas I just saw it as "fake" - a big interloper!  Shame on me - right?

You are so right - the opportunities for 3-D creations are endless with it!  And I am very much looking forward to the Plastic Canvas Blog Hop on Craftypod!

WouH! Everything fiber!

WouH! Everything fiber! Congratulations on your stitching on the solstice block, the sun rays are marvelous! And the trees!

Thank you Maryline!  You made

Thank you Maryline!  You made my day!!!  A huge compliment coming from YOU!!!

This quilt block taught me a great deal - mostly that I don't know much!! :-)  BUT - I know more than I did a year ago!

Pam, you never cease to amaze

Pam, you never cease to amaze me! how you get so much done is inspiring. I can hardly wait to see your Matroyshka doll all dolled-up. Keep us posted! Happy Spring to you!

With love from Minnesota,


Marie!  I can't help myself!

Marie!  I can't help myself! How can I not keep busy with the needles when you keep coming up with more adorable, irrisistable  patterns!!

Wow, Pam! So many different

Wow, Pam! So many different projects! :) I love all of the needle felting patterns you've chosen, those Russian dolls are absolutely adorable!

Your quilting is quite lovely too, keep up the craftiness!! :) Happy Monday.

Thank you Kathryn!  And again

Thank you Kathryn!  And again thank you for introducing me to Fika!  Now I find myself having a big ole craving for cookies and coffee right about 4:00!!! Great way to recharge the crafty batteries.