Making Hexies On The Go Travel Kit

Mini hexies - making on the go!

Most of my readers know that when I am working on a project in earnest, I carry it with me almost everywhere I go to take advantage of what would otherwise be "lost" minutes! This habit is a big part of how I manage to fit as much crafty goodness into my life as I do! Generally speaking - most fiber crafts - knitting, crochet, embroidery and hand sewing - are excellent candidates! Hexies on the go - a bit more challenging! So many little bits and scraps - and hexies to corral. 

Hexie "take with' kit

To keep all those little completed 3/4" hexes, the cutting scraps, pins, needle, thread, patterns together and organized while on the move, I put together a "hexies on the go" kit about four years ago!

And as often happens when a new idea is put to the test - I added a few improvements!

My new improved "hexies on the go" kit is still tucked into a 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 1 3/4" gift box. But I have added a couple zip-loc baggies to hold fabric waiting to become hexes and excess cutting scraps.

Not only do they perform the task they are given very well, they also work beautifully to hold the kit parts in place during transport! (Handmade fabric bags would work well too!)

Hexie "take with" kit

Lay these two bags aside and the "working" layer is exposed.

The mini muffin tin is the most useful "upgrade"! It fits perfectly in the box, and each little cup holds about 25 mini hexies which helps me keep track of my progress. Once all 12 cups are filled, it is time to add them to the quilt!

The cardboard? I place that over the muffin tin when done stitching to discourage the tiny hexies from visiting each other while I am otherwise occupied!

The little box on the lower left holds a pin cushion, sharp "fabric" scissors, and paper scissors; and is very convenient for catching cutting scraps. ( When they build up - I add them to the cutting scrap bag.)

I love the convenience of being able to simply sit this box on my lap. All the little scraps fall right into that little box as I cut around the hexie pattern!

The box on the right holds recycled tea light cups given new purpose as paper hexie storage. And two spools of thread. Black thread for hexie basting and gold thread for stitching hexies together.

GOLD thread? The hexies are red, white and green! Why GOLD?

Using a neutral colored thread for stitching hexies together will result in almost invisible stitches! I learned that trick from Joanie at Nini Makes! You will find some very good tips in Joanie's post.

Hexie "take with" kit

Lift the muffin tin to find the paper pattern's hiding place!

FYI for larger size hexies, the original box set up will work quite well. You can see that here.

Small hand stitching projects, like these hexie pin cushions, will also travel well in a similar "on the go box".

awesome idea, to make a

awesome idea, to make a travel kit for the long traveling you had to made.
Like the idea, and sooooo well organised. You're my big example for that.LOL
Thank you for the sharing.
i think this is a great idea for many waitingrooms in hospitals for me as well.
Most at the time i try to read in my maganzins but... mostly people are disturbing me with talking with others of their health problems.
so this one is a awesome cool idea.
have a nice week. many dutch hugs;-D

So organized and so nice! I

So organized and so nice! I want to give hexies a try but I'm hesitant because of all of the hand work. I think I'm going to have to cave give it a go!

Hexies are not as hard al

Hexies are not as hard al they look Donna!!!  But, yes, there is a lot of hand work.  Basting them around the little papers is very quick and easy.  Stitching them together does take time.  But it is peaceful work.

You are absolutely right

You are absolutely right about peaceful work. I have mine to work on while I watch a movie or listen to tapes on a quiet evening, I can take them outside with me to sit while enjoying the evening and traffic. But what I found, if I have them out, granddaughters soon have a needle in hand, rocking away in the rocker, watching some silly something on Net Flix, content. It's been almost a month now that they have been coming to stay while the sister goes to gymnastics, still going for the sewing box. Now I can put this kit together, so simple and each granddaughter can have their own stitch and storage box. Thank you so much.

Patty!  Your note made me so

Patty!  Your note made me so happy.  I am glad to hear that the little kit idea will work for you and your granddaughters.  They will no doubt love having their very own project box.  Thank you so much for sharing.

I love your mini hexie

I love your mini hexie factory you have set up, it reminds me how much I love making those tiny fabric shapes. I bet yours are fabulously stitch hidden because that's just the type of stitcher you are!
Thanks for the mention.

Joanie!  YOU are the person

Joanie!  YOU are the person who got me started making hexies in the first place! And mine are carefully stitched because YOU taught me to stitch carefully and invisibly!!!