Check Out the New Additions to Gingerbreadsnowflakes!

Apple Blossoms

My super awesome daughter Diane, who takes very good care of her technically challenged mother, has added a couple new goodies to Gingerbreadsnowflakes!

I LOVE flickr

(Note: added after publication - this is only an image of my new flickr button.  To link to the Seasonal Favorites set and find the link to my sets page, please link from the flickr button on the side bar.)

Did anyone notice my NEW Flickr button?

(FYI - I did manage to design it all by myself - Diane installed it for me!)

Anyway, I have been working on this change for some time and am very excited that it is now ready for my readers!

The previous Flickr button linked to "Gingerbreadsnowflakes at Play", a Flickr group designed as a place for readers to add pictures of their own versions of my tutorials. That didn't really happen. At first yes - but not lately.

So that button is gone! Replaced by this cool button that links you directly to my sets page!

And that is cool why?

Flickr sets

(Note: added after publication:  This is only an illustration of my set page.  If you wish to visit my set page on flickr, please use the flickr button on the side bar)

Because the link takes you to "Seasonal Favorites Set" in which you will find a few of my very favorite tutorials and, in addition, a link to my "Sets page".  

Many of the Sets pictured represent a collection of tutorial images and links so that you can easily find every single one of my tutorials in one beautiful spot!

Click on a set and then click an image of something you like and there in the discription you will find a link to the tutorial!

Winter Holidays Around the world

(Note: Added after publication:  The image above is simply an illustration.  To link to any of the categories listed in the image above, please access them using the menu bar at the top of my blog.)

I am equally excited about this addition to my post menu! Click on "Celebrations" in the menu bar right under my header! You will find a new option listed: "Around the World".

Winter Holidays around the world


With help from generous online friends, December the last three years has been pretty much devoted to sharing Christmas and winter holiday celebrations around the world.

But, December is a very busy time and most of us find it hard to set aside the time to read about Christmas in Iceland or Okinawa. We are lucky if our gifts are wrapped and under the tree before 4:00 am Christmas morning!

So a brand new menu category has been added - a special place where these posts live and make it possible for you to access them easily - when you are not so busy!!! Maybe during Christmas in July!!

I hope you will find these two new tools helpful! Let me know what you think!

This is awesome, i had

This is awesome, i had discovered your new banner but not this.
Well done, so clever and smart by searching your items.
And so lovely of Diane to help you out with this new idea.
She is brialiant.
Love the picture of this articel as well.
It's the coldest month of spring since 1901. This week there will be much lower temps , and again beneath zero.
I had just hanged out my windows my geraniums.LOL
i hope then can stand the cold.
But the pictures is like a fairy tail of spring, well done.
Many dutch hugs;-D

These are great additions to

These are great additions to the blog! Making it easier for readers to find things is a bonus (I am always passing on your link to teachers & librarians for inspiration).

Changing up your blog is time

Changing up your blog is time consuming but super fun, and it's good that your readers now can find all the great celebrating content so easy. I was at the bonfire yesterday, celebrating first of May. One of my favorite celebrations I think.

I get so excited when my

I get so excited when my things are so nicely organized so I can imagine you must be too. It feels good to get on top of this kind of stuff! I so need to get organized too. Maybe one day?

Pam, this is just GREAT -

Pam, this is just GREAT - know why????
My daughter just mentioned one of the canning jar companys is coming out with a commenorative old fashioned blue tinted jar - I said, Gingerbread and Snowflakes did a post about "modpodging" jars to look
old or pastel or just about any color you could want!!
And now I can just tap my finger and go right to the post
and read how you said to do it! What a super idea...
you are certainly inspiring to so many of us. THANKS!