It Is Officially May! Come Blog Reading With Me! I Found Some Great Tutorials and Tips to Share!

A little embroidery collage

Embroidery! Quilting! Felting! Bag making! A little "tin" work and the prettiest and easiest little perfume bottles ever!! And a free embroidery e-book! You will find it all here! In these links to some pretty fabulous tutorials, tips and beautiful craft!

And yes! That IS the back side of my Dutch Canal House embroidery above! I was inspired to share it here at &Stitches.

And to share my little embroidery kit. The super fab team over at &Stitches sponsored a giveaway recently - all anyone had to so to enter was share pictures of their embroidery tool kit and most valuable or unusual embroidery tools.

The giveaway is over but the thing is - we are all winners because images and tips from all 25 entrants are archived here. Most likely you will find some very useful tips and must haves for your own embroidery tool kit!

And while we are on the subject of embroidery - don't miss getting your own free copy of this embroidery e-book!

Helen at Bustle and Sew has written "Simple Stitchery: A Little Embroidery Primer" and it is yours - absolutely free! Get your copy here!

Beautiful Felted Bottle Sleves by Katie at Duo fiberworks

Image by Katie at Duo Fiberworks used with permission

It is no secret I have fallen for felting - especially kniting/wet felting!!!

Katie at Duo Fiberworks has just published a "How I Felt Series". You will find links to all the installments here Â… and some beautiful and inspiring ideas for easy knit/felted projects. Be sure to pop over for the sweetest little tea light holders!

Applique Series Button

Do you want to learn more about applique? You will find this three part applique series on The Crafty Quilter very helpful. Part 1 - Terminology: Part 2 - Machine Applique with Fusibles: Part 3 - Machine Applique Stitches

Diaper and burp cloth basket made by The Crafty Quilter

Image used with permission from Julie at The Crafty Quilter

And check out this totally cool basket/bag Julie just finished making! She intends it to be a diaper/burp cloth basket, but I imagine there are a million other ways this Divided Basket Pattern, designed by "Noodlehead" could be put to good use!

I mean we are all crafters aren't we - and we all need good places to store our stash and work in progress! Thank you Julie for pointing me to this great pattern!

Vintage Quilt Block Tote

Image used with permission from Diane at Craftypod

Speaking of "bags" - don't miss this beautiful tote featured on Michele Made Me! Yes! I know - Diane made it and maybe I am being a little motherly proud here, but - how many of us have found discarded quilts or quilt blocks in thrifts and thought oh if only there were a way to save them. Diane found such a quilt ... and she figured out a way to give it new life!

If I can't talk her out of one of these for my birthday, I will definitely make one of my own!! I just came into possession of a couple old family quilts and not every part of them is in the best of shape. This is a great solution for saving them.

BTW - there were a few blocks left over after making two totes and this is how Diane used them!  Hexie Coasters! She shares the tutorial here on Craftypod

Perfume Bottles made using discarded crystal salt shakers

Image used with permission from Michelle at Mich L. in L.A.

Look at how pretty! I love how these look and I especially love that they are easily made using old discarded, or thrifted crystal salt shakers!

Michelle show you exactly how to make them right here. Perfect Mother's Day gifts! I just discovered Mich L. in L,A. and I love the blog! I think you will too!


I was not able to reach the following bloggers to ask permission to use their images. But do link over! You will be glad you did!

This amazing Textured Quilt Sampler Tutorial shared on "Sewn Up by TeresaDownUnder" is going to totally excite your crafty heart!!!

How many times have I said - right here on this very blog - 'I am not into making large quilts any longer'? Well - I guess I have been misinformed!!!

I absolutely can not wait to begin making a sampler quilt similar to this one. Each sampler block technique is more beautiful than the last!! Don't miss this link. Seriously. These blocks are gorgeous. Inspiring! And I for one absolutely must make one of each!


And for those of you who love to dabble or seriously play with metal here are a couple very cool places to go for inspiration!

Suzy's Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom shares a tutorial for making very pretty Faux Tin Tiles using recycled aluminum cookie sheets! The technique and the beautiful floral patterns are included. Even if you are not into metal art - you will enjoy seeing these tiles - pop over!

And - while visiting The Crafty Crow (which I do often!) I found this! Making your very own alcohol inks from old marker pens. I am so crazy eager to give this a try!!!You will find the links to the tutorial right here!

That's it for this time!!! I hope you find something helpful or inspiring!

Oh yes, those felted tea

Oh yes, those felted tea light holders are so pretty! Are those bleeding hearts from your yard? My absolute favorite flower!

Hi dear Pam, yeaaah it's

Hi dear Pam, yeaaah it's finely spring. As well here.
We had some special day's and more to come here. The town, is browsing from happy noices , i like it.
And the sun as well. allthought i can't sit in the sun still yet.
Love all the links and awesome that you're canal houses is became a kit.
well done girl.
I'm proud of you.
I like all the links, and as well of course of Michele, she is like you a talented artist.
Hey enjoy the spring and the blooming and all the fun growings outside.
And thank you for the sharing;-D
many dutch hugs

Awesome finds, Pam! Those

Awesome finds, Pam! Those felted cosies are super sister would love those. :)

Thank you for sharing all of

Thank you for sharing all of the other tips and tutorials. I'll be checking out the other links and be prepared for inspiration!

Ahhh, what a cool bunch of

Ahhh, what a cool bunch of May projects and ideas. I saw Diane's rescued quilt projects and love them. lc9wnThanks so much for mentioning my little bottles, Pam!

I love your little bottles!

I love your little bottles!  My radar is on high alert now!  Hoping to find some soon.