Spinning! Weaving! Hand Dying! Knitting! Felting! I Am Pretty Certain I Have Discovered Fiber Heaven!

My Idea of Fiber Heaven

Seriously. Fiber Heaven! Warm, cozy, comforting even on the chilliest, darkest and rainiest of Pacific Northwest days. I could almost spend every afternoon for the rest of my days sitting in this room playing with fiber.

And this is not all of it! There is much more to the right! Much more to the left!

The studio is quite large - plenty of room for several weaving looms, several spinning wheels, skeins and skeins of hand dyed, hand spun wool and wool blend yarns. In addition - bags and bags of hand dyed roving, felted items, knitted items, and racks and racks of hand-woven textiles! No way could I get it all in one shot!

Hand spun yarn from Marie Nutt

My crafty budget only allowed for a couple skeins of yarn - this is what I settled upon. Sumptuous, delicious, gorgeous hand spun, hand dyed (synthetic organic compound dye), Merino/silk 2 ply. Light and airy as a cloud and soft as - well - silk!

Every bit of the process from sheering, washing and carding to dying, spinning and plying was done on the farm and in the studio.

We found Maria's Studio quite by accident - even though we have driven right by it at least 50 times over the past 12 years! While in Friday Harbor (on San Juan Island, WA state) I googled 'yarn shops in Friday Harbor' in the hopes of finding hand spun yarn. In addition to a yarn shop located in Friday Harbor, Warm Valley Orchard, Orcas Island, WA popped up!!! Thank you google. I used to hate you for offering more than I request!!! I will never complain again!!!

Here is the link to the Warm Valley Orchard web site. It is a simple and straight forward site but there is a link to a map, address, business hours and a little about the owners Bob and Maria Nutt. And you can get a couple more peeks at Maria's Studio on the "About Us" and "Products" pages.

Fiber isn't the only treat to be found on the farm! We came home with Italian Lamb Sausage and Pork Breakfast Sausage in our ice chest. All home made  on the farm. And soooo delicious.

And in addition to very happy sheep, Bob and Maria grow and harvest fruit and nuts from over 100 trees on the farm ... and maintain a huge vegetable garden! You will find whatever is in season also available when you visit!

If you live in the Seattle/Portland part of the country or are planning a visit to the San Juan Islands, be sure you make time to visit Maria's Studio.

As much as I dislike riding ferries, I am already looking forward to my next visit!!!!

First ever Tunisian Crochet Scarf

And speaking of ferry rides. (And long drives). I used my time very well!

I made my very first Tunisian crochet scarf - for Diane who taught me how to crochet and then how to crochet Tunisian style!

The pattern is Tara's Tunisian Scarf by Ellen Gormley- found on Ravelry.

Filling up mini muffin cups with tiny hexies

And I basted lots and lots of hexes! The mini muffin tin cups are full to the brim! Time to start adding them to the tree skirt. The hexie travel kit worked brilliantly BTW!

Starting embroidery on "the other end"

The first project I pulled out to work on during the long drive from the southern to to nearly the northern border of Washington state - the other end of the Dutch Canal House table runner.

What I wasn't expecting when I pulled it from it's protective pillowcase was that the blue marking pen lines are fading away!!! Freaked me out!

Thank goodness I had laid the lines out perfectly on grain. I was able to stitch from one lingering faint mark to another right along the fabric grain! (Thank you Carina for teaching me the importance of grain when applying a pattern to fabric!)

I spent the entire first five hours of our drive stitching as fast as I possibly could - as if what pieces of the marked lines remained were fading before my eyes!  They weren't of course, but I wasn't taking any chances!

Actually, I am glad to have this part completed - the building outlines. Now I can start filling in with some new fun sampler stitching! Which I will be sharing soon!!

Sounds like a fantastic farm!

Sounds like a fantastic farm! Whenever I travel I usually try to find a local yarn shop and pick up a few skeins as souvenirs. I try to pick something that speaks to me or reminds me of the place I'm visiting. They are like little fiber postcards. That yarn you selected is gorgeous!

Can't wait to see how your other projects turn out.

I'm so proud of your Tunisian

I'm so proud of your Tunisian crochet scarf - yeah!!!

And woah - laying out your design perfectly on grain? My brain is sort of exploding at that sort of attention to detial. Woah!

Looks like so much fun! That

Looks like so much fun! That certainly is fiber heaven!!! :) Good choice on the skeins of yarn too!

Hi dear Pam, smart ot made

Hi dear Pam, smart ot made those travel crafting kits. I never had thought of that. I take my projects in plastic bags with me.LOL
and always it's a mess. so i think this is a much smarter solution.
Awesome that you've found that fiber shop. Yeaaah we can't without them.
It's always a big fight for me to buy only one item and not the whole shop.XD
I never had thought of that you must travel so far for family members. I think in such smaller parts. My moving to this part of my country was for many dutch people allready too far, but that's always the problem by many dutch people, our country is too tiny.LOL
Today i had a maganic man from Germany, it sounded like he came from the other end of Europe. But i'm happy for you that you could do some crafting work.
I haven't found out what you've learned of the marking on your canal houses.
It's a beautiful blog , and very interesting. awesome designs and colours.
Have you learnd that in a lesson?
I'm glad that you're able to make the outside of the canal houses.
so it's still a growing project. Interesting.!!! Still love it, and you've inspired me with it. In papercrafts and illustration work and by cutting a canalhouse garland
So thank you for your sharing and the time and effords you take to made this blog .
Many dutch hugs of me;XD

OMG--that is fiber heaven!

OMG--that is fiber heaven! What an amazing store. Good thing I don't live near it, or I'd need to work a second job to afford my fiber habit (and more fiber + less time to use it = a fiber stash that's out of control). :-)

Lovely Tunisian crochet scarf for Diane. I've tried many different forms of crochet but never Tunisian. I always thought Tunisian was very dense but your scarf looks almost lacy. Gorgeous yarn!

Avital - I thought tunisian

Avital - I thought tunisian was stiff and dense too!  Certainly my first bits I worked were.  And then i found this pattern on Ravelry - quite by accident - and just had to give it a try.  It really dows make a lovely soft, drapey fabric that does not need blocking and does not curl on any of the edges.  I am making another now with the yarn i just bought.

the pattern actually calls for thiner yarn, and if used the scarf appears more lacey.  But I like this volumptuous yarn!!!  Very cushy! And Diane looks even more beautiful than ever wearing it!!!

Hi Pam - :-D I love that

Hi Pam - :-D

I love that Tunisian scarf style, it's a lovely pattern!

Mmm... I'm wondering if you used a col-erase blue pen for tracing the pattern on your fabric? I use theses pencils all the time for drawing because they can be erased easily.

This place looks like a little crafty heaven space! :-D Google is your friend, isn't? ;-D


Sounds like you had fun on

Sounds like you had fun on your trip! And the blue scarf you made is gorgeous! Diane's going to love it!!! I love to travel, but I'm with you - I never leave home without a good book and at least one crafty project just in case I get some free time. Thanks for sharing your fun photos!
Big hugs,