Link Roundup: Making an Advent Calendar

If you have dreams of making an advent calendar for yourself or your family, now's the time to get started! They're great fun to make, and a lovely tradition year after year. (If you've ever wondered where the advent calendar comes from, Wikipedia has an interesting article.)


If you have kids, here are some advent calendar designs they can help make:

Make this adorable snowman advent, from My Little Mochi (via Kiddley).

The Crafty Chica created this advent calendar made from paper cups. Kids would have a great time filling them with advent treats!

The whole family can get involved in making this simple and cute advent banner, from Family


If you want to make an advent calendar in fabric, here's some inspiration:

I adore this beautiful felt pocket advent banner, from Allsorts. (And while you're at it, Jenny, the author of Allsorts, started a Creative Advent Calendars group on Flickr, which is mind-blowingly inspiring.)

This simple felt circle garland advent, by Shizzyknits, is wonderful, too - each day has a chocolate gold coin attached.

Sunshine's Creations has a tutorial for this wonderful yo-yo advent calendar.


If you're a papercrafter, take a look at these advent calendar designs:

One Hour Craft designed these amazing advent trees, made from recycled magazine pages.

Cookie sheet advent calendars made a big splash last year. Here's a great tutorial from Pretty In Ink


. . . And, if you're of a more mixed-media bent, here are some great eclectic advents:

Crafty Gal Linda did the cookie sheet idea one better, by using a pizza pan, along with all kinds of interesting objects.

I admit, I'm just a little bit in love with this advent, which is made from plastic water bottle caps, from HGTV.

The Scrappy Chick created this great advent calendar, built on a clipboard.

Finally the year for the Advent Calendar

First off, the advent calendar you made (that Diane posted about last year) is one of my favorite crafts/stories around. I love it.

I've always wanted to make an advent calendar - every year I keep thinking I'm going to do it, and never do. I finally signed up for an advent calendar class for this year ( . I'm determined to make it happen! :)

I love seeing all the variety!