Taking Time Out to Say Thank You

Danish woven paper hearts - for summer!

Don't you love these sweet little Danish woven hearts - made just especially to introduce a little break in "regular programming" - a time set aside to recognize and appreciate bloggers, and others I have met on line, who have enriched and informed my crafty life during the past year.

(The little hearts BTW were made using paper designed by Mel Stampz and can be downloaded here: http://melstampz.blogspot.ca/2013/02/love-graphics-free-printabledigital.html)

In the past, this special time to say "thank you" has happened in February - around Valentines Day! But last year my body made it painfully clear to me that I can not bake and deliver 2500 cookies AND at the same time write blog posts every day - especially heartfelt blog posts about people I appreciate.

It was quite a shock to find out I am not superwoman after all! It took almost a month to recover. So this year - a little smarter and wiser - I have moved this series to June and am changing the format a bit. Short and sweet!

Afternoon Tea and Craft on the Patio

Being a part of the crafty online community - mostly in the blogisphere and on Flickr - has been satisfying, exciting, inspiring, nurturing and has brought me into contact with lovely, talented, generous women across the continent and throughout the world whom I would otherwise never have met.

I will admit - I deeply miss the on line crafty community as it was when I joined it almost 5 years ago. So much has changed in such a short time hasn't it? But I suppose, like everything digital, it was destined to evolve - at the speed of light!

"Sigh" or "Aargh" - take your pick!

And yet, what is amazing to me is that most all of the lovely people I met during my first year as a blogger have remained a part of what I like to refer to as my "crafty family". Of course those initial relationships have changed too - some of the first bloggers I met I now consider good friends, some have even been adopted as daughters, and some who have given up blogging or are only blogging intermittently still keep in touch. Sadly, a few have completely disappeared from the blogisphere.

Each new year, a few more special people find their way to my blog or I to theirs and through their friendship and willingness to share their own creative genius have become very important members of my "crafty family".

And thanks to bloggers willing to share their knowledge and skills, I have learned to knit, crochet amigurumi and Tunisian style, wet felt, needle felt, expand my knowledge of embroidery stitches, make soft toys, make simple figures from freah corn husks and discover the crafty possibilities of cereal box cardboard!  There's more - but this is enough for now!!!

First time ever this little yellow bird has visited!

And so, although I am hopeful that the content I share here on Gingerbreadsnowflakes gives back to this lovely community from which I have gained so much , it is important to me to take the time to say thank you - especially to those who have enriched both my personal and on line craft experience during this past year.

And over the next 10 days, beginning tomorrow, I will be doing exactly that - saying thank you and sharing a creative and generous group of individuals who devote a significant part of their treasure of time to increasing our knowledge and inspiring our creative muses.

Pam!!! Pam!! Pam? Love

Pam!!! Pam!!


Love you.

Love you too Chris!  Your

Love you too Chris!  Your turn is coming heh heh heh!! :-)  

Beautiful post Pam , being

Beautiful post Pam , being new to blogging this year I am so grateful for the amazing inspiration and support from fellow bloggers. As well I am grateful for the constant inspiration and knowledge I have received. It is just amazing . The appreciation I have for bloggers has risen enormously , for the time it takes not only to create but to take the picture and create the post .. My days have never gone by so fast ! In yoga there are many auspicious numbers ,,so for your Pam 1,008 thanks yous !!!! It's a privledge to be in such creative wonderful company . Be well Donna

Donna, what a sweet note!

Donna, what a sweet note!  Thank YOU!  

I am glad you are a part of the community and especially that we "met" which I believe was  the day I noticed your absolutely beautiful snow-day pictures!

And after reading your strawberry adventures - you have inspired me to make jam this year!! 

Thank YOU Pam! You are an

Thank YOU Pam! You are an inspiration & a great resource!

And you have been for me as

And you have been for me as well, Tammy.  As much as you have going on in your life, I do take your visits or comments for granted. They are always appreciated!

Oh, dear, thank YOU! For

Oh, dear, thank YOU! For sharing and writing so heartfelt..

Beautiful hearts and a very

Beautiful hearts and a very thoughtful thing to post about! You're the best Pam.

Meg, I am glad you like the

Meg, I am glad you like the hearts!  I thought of making them the minute i saw Mel's pretty paper designs this past spring.

Your presense has been missed this year.  I hope we see more of you soon.

This is such a lovely idea.

This is such a lovely idea. To thank your community, I mean.

I've been blogging for just a little over 3 years and I find things have changed tremendously in that short time. I think blogging is more individual than it was "back" then. So so so many in the blogosphere (including myself) are trying to make a living from what they're doing on-line. As a result, their precious time is taken up with (a) figuring out how to make a living online (b) making a living online, and (c) connecting with people who might help them make a living online. There's not a lot of time for authentic socializing for the sake of friendship (despite the gazillion ways made available for us to do so). It's all business. Every post, tweet and update is selling something, no matter how well disguised and "friendly" it may be. A sales pitch to friends is still a sales pitch. And I'm okay with that. I'm as culpable as the next person. Let's face it, times are tough and people gotta live. But unfortunately, it does mean that a sense of community/closeness gets lost in the balance.

That's my take on it anyway. Our job now is to figure out how to roll with it. :)

Okay I'm done now. :)

Well said, Michele.  And I

Well said, Michele.  And I agree - the sense of community has pretty much gotten lost as bloggers turn their attention to finding ways to make all this time spent on line turn a profit.  

We are in a very fluid state right now and probably none of us really knows where things are going. Maybe our on line experience is destined to be fluid forever!! 

I think one thing I find most disconcerting is that the minute we figure something out and decide to persue a direction - all of a sudden the direction we are persuing becomes irrelevant! It seems we must constantly reinvent ourselves and what we do and how we share it.

So - as far as I am concerned, every comment on my blog, every e-mail, every blog post found in my reader is a gift and for every single one, I am grateful.




As far as dealing with

As far as dealing with information goes and getting the word out about what you're doing, you're probably right about the fluidity thing. Things appear to be in constant flux. But honestly, I think if you're doing something that's really cool art/craft-wise, and you're giving your heart to it, all of the rest matters little. There's no way for people to keep up with all the gadgets, newfangled apps, and ways to communicate. You'll drive yourself mad trying.

I have a first-hand example that proves that it's possible to be a successful artist without the trappings of the internet. My husband has a thriving business and gets the bulk of his work via word-of-mouth. He doesn't have to worry about his web presence because he has a proven record. He believes in what he's doing and puts his heart and soul in the work, and people know it and see it. He's constantly telling me to focus on the work and forget the rest, everything else is a distraction. And more and more, I'm realizing he's right.

I have yet to figure out what my real niche is, mind you. That is something I continue to explore. One day I'll figure it out and then I'll be on my way. Life is a puzzle, isn't it?

Okay, I'm really done this time. :)

Pam~ Thanks to you for

Thanks to you for keeping me informed on crafty goodness!

Oh Annette!  I was so

Oh Annette!  I was so surprised to receive your comment at this time because I had just come in the door from placing the plant stakes you made for me in the tomato beds!!!

I was thinking - I should write and tell her i am still using them - and there you were!!!

Actually you and your very cool plant stakes are going to be featured on the 5th!