Thank You - Sister Diane

Thank you Diane!

I am beginning the "2013 thank you series" with the person who has had the greatest impact on both my blog and my craft this past year - my daughter Diane - known on line as Sister Diane and creator of Craftypod and doting mother of my grandkitty, Pushkin.

Anyone who has followed my blog for any time at all knows that Diane has been a part of my blogging experience from the very beginning - it is Diane who talked me into blogging in the first place and it is Diane who created the space here at gingerbreadsnowflakes and led me through the labyrinth of technical details needed to produce a blog in the first place!

If it weren't for Diane - this little blog would not exist! And I would have missed out on meeting all of you!

During the past year, we have worked together to make changes and upgrades to gingerbreadsnowflakes hopefully making it easier for readers to access the tutorials, recipes and other content I have produced during almost five years of blogging!

Furthermore, Diane has expanded my crafty experience by teaching me Tunisian crochet (my first bit of Tunisian in blue above) and inspired me to discover the joys of stitching on plastic canvas!

But it is definitely the knowledge and new tools acquired while taking two of her on line classes - Google Analytics Tricks for Crafters and Monetize Your Craft Blog - that have had the greatest impact. I have binders filled with print-outs and notes from both classes and will continue to apply all that I learned in my future blogging endeavors!

Although teaching skills don't seem to be in her gene pool, somehow Diane has acquired a perfect skill set for teaching - one on one - in person or on line; in a classroom situation; or in an on line classroom. She is currently offering several classes and learning opportunities - even a private lesson - and you will find them all listed here in her Craftypod Shop.

(Note: although anyone will find the tools she teaches in the Analytics Class hugely useful, I can tell you that taking advantage of the opportunity to have her personally analyze your Google Analytics is well worth the investment.)

Thank you Diane!

Diane began Craftypod over 7 years ago as a podcast, branched out into making craft tutorials on Craftypod and for craft publications, and now spends most of her time teaching classes -  in her Craftypod classroom designed to help bloggers upgrade their on line skills - and writing craft books.

You will find her blog, Craftypod here! Her tutorials here! Free podcasts here - (including our annual holiday chats). In her Craftypod Shop you will find a listing of current classes, more podcasts, and e-books.

In late August, Diane and Christina Lane will launch their absolutely beautiful brand new book "Quilting Happiness: Projects, Inspiration and Ideas to Make Quilting More Joyful".

Pre-order right here! Trust me, this book is destined to remain indefinitely in your library as a rich source of inspiration and a hugely useful reference for brilliant, creative quilting techniques.

Thank you Diane - for all that you have taught me and for making it possible for me to be a part of this crafty community of amazing and talented women.

Yeah!! Love you both!! xoxo

Yeah!! Love you both!! xoxo

Aw... this post made me so

Aw... this post made me so happy! It has been so much fun sharing this blogging journey with you, Mom. Here's to many more years of online community, and craft day with you in one week!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo And


And craft day in 5 Days! Can not wait!

You are lucky to be inspired

You are lucky to be inspired by your daughter, and vice versa of course. Such a sweet thank you note!

Indeed I am - very lucky!

Indeed I am - very lucky!  

And because of Diane - I found YOU = even more inspiration!:-)

I agree with all of the

I agree with all of the above! Diane is a fabulous mentor and teacher. Pam, I love the new look of your blog. It's bright and fun and makes me want to spend some time just looking around!

Thank you Julie!  I am so

Thank you Julie!  I am so happy to receive your feedback.  The new look is quite a departure from the past 4+ years!