Thank You Terri, Carina, Maryline and Kimara

Saori, crochet and quilting

One of the things I love most about the crafty blogisphere is that it makes it possible to connect with talented individuals who know stuff!!! Who have skills and experience and knowledge I don't possess! Whether it be a tip for where to find wonderfully creative crochet patterns or how to wiggle out of a quilting corner I have stitched myself into - in one way or another, bloggers have been there to help - or inspire!

Four bloggers I am sharing today have had a huge impact on "personal" projects completed or begun this past year: Terri Bibby at Weaving a Life; Maryline Collioud-Robert at Mary and Patch; Carina Envoldsen-Harris at Carina's Craft Blog; and Kimara at Wee Folk Art.

Both Maryline and Carina contributed significantly to the successful completion of my Solstice Quilt Block. Terri is my Saori freestyle weaving Muse and answered my plea for a little yarn spun from her own fingers. Kimara has pointed me toward two amazingly talented crochet pattern designers.

Hand spun yarn: By Terri Bibby

Two or three years ago, Terri published pictures of a stunning bag created from a weaving she had just completed. You can see the images and find a link to the pattern here. The minute I saw it I fell head over heels and decided I would one day soon make a similar bag.

"One day" has arrived and, if you are interested, you can read more about the hand spun yarns I am using in this post. Every weft yarn is hand spun - and it was important to me that the woman who not only has encouraged my interest in Saori freestyle weaving but who has pointed me toward the bag design in the first place should be a part of it. I wrote and asked if she would spin yarn for my bag and she generously agreed.

You can see Terri's beautiful hand spun in the images above - both as the hank she sent to me and how it looks as part of the bag fabric.

Terri shares her own Saori freestyle weaving adventure on her blog Weaving a Life. You can find links to her workshops and retreats on her website "SAORI Salt Spring", and in her shop SaoriSS -beautiful cones of wool for weaving, pre-wound warp, Saori Books and completed Saori items.

Thank you Terri! I can't imagine weaving in any style except Saori freestyle weaving and as my Muse you are with me every time I approach my loom. The yarn you created is a perfect addition to my first major Saori project.

Solstice Quilt Block deatils

Love, love, love those trees! Seriously, I agonized over how to make trees to frame the water and sun skimming the horizon at winter solstice. The quilt block was almost completed and still - no closer to trees! And then one day as I was looking for a stitch in Carina's e-book "Stitching Borders and Beyond" , my eyes turned to one of my favorites -  her "Maidenhair Fern" stitch - and suddenly I saw it in a completely different way - upside-down! I stitched a sample and knew immediately I had finally found the solution to my tree dilemma!

You can find Carina almost every day on her blog "Carina's Craft Blog" and frequently playing over at &Stitches blog. She is very active on line and you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (links are found on her blog!)

I love visiting her shop Polka and Bloom - where she sells her e-books and charming embroidery patterns. I have purchased both and appreciate Carina's attention to detail, well crafted instruction and beautifully colored imagery. So it should be no surprise that I am very excited and eager for her new book " Stitched Blooms" to be published the first of October. I will definitely be reviewing it! Read a little about it and pre-order if you like right here!

Thank you Carina! Without your "Maidenhair Stitch" and your e-book "Borders and Beyond" I could very well still be looking for the perfect trees!

Red Rhythm and Purple Rhythm both made by quilt artist Maryline Collioud-Robert

Image used with permission.  Red and Purple Rhythms Quilts by Maryline Collioud-Robert: Quilt Artist.  Visit her Gallery

Breathtaking right? Maryline kindly gave me permission to share this image of two of her most recent quilts. "Purple Rhythm" (on the right) was completed just in the nick of time to be included at Briancon. You can see close-up images of the quilt here on Maryline's blog "Mary and Patch" and take the time learn more about Briancon while visiting!

Maryline saved my Solstice Quilt!!! Remember - I don't know much when it comes to quilting! Well - I know a little but just enough to get myself into big trouble sometimes! And this was one of those times!

Maryline, saved the day with her suggestions for finishing the back of the quilt. I appreciate more than I can say her willingness to share her knowledge and experience.

Maryline has been quilting for years and has created a stunning collection of unique, one of a kind quilt designs. Treat yourself! Grab a cup of tea and a couple cookies and wander through her quilt gallery - you will find it here! And you will be very glad you visited! Eye candy and seriously breathtaking quilts!

Thank you Maryline! You came to my rescue with the perfect solution for my little quilt block - a border and backing all in one! I am so grateful for your help and friendship.

Crodheted Balls and Owls by ATERGcrochet.

It could be said that Kimara is actually responsible for me WANTING to learn to crochet!!! Never was I ever planning to pick up a crochet hook and get all tangled up in yarn and hook again!! Had enough when I was a kid! Was convinced I could NOT crochet!

And then Kimara posted about these colorful crocheted balls. The link she shared led me to Greta at ATERGcrochet and her lovely patterns; and I immediately made an appointment with Diane (who crochets beautifully) to try again to teach me so I could make those Christmas balls. Since then I have been happily crocheting Greta's patterns - including  owls for my Mom for Christmas!

Not long after I had become comfortable with crochet, Kimara introduced me to Lucy Ravenscar and her brilliant Tooterphant!

Kimara and her daughter create and share their talents on Wee Folk Art Patterns and Craft - right here.

Thank you Kimara! Without you pointing me to Lucy and Greta, my Mom would not have two beautiful owl ornaments hanging on her tree and a sweet little baby boy would not have his Tooterphant companion at his side every day. And I would most likely still NOT know how to crochet!!

How did I not see this

How did I not see this before!!

Thank you for all your kind words - and for sharing the weaving that you did with my handspun yarn.

Somehow through the mists of time this passed me right by. I was so thrilled to see it tonight.

Happy Weaving!

Oh Terri, thank you!  You

Oh Terri, thank you! 

You have provided the influence and inspiration for so many happy and satisfying hours weaving Saori style on both my rigid heddle loom and the many little cardboard looms I have cut for everything from pillows to book marks.

You introduced me to

You introduced me to Maryline's blog and I LOVE IT!! Reminds me that I need to go visit again!!

Yes!  By all means do visit

Yes!  By all means do visit maryline!  The new quilts are brilliant!!!

I totally agree with you on

I totally agree with you on this, Pam (as on most other things). However, I do have to say that sometimes my inspiration list of things to do gets so long that I can't visit the blogosphere or the frustration of being only one woman (with a full time job) is too much and my brain explodes. And every time I put it back together, I forget part of it.

Luckily, Scout knows that everything on the floor is hers.


p.s. Is that wrong?

Chrissy!  You are so funny!

Chrissy!  You are so funny!  Love that part of not getting all the pieces of your brain back in place after it explodes.  Cracked us both up.

Hey Pam! Thank you for saying

Hey Pam! Thank you for saying thank you! I think you are the only one on the net to do so! Such a nice gesture! I think we are having fun with internet, aren't we? Lucky us to be still young enough to make great discoveries and friendships through it!

Oh I agree, Maryline!  We are

Oh I agree, Maryline!  We are indeed fortunate to have the chance to participate in this new frontier!  And maybe even more able to appreciate what wonders it has to offer - like being able to find the answer to almost any question - crafty or otherwise! I love that aspect most of all!