Thank You Katie, Annette, Erin and Dyhana

Beads, plant stakes, ghosts and fiber trees!

Today, I am introducing four bloggers who by way of gifts or tutorials have inspired me to follow a new path in my own crafty adventures. As a result, I now have a garden decorated with whimsical plant markers; beautiful dragonflies joining the gathering of punched tin butterflies on my seasonal tree; felted trees in my Christmas Elf forest; and I have taught children who joined me in the craft area at the Pumpkin Patch Harvest Festival last fall how to make adorable ghosts out of normally discarded corn husks.

I think you will enjoy getting to know a little about Katie at Duo Fiberworks; Annette at by Annette; Erin at Elysian Studios, and Dyhanna at the Dyhanaverse. Each of them has taught me new skills and opened doors that suggested new crafty directions!

Grape Vine Wreath with Punched Tin Butterflies

The very minute I spied Katie's beautiful rainbow wreath I knew the time had come - a complete make-over was in store for my grapevine wreath. You can see the before and after here! And see Katie's beautiful inspiration here!

And Katie's knitted/felted trees at the top of this page were the very trees that got me to thinking I needed a fiber tree forest - a perfect setting for Christmas Elves to play and celebrate the season! The pattern is actually part of her collection of free tutorials and patterns which can be found here. In that collection you will find an eclectic collection of fun projects - carving veggies, making adorable gnomes, felting sweet pumpkins and of course "Flying Snakes" (which are lots of fun to make and to play with) and the "Rainbow Wreath".

Katie shares her adventures as a craft artist and blogger on her blog "Duo Fiberworks" and is always adding new fiber patterns to her  "Duo Fiberworks" shop. I especially love the toy section - have purchased several patterns and added more to the "I want" list! Check out the pink, felted piggy bank, the sweetest little sheep ever, a very cool pony and - felted and embroidered nesting Matryoshka dolls.

Several of my other favorites in her shop, are also available as part of Katie's e-book "Handwork for the Holidays" - check it out here.

Katie! Thank you! My grapevine wreath is hanging on the front door and I love the cheerful greeting offered every time I return home. Preparing this post reminded me of the little pink pig and sweet lamb waiting patiently in my pattern file. Pink Pig will be perfect for a certain little girl I make gingerbread houses with every year!

Garden Plant ID Stake

Love my garden markers! Annette sent them to me as a gift last spring and except for a few months in the dead of winter, they have been outside playing in my garden!

I love that they are so darn simple to make! They can be cut into fanciful shapes - butterflies or flowers or veggies (here) - or embossed with an embossing machine. Use brads to attach a label and you are set - for years! Leave pop can aluminum out in the worst weather for the whole year and they will always look like you just made them. Not a fleck of dust will cling to them.

And when you are ready to plant again - use a bit of acetone or rubbing alcohol to remove the sharpie ink ID and fill in the name of the new plant.

Honestly! I love mine!

Annette is big time into making greeting cards and if you ever need to be inspired while trying to make a card - go visit Annette at her blog home "by Annette" and be sure to stop into her "aluminum flower" space - because in it she shares hands down the most incredible wreath made from pop cans on the internet. The cans were carefully collected for their color and design for over a whole year. Annette created fantastic flowers usingÂ….. No! I am not going to tell you more - go visit!! The wreath is awesome!!

Thank you Annette! I just finished placing all my garden stakes and seriously love them even more than I did last year!!!

Gypsy Trade Beads

Erin is an artist - through and through! She has recently turned her attention to her first love, painting - but last year she poured herself into one of her other passions - bead making and jewelry design.

I purchased gorgeous hand made Gypsy Trade Beads from Erin last year - ordered them almost the minute I first laid eyes on them because I knew instantly that they would make perfect bodies for punched tin dragonflies!

Check out the tutorial right here and see if you don't agree that they are perfect!

Erin shares her art and her adventures living an artful life through her blog " Elysian Studios". To get an "in a nut shell peek into what Erin is all about - read this post!!! Erin's time is pretty much split between the Zip 37 Gallery in Denver, CO and preparing for shows and exhibitions in the Denver area. To purchase her art as prints and as cards - find the link on her sidebar. Or visit Elysian Studios Etsy shop where you can find her original abstract fine art and her beautiful modern art jewelry for sale!

If you live in the Denver area, be sure to visit Zip 37 Gallery between June 6th and June 23 to enjoy Erin's new gallery show - "Across the Spectrum" - featuring her new collection of paintings and her beautiful jewelry. Here is a gallery link.

Thank you Erin! Had you not created and shared your Gypsy Trade beads - my little dragonflies might never have taken flight! I wish you a successful show and wish like everything I could be there for the opening reception on the 6th. I will be thinking of you!

Corn Husk Ghosts and Scarecrows

I had waaaaaay too much fun playing with fresh corn husks last fall - all because Dyhana shared a gorgeous image of her own doll on her blog the Dyhanaverse. I loved the idea that the dolls could be fashioned using fresh corn husks instead of struggling with the "dried variety"! I wrote her and asked her to teach me how to make them! And then I taught children how to make them at the Pumpkin Patch Harvest Festival last Labor Day. AND they loved their "corn men"!

They also loved their little ghosts - an idea I came up with after playing with the corn husks for a bit. I thought of little Kleenex dolls my mom taught me to make more years ago than I am going to admit and decided the same idea would be perfect using fresh corn husks. The tutorials live here!

Dyhana shares her "eclectic creative" life on her blog "the Dyhanaverse" and in her image gallery - "Dyhanaverse Photography". Be sure to visit her photography gallery - Dyhana shares a fresh and enchanted perspective of the world around us! And take a peek at her Etsy Shop - Dyhanaverse - right now you will find her latest collection of ceramic one of a kind pendants and buttons.

Thank you Dyhana! I can't begin to describe the happy faces I saw when each corn man or ghost was completed; but I know if you could have been there, it would have made your heart smile as much as it did mine!

Wonderful reading your

Wonderful reading your internet trails and seeing similar friends in some of these posts. :)

We do share some pretty

We do share some pretty amazing friends, don't we Elizabeth!  Lucky girls!

Great crafty inspiration -

Great crafty inspiration - and I especially love the felted Christmas trees. I'm picturing a version where they aren't Christmas trees, but generic trees, to go in the backyard of a dollhouse...

Thank you, Leah!  Love your

Thank you, Leah!  Love your idea!  Are you making one? A doll house?

Thanks for featuring my blog!

Thanks for featuring my blog! I'm so happy to know that I gave you an idea that made those kids have fun, it does make me smile. :)

They were so well received

They were so well received and so easy for most kids to make that we are planning to teach them again this year.

I really get a huge kick out of playing with the fresh husks.  There muct be more ways to use them!

Pam~ You make me

You make me verklempt!
Thank you for sharing wonderful new craftiness with me!
Thank you for challenging me in my crafty endeavors!
Looking forward to a new year of discovering, learning, redesigning and creating!

Annette!  I had to look that

Annette!  I had to look that one up!  Verklempt!

So now you are improving my vocabulary as well!! 

Not to get all mushy and stuff - BUT - one of the things I love most about reading your blog is your honest to goodness enthusiasm and excitement in "making". Always a pick-me-up!