Beautiful Country

We are taking a short break soon!  And this is one of the places we are headed! Realto Beach, part of the Olympic national Park on the Olympic Peninsula.

And this is where we have been this past week along the Clackamas River in Oregon. Gorgeous country!  Look closely and you will see two kayakers and a fisherman playing in the river.  Don't you wish you could join them? 

Turning 180 degrees from where I took this shot...

Basalt cliffs revealing basalt flows that occurred over millions and millions of years all over the state of Oregon and part of Washington and Idaho.

We were there to look for zeolites, tiny nearly microscopic crystals that grow in cavities formed by gases in the molten basalt before it hardened.  It is a thrill to break into a pocket lined with crystals that no one has ever seen before.

And zeolite crystals weren't the only thing we found growing in the basalt! Quite a contrast to the picture of the river not over 100 feet away.

I will take lots of pictures of Olympic Park, I promise.  I want to share it with all of you.


ooooooh, aaaaaaaah!

ooooooh, aaaaaaaah!

A person could FAINT from

A person could FAINT from that sky photo.

Tammy, the flower growing out

Tammy, the flower growing out of the basalt is called Oregon Stonecrop. It is kind of a succulent as you can see. It was growing up on the cliff about 25 to 30 feet above my head. Beautiful, isn't it?

Stunning - just stunning and

Stunning - just stunning and I can't wait to see the pics from the trip!

These pictures are amazing.

These pictures are amazing. What IS that growing in the last picture?

Love your photos! That

Love your photos!

That sunset would look nice printed as a notecard. I sometimes do that with a selection of my photos. People seem to like getting them. I only do limited numbers so only special people get one ;)

Wow--that's quite a sunset

Wow--that's quite a sunset photo! Beautiful colours.